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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Oct 13

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6eibC_ 1.94 transferase Chain: C: sensory box/ggdef family protein;
c6gcsC_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: C: 49-kda protein (nucm);
c6agfB_ 3.20 membrane protein Chain: B: sodium channel subunit beta-1;
c5z8yE_ 3.40 cell adhesion Chain: E: leucine-rich repeat transmembrane neuronal protein 2;
c6ei6B_ 2.46 cytosolic protein Chain: B: coiled-coil and c2 domain-containing protein 1-like;
c6gboG_ 2.10 viral protein Chain: G: polymerase cofactor vp35;
c6a7vU_ 1.67 toxin/antitoxin Chain: U: antitoxin vapb11;
c6gcs6_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 6: nd6 subunit (nu6m);
c6gcsf_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: F: nufm subunit;
c5z49A_ 2.15 transcription Chain: A: hth-type transcriptional activator cmpr;
c6bugA_ 3.27 membrane protein Chain: A: d-alanyl carrier protein;
c6eupC_ 2.65 cell adhesion Chain: C: adhesin a;
c6buhH_ 3.15 membrane protein Chain: H: d-alanyl transfer protein dltb;
c5oxwD_ 2.61 splicing Chain: D: neq068;
c6bqsA_ UNK heme binding protein Chain: A: hypothetical protein pg_2227;
c6gbrA_ 3.15 viral protein Chain: A: polymerase cofactor vp35;
c6h7vC_ 2.54 membrane protein Chain: C: ligand-gated channel protein;
c6a7vG_ 1.67 toxin/antitoxin Chain: G: ribonuclease vapc11;
c6ekoA_ 2.28 hydrolase Chain: A: restriction endonuclease pfoi;
c6h3gC_ 2.60 oxidoreductase Chain: C: alcohol oxidase;
c6gcsU_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: U: nupm subunit;
c6b3iB_ 2.60 lipid binding protein Chain: B: annexin;
c6gcsM_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: M: numm subunit;
c6agfA_ 3.20 membrane protein Chain: A: sodium channel protein type 4 subunit alpha;
c6ekaB_ UNK protein fibril Chain: B: podospora anserina s mat+ genomic dna chromosome 3,
c6h65A_ 2.35 transferase Chain: A: branched-chain-amino-acid aminotransferase;
c5ovqL_ 1.80 oxidoreductase Chain: L: peroxiredoxin;
c6gcsD_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: D: nimm subunit;
c5zojE_ 2.79 dna binding protein Chain: E: inner nuclear membrane protein man1;
c6f5fC_ 2.98 dna binding protein Chain: C: poly [adp-ribose] polymerase 2;
c6agqE_ 2.10 hydrolase Chain: E: acetyl xylan esterase;
c5xtuA_ 1.38 hydrolase Chain: A: gdsl-family esterase;
c6b7gB_ UNK transcription Chain: B: bcl-6 corepressor;
c6ekmB_ 2.76 replication Chain: B: dna polymerase zeta catalytic subunit;
c5yhkB_ 2.42 metal binding protein Chain: B: alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase;
c5yhvA_ 2.70 transferase Chain: A: aminotransferase;
c6gcs8_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 8: nb8m subunit;
c5zteA_ 2.60 oxidoreductase Chain: A: 2-cys peroxiredoxin bas1, chloroplastic;
c5yjsB_ 2.16 plant protein Chain: B: vicilin-like antimicrobial peptides 2-2;
c6g09A_ 1.40 hydrolase Chain: A: glycoside hydrolase family 8 domain protein;
c5wh9C_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: C: 4-hydroxybenzoyl-coa thioesterase;
c5oxzB_ 1.20 splicing Chain: B: neq528;
c6mf9B_ 2.04 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: znkn (c2hc)+athook+bromo domain protein, taf250,
c6bqnA_ 3.90 membrane protein Chain: A: scnn1a;
c6gcsh_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: H: 24-kda subunit (nuhm);
c6gcsK_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: K: psst subunit (nukm);
c6gzbD_ 2.10 structural protein Chain: D: spore germination protein germ;
c6dc6A_ 3.14 signaling protein/ligase Chain: A: ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme 1;
c6gcsL_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: L: nd4l subunit (nulm);
c6bqnB_ 3.90 membrane protein Chain: B: scnn1b;
c5nfmA_ 0.80 ligase Chain: A: yrba;
c6gcsg_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: G: 30-kda protein (nugm);
c6bqnC_ 3.90 membrane protein Chain: C: egfp-scnn1g chimera;
c6gcs9_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 9: nipm subunit;
c5yj7C_ 1.61 hydrolase Chain: C: glycoside hydrolase;
c6gcs1_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 1: nd1 subunit (nu1m);
c5yhoA_ 2.40 metal binding protein Chain: A: alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase;
c6gcsA_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: A: 75-kda protein (nuam);
c6gcs3_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 3: nd3 subunit (nu3m);
c6gcsI_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: I: tyky subunit (nuim);
c5zzaP_ 1.53 structural protein Chain: P: uncharacterized protein;
c5ow0A_ 1.70 electron transport Chain: A: electron transfer flavoprotein, alpha subunit;
c6gcsG_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: G: 30-kda protein (nugm);
c6gcsH_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: H: 24-kda subunit (nuhm);
c6gcs2_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 2: nd2 subunit (nu2m);
c5ow2A_ 1.98 viral protein Chain: A: capsid protein;
c5yioA_ UNK proton transport Chain: A: atp synthase epsilon chain;
c6ehzA_ UNK cytokine Chain: A: stromal cell-derived factor 1;
c6gcsJ_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: J: nujm subunit;
c6ekjB_ 1.60 replication Chain: B: chromosome alignment-maintaining phosphoprotein 1;
c5ow0B_ 1.70 electron transport Chain: B: electron transfer flavoprotein, beta subunit;
c6eklB_ 1.60 replication Chain: B: chromosome alignment-maintaining phosphoprotein 1;
c6ekrA_ 2.88 hydrolase Chain: A: type ii site-specific deoxyribonuclease;
c6gcsW_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: W: nb6m subunit;
c6gcs5_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 5: nd5 subunit (nu5m);
c6gcsO_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: O: acpm1 subunit;
c6gcsE_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: E: nuem subunit;
c6gcsj_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: J: nujm subunit;
c5yyxA_ 1.68 transferase Chain: A: meiosis-specific serine/threonine-protein kinase mek1;
c6gcsR_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: R: ni2m subunit;
c6gcs4_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: 4: nd4 subunit (nu4m);
c6gcsX_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: X: nuxm subunit;
c6gcsc_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: C: 49-kda protein (nucm);
c6gcsY_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: Y: nuym subunit;
c6gcsd_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: D: nimm subunit;
c6gcsP_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: P: nb4m subunit;
c6gcsF_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: F: nufm subunit;
c6gcsQ_ 4.32 oxidoreductase Chain: Q: acpm2 subunit;

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