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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2023 May 13

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c8fbcB_ 1.53 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: cytochrome p450;
c8gh9A_ 3.80 transport protein Chain: A: calcium-activated potassium channel subunit alpha-1;
c8f54C_ 2.50 de novo protein Chain: C: rc_i_1;
c8hk2A_ 2.90 membrane protein Chain: A: c3a anaphylatoxin chemotactic receptor;
c8g9mA_ 2.50 oxidoreductase Chain: A: oxidoreductase, short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family;
c7zonB_ 1.77 carbohydrate Chain: B: carbohydrate binding domain xx;
c8cdaG_ 2.10 unknown function Chain: G: probable monooxygenase;
c8f53E_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8f4xk_ 3.01 de novo protein Chain: K: rc_i_1-h11;
c7qd7A_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8gsvF_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: F: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8d2tC_ 3.40 lipid transport Chain: C: fab heavy chain;
c8bpcA_ 2.80 gene regulation Chain: A: isoform 2 of paired amphipathic helix protein sin3b;
c8bx8C_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7zn3B_ 1.60 membrane protein Chain: B: xenorhodopsin;
c8bwyT_ 38.00 motor protein Chain: T: calmodulin;
c8gsvL_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: L: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8e4vA_ UNK transcription Chain: A: isoform 3 of histone acetyltransferase kat6b;
c7yj0B_ 2.43 oxidoreductase Chain: B: vibo;
c7zp9G_ 2.82 membrane protein Chain: G: ktr system potassium uptake protein b;
c7q4jA_ 1.91 hydrolase Chain: A: hydrolase_4 domain-containing protein;
c7zpoB_ 3.24 membrane protein Chain: B: ktr system potassium uptake protein a;
c8g2yR_ 3.44 signaling protein Chain: R: adhesion g-protein-coupled receptor f1;
c7txeB_ 2.30 electron transport Chain: B: cytochrome c2;
c8soyF_ 2.85 hydrolase Chain: F: enoyl-coa hydratase echa21;
c8fdwC_ 2.90 viral protein Chain: C: spike protein s2;
c7uy4B_ 1.98 transferase Chain: B: aminoglycoside (3'') (9) adenylyltransferase;
c8bpcC_ 2.80 gene regulation Chain: C: phd finger protein 12;
c7zptM_ 1.80 structural protein Chain: M: cell shape-determining protein mreb;
c8e4fA_ 2.47 oxidoreductase Chain: A: dihydrofolate reductase;
c8gsvH_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: H: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c7zpfD_ 2.54 toxin Chain: D: aip56;
c8smqD_ 2.00 unknown function Chain: D: hypothetical protein cd630_25440;
c7zqjB_ 2.25 immune system Chain: B: beta-2-microglobulin;
c8h3nD_ 2.73 viral protein Chain: D: mo1 heavy-chain;
c7zqiA_ 2.15 immune system Chain: A: mhc class i antigen;
c8d2wB_ 3.40 lipid transport Chain: B: fab light chain;
c7uyxC_ 2.63 viral protein Chain: C: bacteriophage pa1c gp2;
c8dlcA_ 1.90 signaling protein Chain: A: chalcone-flavonone isomerase family protein;
c8ch6W_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8bpaC_ 3.70 gene regulation Chain: C: phd finger protein 12;
c8gsvB_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: B: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8bx8D_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7qttL_ 3.10 splicing Chain: L: bud13 homolog;
c8ch6U_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8bwyd_ 38.00 motor protein Chain: D:
c8e5fA_ 3.80 electron transport Chain: A: c-type cytochrome;
c8gsvR_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: R: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8bgrA_ 1.80 oxidoreductase Chain: A: methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase;
c8dldA_ 1.85 signaling protein Chain: A: chalcone-flavonone isomerase family protein;
c7znpA_ 2.15 hydrolase Chain: A: sucrose phosphorylase;
c8gsvD_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: D: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8e5gA_ 3.90 electron transport Chain: A: c-type cytochrome;
c7qttY_ 3.10 splicing Chain: Y: snw domain-containing protein 1;
c8h3mD_ 2.48 viral protein Chain: D: mo1 heavy chain;
c8ch6N_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8oghA_ 1.60 transferase Chain: A: 1-deoxy-d-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase;
c8gsvT_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: T: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8h3mB_ 2.48 viral protein Chain: B: spike glycoprotein;
c8gsvV_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: V: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8gsvX_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: X: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c8h3mH_ 2.48 viral protein Chain: H: mo1 heavy chain;
c8gsvJ_ 2.20 apoptosis Chain: J: peroxisomal testis-specific protein 1;
c7qttV_ 3.10 splicing Chain: V: peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase-like 4;
c8bwye_ 38.00 motor protein Chain: E:
c7spqA_ 1.80 unknown function Chain: A: serine/threonine kinase toxd;
c8bwyA_ 38.00 motor protein Chain: A: dynein-1-alpha heavy chain, flagellar inner arm i1 complex

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