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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Oct 27

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5ykvC_ 2.31 viral protein Chain: C: capsid protein;
c5w6pB_ 2.34 viral protein, hydrolase Chain: B: tailspike protein 2;
c6e33A_ 1.71 transcription Chain: A: uncharacterized transcriptional regulatory protein
c6mn5A_ 2.58 transferase/antibiotic Chain: A: aminoglycoside n(3)-acetyltransferase, aac(3)-iva;
c5zg5B_ 1.60 isomerase Chain: B: triosephosphate isomerase;
c5zi6E_ 2.20 ligase Chain: E: rna-binding e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase mex3c;
c6mr3C_ 2.05 structural genomics Chain: C: putative competence-damage inducible protein;
c6ds5D_ 3.80 lipid binding protein Chain: D: seipin;
c6eowC_ 1.80 transferase Chain: C: ketone/zingerone synthase 1;
c6gybE_ 3.28 membrane protein Chain: E: virb9 protein;
c5w6fB_ 2.18 viral protein, hydrolase Chain: B: tailspike protein 3;
c6hcyA_ 3.10 membrane protein Chain: A: metalloreductase steap4;
c6fvjB_ 2.60 hydrolase Chain: B: thioesterase;
c6gybU_ 3.28 membrane protein Chain: U: virb10 protein;
c5ylwA_ 1.70 oxidoreductase Chain: A: ferruginol synthase;
c5yl0D_ 1.22 viral protein Chain: D: capsid protein;
c5ylnB_ 2.19 oxidoreductase Chain: B: alcohol dehydrogenase, zinc-containing;
c5ymxB_ 1.35 signaling protein, hydrolase Chain: B: mutual gliding-motility protein mgla;
c5yybA_ 2.48 sugar binding protein Chain: A: putative abc transporter periplasmic binding protein;
c6mroA_ 1.60 transferase Chain: A: methyl transferase from methanosarcina acetivorans;
c6ejxD_ 2.00 blood clotting Chain: D: platelet glycoprotein ib alpha chain;
c6ahzA_ UNK sugar binding protein Chain: A: cmp-n-acetylneuraminate-poly-alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase;
c6efnA_ 1.29 oxidoreductase Chain: A: sporulation killing factor maturation protein skfb;
c6a42A_ 1.70 dna binding protein Chain: A: rna-directed dna polymerase homolog (r1),polyubiquitin-c;
c6bbtB_ 1.90 structural protein Chain: B: major pilin backbone protein t-antigen, t13;
c6bbwA_ 1.80 structural protein Chain: A: major pilin backbone protein t-antigen, t3.2.;
c5zfsA_ 1.96 isomerase Chain: A: d-allulose-3-epimerase;
c6eqoB_ 2.70 oxidoreductase Chain: B: acetyl-coenzyme a synthetase;
c6g61A_ 1.80 oxidoreductase Chain: A: thioredoxin o1, mitochondrial;
c6gw6A_ 2.21 toxin Chain: A: res toxin;
c5mtwD_ 1.84 chaperone Chain: D: secb-like chaperone rv1957;
c5w6hB_ 2.29 viral protein, hydrolase Chain: B: tailspike protein 4;
c6mlcC_ 1.80 transferase Chain: C: histone-lysine n-methyltransferase 2c;
c6dkqA_ 1.50 transport protein Chain: A: heme-binding protein shr;
c6deeA_ 3.04 endocytosis Chain: A: nck-interacting protein with sh3 domain;
c6gw6B_ 2.21 toxin Chain: B: xre antitoxin;
c5zi3A_ 2.10 oxidoreductase Chain: A: malate dehydrogenase;
c5ynrA_ UNK protein binding Chain: A: glia mutation factor;
c5zneA_ 1.78 plant protein Chain: A: nbs-lrr type protein;
c6eu8A_ 1.47 heme-binding protein Chain: A: putative heme binding protein;
c5ylbA_ 1.79 oxidoreductase Chain: A: uncharacterized protein p8a3.02c;
c6hosB_ 2.15 cell adhesion Chain: B: ba75_04148t0;
c5yiiA_ 1.80 transferase Chain: A: phosphoserine aminotransferase;
c5yozA_ UNK endocytosis Chain: A: rab5a;
c5ykjA_ 1.53 transferase Chain: A: peroxiredoxin prx1, mitochondrial;
c5ym0A_ 1.84 lyase Chain: A: dihydroxy-acid dehydratase, chloroplastic;
c6fwnA_ UNK blood clotting Chain: A: von willebrand factor;

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