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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2022 Dec 17

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c7wvrA_ 1.41 sugar binding protein Chain: A: exlx1;
c7r3eA_ 3.46 transcription Chain: A: 2-aminobenzoylacetyl-coa thioesterase,regulatory protein
c8csqY_ 2.54 ribosome Chain: Y: 28s ribosomal protein s31, mitochondrial;
c7qekB_ 2.25 transcription Chain: B: regulator admx;
c7ongA_ 1.95 unknown function Chain: A: sake6be-l1;
c7upqJ_ 3.35 de novo protein Chain: J: dht03 protein a;
c7pe3A_ 6.49 chaperone Chain: A: shsp domain-containing protein;
c8gsf1_ 3.60 virus/immune system Chain: 1: vp1;
c7rvbG_ 2.04 chaperone Chain: G: ferritin;
c8a06E_ 4.00 virus Chain: E: penton protein p12;
c8as8E_ 3.02 dna binding protein Chain: E: jeta;
c7zhtD_ 2.80 oxidoreductase Chain: D: glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase;
c8h0gA_ UNK neuropeptide Chain: A: aqee-30;
c8a01C_ 3.20 virus Chain: C: major capsid protein p5;
c8a5aU_ 3.30 dna binding protein Chain: U: actin-like protein arp8;
c7y5hA_ 3.72 membrane protein Chain: A: zinc transporter 8;
c8gxmB_ 2.81 rna binding protein Chain: B: surp and g-patch domain-containing protein 1;
c8bfnG_ 3.52 dna binding protein Chain: G: jetc;
c8d8lR_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: R: 37s ribosomal protein rsm18, mitochondrial;
c8egtE_ 3.50 virus Chain: E: gp19, capsid lining protein;
c7yslB_ 2.02 lyase Chain: B: d-cysteine desulfhydrase;
c8a5pU_ 3.40 dna binding protein Chain: U: actin-related protein 8;
c7pv7A_ 2.41 signaling protein Chain: A: response regulator;
c8csq7_ 2.54 ribosome Chain: 7: methyltransferase-like protein 17, mitochondrial;
c7y83D_ 2.93 structural protein/rna Chain: D: chat domain protein;
c8d8lN_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: N: 37s ribosomal protein mrp2, mitochondrial;
c8d8lG_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: G: 37s ribosomal protein s7, mitochondrial;
c7qf6C_ 1.87 transferase Chain: C: n(5)-hydroxyornithine:cis-anhydromevalonyl coenzyme a-n(5)-
c7zhtB_ 2.80 oxidoreductase Chain: B: glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase;
c8d8lE_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: E: 37s ribosomal protein s5, mitochondrial;
c8au1J_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8b42E_ 6.60 membrane protein Chain: E: volume-regulated anion channel subunit lrrc8c;
c8h7gD_ 3.70 transcription Chain: D: transcription factor spt20 homolog;
c7upqC_ 3.35 de novo protein Chain: C: dht03 protein c;
c8d8lU_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: U: 37s ribosomal protein s25, mitochondrial;
c8d8lT_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: T: 37s ribosomal protein mrp21, mitochondrial;
c8csp4_ 2.66 ribosome Chain: 4: pentatricopeptide repeat domain-containing protein 3,
c8a5pW_ 3.40 dna binding protein Chain: W: actin related protein 4 (arp4);
c7ok5B_ 2.97 cell adhesion Chain: B: neurofascin 155;
c8csp9_ 2.66 ribosome Chain: 9: nitric oxide-associated protein 1;
c8egsJ_ 3.92 virus Chain: J: lower collar protein;
c7ulaB_ 2.46 transferase Chain: B: alginate biosynthesis protein algk;
c8egrG_ 3.58 virus Chain: G: upper collar protein;
c8a5qG_ 3.15 dna binding protein Chain: G: ino80 atpase;
c8b41E_ 3.80 membrane protein Chain: E: volume-regulated anion channel subunit lrrc8c;
c7r3gB_ 2.15 transcription Chain: B: regulatory protein rhlr;
c7w9hA_ 2.28 transcription Chain: A: response regulator protein fler;
c7mx2A_ 3.64 transferase Chain: A: n-alpha-acetyltransferase 30;
c8cspa_ 2.66 ribosome Chain: A: 12s mitochondrial rrna;
c8ej5B_ 4.90 virus Chain: B: gp1, tail tip protein;
c8egrV_ 3.58 virus Chain: V: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8atfG_ 3.45 dna binding protein Chain: G: ino80 atpase;
c7xn4C_ 3.35 toxin Chain: C: caspase-3;
c8epmA_ 3.10 transport protein Chain: A: voltage-dependent r-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1e;
c8egrC_ 3.58 virus Chain: C: gp15, receptor-binding protein, tail fiber;
c8egrJ_ 3.58 virus Chain: J: gp16, tail stem protein;
c8egrU_ 3.58 virus Chain: U: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8a5oX_ 3.20 dna binding protein Chain: X: ino eighty subunit 4;
c8d8l6_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: 6: 37s ribosomal protein s35, mitochondrial;
c8h7gL_ 3.70 transcription Chain: L: ataxin-7;
c8d8lQ_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: Q: 37s ribosomal protein s17, mitochondrial;
c8d8lX_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: X: mitochondrial 37s ribosomal protein s27;
c8d8lY_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: Y: 37s ribosomal protein s24, mitochondrial;
c8egrN_ 3.58 virus Chain: N: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c7sz8A_ 2.34 cell adhesion Chain: A: cadherin egf lag seven-pass g-type receptor 1;
c8d8l3_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: 3: 37s ribosomal protein s26, mitochondrial;
c7upoB_ 2.10 de novo protein Chain: B: dht03 protein b;
c8au1D_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8dkpB_ 1.23 oxidoreductase Chain: B: bifunctional protein puta;
c7mx2C_ 3.64 transferase Chain: C: n-alpha-acetyltransferase 38, natc auxiliary subunit;
c7y82A_ 2.83 rna binding protein Chain: A: ramp superfamily protein;
c8egtF_ 3.50 virus Chain: F: gp19, capsid lining protein;
c8egrQ_ 3.58 virus Chain: Q: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8ef9A_ 2.40 dna binding protein/dna Chain: A: dna polymerase theta;
c7uppA_ 3.35 de novo protein Chain: A: dht03 protein a;
c7wguA_ 1.85 metal binding protein Chain: A: iron uptake system protein efeo;
c8a5aG_ 3.30 dna binding protein Chain: G: chromatin-remodeling atpase ino80;
c8d8lP_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: P: 37s ribosomal protein s16, mitochondrial;
c8d8lJ_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: J: 37s ribosomal protein s10, mitochondrial;
c8d8iB_ 2.50 transcription Chain: B: nuclear receptor corepressor 1;
c8egrS_ 3.58 virus Chain: S: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8d8lA_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: A: 37s ribosomal protein mrp51, mitochondrial;
c8egrL_ 3.58 virus Chain: L: sgnh_hydro domain-containing protein;
c7w86A_ 1.80 rna Chain: A: pentatricopeptide repeat-containing protein dwy1,
c7zcwD_ 3.60 protein binding Chain: D: small vasohibin-binding protein;
c8d8lC_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: C: ribosomal protein var1, mitochondrial;
c7zzzP_ 4.10 virus Chain: P: spike protein p13 n-terminal, capsid internal domain;
c8egrR_ 3.58 virus Chain: R: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8d8lF_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: F: 37s ribosomal protein mrp17, mitochondrial;
c8ejmB_ 1.80 rna binding protein,hydrolase Chain: B: surp and g-patch domain-containing protein 1;
c8d8lM_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: M: 37s ribosomal protein sws2, mitochondrial;
c8d8l2_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: 2: protein fyv4, mitochondrial;
c7qecA_ 1.95 structural protein Chain: A: s-layer;
c8h7gC_ 3.70 transcription Chain: C: transformation/transcription domain-associated protein;
c7ol4A_ 4.80 cell adhesion Chain: A: contactin-1;
c7t1sB_ 1.91 transport protein Chain: B: mca1015;
c8d8l4_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: 4: 37s ribosomal protein mrp1, mitochondrial;
c7qehA_ 1.67 cell adhesion Chain: A: s-layer;
c8d8lS_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: S: 37s ribosomal protein s19, mitochondrial;
c8a5qX_ 3.15 dna binding protein Chain: X: ies4;
c8av6H_ 4.68 dna binding protein Chain: H: papa-1 domain-containing protein;
c8ej5A_ 4.90 virus Chain: A: gp10, tail tip lysin (spike);
c8d8lL_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: L: 37s ribosomal protein s12, mitochondrial;
c8egrW_ 3.58 virus Chain: W: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8egsY_ 3.92 virus Chain: Y: major tail protein;
c8eplA_ 3.10 transport protein Chain: A: voltage-dependent r-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1e;
c8d8l8_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: 8: 3-hydroxyisobutyryl-coa hydrolase, mitochondrial;
c8d8lV_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: V: 37s ribosomal protein pet123, mitochondrial;
c7xhoI_ 3.29 cell cycle Chain: I: centromere protein i;
c8badB_ 1.81 toxin Chain: B: binary toxin a-like protein;
c7t1mA_ 1.60 transport protein Chain: A: mca1014;
c8av6J_ 4.68 dna binding protein Chain: J: dash complex subunit dad4;
c8h7gK_ 3.70 transcription Chain: K: taf6-like rna polymerase ii p300/cbp-associated factor-
c8egrO_ 3.58 virus Chain: O: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8d8lK_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: K: 37s ribosomal protein s18, mitochondrial;
c8d8lD_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: D: 37s ribosomal protein nam9, mitochondrial;
c7mx2B_ 3.64 transferase Chain: B: n-alpha-acetyltransferase 35, natc auxiliary subunit;
c8akoB_ 2.29 chaperone Chain: B: esx-1 secretion-associated protein espk;
c8d8lW_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: W: 37s ribosomal protein s23, mitochondrial;
c8dc2A_ 2.99 rna binding protein/rna/dna Chain: A: caslambda;
c8egrP_ 3.58 virus Chain: P: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c7qpiA_ 2.50 transcription Chain: A: vitamin d receptor;
c8d8l5_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: 5: 37s ribosomal protein mrp13, mitochondrial;
c8d8lZ_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: Z: 37s ribosomal protein mrp10, mitochondrial;
c8hddB_ 3.00 oxidoreductase Chain: B: glucose dehydrogenase beta subunit;
c7ulaA_ 2.46 transferase Chain: A: alginate biosynthesis protein algx;
c8h0uA_ UNK neuropeptide Chain: A: aqee-30;
c8d8l0_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: 0: probable s-adenosyl-l-methionine-dependent rna
c8egrM_ 3.58 virus Chain: M: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8egrT_ 3.58 virus Chain: T: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c7y38X_ 2.80 viral protein/rna Chain: X: rna-directed rna polymerase nsp4;
c8egrX_ 3.58 virus Chain: X: gp20, portal-proximal core protein;
c8d8lH_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: H: 37s ribosomal protein s8, mitochondrial;
c8d8lI_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: I: 37s ribosomal protein s9, mitochondrial;
c8d8lB_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: B: 37s ribosomal protein mrp4, mitochondrial;
c8atfH_ 3.45 dna binding protein Chain: H: papa-1 domain-containing protein;
c8a5aX_ 3.30 dna binding protein Chain: X: ino eighty subunit 4;
c8d8lO_ 2.60 ribosome Chain: O: 37s ribosomal protein s28, mitochondrial;
c7uppB_ 3.35 de novo protein Chain: B: dht03 protein b;

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