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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Jan 27

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5yxaC_ 2.10 viral protein Chain: C: non-structural protein 1;
c5n5eM_ 2.03 oxidoreductase Chain: M: pfc_05175;
c6fflA_ 1.71 sugar binding protein Chain: A: maltose/maltodextrin transport permease homologue;
c5w21B_ 3.00 hydrolase/protein binding Chain: B: fibroblast growth factor 23;
c5n5fC_ 2.06 oxidoreductase Chain: C: encapsulated ferritin;
c5xu0B_ 2.95 transport protein Chain: B: membrane-fusion protein;
c5yboA_ 2.20 oxidoreductase Chain: A: prha;
c5xu1A_ 3.30 transport protein Chain: A: abc transporter atp-binding protein;
c5x89A_ 1.53 hydrolase Chain: A: enda-like protein,trna-splicing endonuclease;
c5xnpB_ 3.73 membrane protein/hydrolase Chain: B: leucine-rich repeat and fibronectin type-iii domain-
c6c4qA_ 1.16 transport protein Chain: A: polyketide synthase pks13;
c5ujhA_ UNK cytokine Chain: A: granulin;
c5wzmA_ 2.00 hydrolase/inhibitor Chain: A: group iie secretory phospholipase a2;
c5nl8A_ 2.20 transferase Chain: A: ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme e2-21 kda;
c5ujdB_ 2.10 gene regulation Chain: B: siderophore biosynthesis protein sbni;
c6c49A_ 1.85 oxidoreductase Chain: A: alcohol dehydrogenase;
c5nwsA_ 2.23 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: saacmm;
c5w21A_ 3.00 hydrolase/protein binding Chain: A: klotho;
c5oenB_ 2.92 transcription Chain: B: signal transducer and activator of transcription;
c6eu6A_ 1.98 membrane protein Chain: A: ammonium transporter;
c5x06G_ 3.24 replication Chain: G: dnaa regulatory inactivator hda;
c5ujgA_ UNK cytokine Chain: A: granulin;
c6c24P_ 3.50 gene regulation Chain: P: zinc finger protein aebp2;
c6fahD_ 3.13 flavoprotein Chain: D: caffeyl-coa reductase-etf complex subunit carc;
c6bmnA_ 2.25 transferase Chain: A: human dhhc20 palmitoyltransferase;
c6eluJ_ 2.30 antitoxin Chain: J: serum resistance associated; vsg protein;
c6fg7A_ 1.90 protein binding Chain: A: inactive lrr receptor-like serine/threonine-protein kinase
c6ex0B_ 2.78 transferase Chain: B: gtp pyrophosphokinase;
c5y26B_ 2.00 dna binding protein Chain: B: putative transcription factor c16c4.22;
c6c24A_ 3.50 gene regulation Chain: A: polycomb protein suz12;
c6c24Q_ 3.50 gene regulation Chain: Q: polycomb protein suz12;
c5oemA_ 1.90 transcription Chain: A: interferon regulatory factor 9;
c5nkzC_ 2.85 transferase Chain: C: peroxin 22;
c6b3yA_ 1.85 transport protein Chain: A: denn domain-containing protein 3;
c6c23Q_ 3.90 gene regulation Chain: Q: polycomb protein suz12;
c6c24E_ 3.50 gene regulation Chain: E: protein jumonji;
c5ujeA_ 2.50 gene regulation Chain: A: sbni protein;
c6c23C_ 3.90 gene regulation Chain: C: histone-lysine n-methyltransferase ezh2;
c6fahB_ 3.13 flavoprotein Chain: B: caffeyl-coa reductase-etf complex subunit card;
c6c5cA_ 1.85 lyase Chain: A: 3-dehydroquinate synthase;
c6bevB_ 1.04 transferase Chain: B: thiosulfate sulfurtransferase/rhodanese-like domain-
c5oynB_ 2.70 lyase Chain: B: dehydratase, ilvd/edd family;
c5xu1M_ 3.30 transport protein Chain: M: abc transporter permeae;
c6bldA_ 2.00 oxidoreductase Chain: A: cytochrome p450 268a2 cyp268a2;
c5y26A_ 2.00 dna binding protein Chain: A: dna polymerase epsilon subunit d;
c5y6qC_ 2.50 oxidoreductase Chain: C: aldehyde oxidase large subunit;
c6fg8B_ 1.25 protein binding Chain: B: probable inactive receptor kinase at1g27190;
c6c23E_ 3.90 gene regulation Chain: E: protein jumonji;
c5y6qA_ 2.50 oxidoreductase Chain: A: aldehyde oxidase small subunit;
c5x0sA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: sstx;
c5ukeA_ UNK transferase Chain: A: interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 3;
c6fahE_ 3.13 flavoprotein Chain: E: caffeyl-coa reductase-etf complex subunit care;
c5y6qB_ 2.50 oxidoreductase Chain: B: aldehyde oxidase medium subunit;

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