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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2021 Jul 10

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c7og5H_ 3.37 hydrolase Chain: H: rna-free ribonuclease p;
c7nn3C_ 1.89 hydrolase Chain: C: beta-xylanase;
c7cfzB_ 1.89 cytosolic protein Chain: B: nadph oxidase activator 1;
c7afiX_ 3.53 ribosome Chain: X: ribosome maturation factor rimp;
c7b9sV_ 3.40 transport protein Chain: V: eccc5;
c7nh9C_ 3.03 transport protein Chain: C: cmax protein;
c7nt5J_ 3.50 viral protein Chain: J: nucleoprotein;
c7nyyA_ 6.80 dna binding protein Chain: A: chromosome partition protein mukb;
c7on1D_ 3.35 cell cycle Chain: D: bj4_g0006610.mrna.1.cds.1;
c7mbqB_ 2.30 transport protein Chain: B: transient receptor potential melastatin 5;
c6vk9F_ 3.80 protein fibril Chain: F: geopilin domain 2 protein;
c7ogkA_ 3.40 rna binding protein Chain: A: polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase;
c7b9sS_ 3.40 transport protein Chain: S: eccd5;
c7dwoA_ 2.61 dna binding protein Chain: A: predicted dna-binding transcriptional regulator;
c7mixA_ 3.00 transport protein/toxin Chain: A: voltage-dependent n-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1b;
c7ogrC_ 3.00 transcription Chain: C: phikz071,dna-directed rna polymerase;
c7nkyZ_ 3.20 transcription Chain: Z: transcription elongation factor spt5;
c7kiqC_ 2.52 lipid binding protein Chain: C: phosphatidate phosphatase lpin2;
c6xmnB_ UNK cytokine Chain: B: c-x-c chemokine receptor type 1;
c7ogrA_ 3.00 transcription Chain: A: phikz055,non-virion dna-dependent rna polymerase subunit
c7kihA_ 1.47 lipid binding protein Chain: A: isoform 2 of phosphatidate phosphatase lpin1;
c7mixB_ 3.00 transport protein/toxin Chain: B: omega-conotoxin mviia;
c6xn8A_ 1.95 lyase Chain: A: 2-hydroxyacyl-coa lyase 1;
c7oleK_ 3.41 chaperone Chain: K: telomere length regulation protein tel2 homolog;
c7dmaB_ 1.44 motor protein Chain: B: flagellar motor switch protein flim;
c7edaY_ 2.78 photosynthesis Chain: Y: photosystem ii reaction center protein ycf12;
c7bjkC_ 2.25 oxidoreductase Chain: C: superoxide dismutase [fe] 2, chloroplastic;
c7bdxA_ 2.60 nuclear protein Chain: A: heat shock factor 2-binding protein;
c7ogpB_ 3.30 transcription Chain: B: phikz068;
c7oc4A_ 2.03 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: alpha-humulene synthase asr6;
c7lhrA_ 3.11 oxidoreductase Chain: A: phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate reductase;
c7ec8A_ 1.35 hydrolase Chain: A: lipiaf5-2;
c7b9s1_ 3.40 transport protein Chain: 1: eccb5;
c7bdxE_ 2.60 nuclear protein Chain: E: breast cancer type 2 susceptibility protein;
c7nnaA_ 1.90 antibiotic Chain: A: klebicin c activity;
c7ehoA_ 1.79 sugar binding protein Chain: A: chitin oligosaccharide binding protein nagb2;
c7nkyO_ 3.20 transcription Chain: O: fact complex subunit pob3;
c7ehpA_ 2.01 sugar binding protein Chain: A: chitin oligosaccahride binding protein nagb1;
c7ogrE_ 3.00 transcription Chain: E: phikz123;
c7ogpD_ 3.30 transcription Chain: D: phikz074;
c7bmhB_ 2.20 membrane protein Chain: B: opsin;
c7b9fE_ 3.00 transport protein Chain: E: ecce5;
c7nzaB_ 1.20 transport protein Chain: B: odorant binding protein from varroa destructor, form p2<1>;
c7dztA_ 2.35 hydrolase Chain: A: dlh domain-containing protein;
c7otjA_ 2.58 hydrolase Chain: A: atp-dependent dna helicase pif1;
c7dmaA_ 1.44 motor protein Chain: A: flagellar motor switch protein flim;
c7jhjR_ 3.20 membrane protein Chain: R: bilf1;
c7ogrX_ 3.00 transcription Chain: X: unk helices;
c7nyyC_ 6.80 dna binding protein Chain: C: chromosome partition protein mukf;
c6zxsI_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: I: photosystem i reaction center subunit viii;
c7on1C_ 3.35 cell cycle Chain: C: bj4_g0006610.mrna.1.cds.1;
c7nqkB_ 3.50 membrane protein Chain: B: nanobody;
c7d0sB_ 2.30 transferase Chain: B: brd1 protein;
c7d0rB_ 1.95 transferase Chain: B: brd1 protein;
c7nkyQ_ 3.20 transcription Chain: Q: fact complex subunit spt16;
c7f4gR_ 2.78 transcription Chain: R: rpap2;
c7og7A_ 1.85 metal binding protein Chain: A: nosl;
c7ag9B_ 3.30 cell cycle Chain: B: kar9;
c7nqkA_ 3.50 membrane protein Chain: A: solute carrier family 15 member 2;
c7d0qB_ 2.21 transferase Chain: B: brd1 protein;
c7b9fC_ 3.00 transport protein Chain: C: eccc5;
c7ogpA_ 3.30 transcription Chain: A: phikz055,phikz056.1;
c7dm9A_ 1.71 motor protein Chain: A: flagellar motor switch protein flim;
c7d0pB_ 1.80 transferase Chain: B: brd1 protein;
c7d0oB_ 2.51 transferase Chain: B: brd1 protein;
c7edaT_ 2.78 photosynthesis Chain: T: photosystem ii reaction center protein t;
c7oleJ_ 3.41 chaperone Chain: J: telo2-interacting protein 2,telo2-interacting protein 2,
c7ogpC_ 3.30 transcription Chain: C: phikz071,dna-directed rna polymerase;
c7edaM_ 2.78 photosynthesis Chain: M: photosystem ii reaction center protein m;
c7edaR_ 2.78 photosynthesis Chain: R: photosystem ii protein y;
c7oggR_ 3.29 dna binding protein Chain: R: non-structural maintenance of chromosome element 5,non-
c7oleH_ 3.41 chaperone Chain: H: telo2-interacting protein 1 homolog,telo2-interacting

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