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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0



What's new in version 2?

Phyre2 has been totally overhauled with a variety of new features:

  • Weekly updated fold library
  • Automatic handling of multi-domain proteins
  • Multi-template modelling for higher accuracy
  • New interface
  • BackPhyre: scan a user-supplied structure against a range of genomes
  • One to one threading: submit a sequence AND a template structure and build a model of your sequence based on that template
  • Phyre Alarm: Haven't found a good confident hit? Add your sequence to your phyre alarm account and it will be automatically scanned against new entries to our fold library every week and you will be notified of any new confident hits.
  • Batch processing: Submit multiple sequences at once and have them processed by Phyre2 automatically
  • User accounts: sign up for a user account to use advanced features such as those above.
  • Increased longevity of results to 1 month.
  • View and renew past jobs in the job manager
  • Fold library browser: track all updates, view information on all newly added structures, search for PDB codes and auto-search for close homologues
  • Hi-res ray-traced model images, publication ready
  • Binding site prediction via 3DLigandSite
  • Transmembrane helix prediction by Memsat_svm
  • ab initio modelling of missing regions or whole proteins via Poing. Warning: Treat results with extreme caution.

Phyre is now FREE for commercial users!

All images and data generated by Phyre2 are free to use in any publication with acknowledgement

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Please cite: The Phyre2 web portal for protein modeling, prediction and analysis
Kelley LA et al. Nature Protocols 10, 845-858 (2015) [paper] [Citation link]
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