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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2017 Aug 12

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5svbD_ 2.65 ligase Chain: D: acetone carboxylase alpha subunit;
c5vzvC_ 1.81 transferase Chain: C: e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase trim23;
c5l0uA_ 1.80 transferase Chain: A: protein o-glucosyltransferase 1;
c5u07B_ 3.80 immune system Chain: B: cse2;
c5mz5A_ 2.15 oxidoreductase Chain: A: aldh21);
c5wjbA_ 2.91 actin/dna binding protein Chain: A: capsid assembly scaffolding protein,myosin-7;
c5wc0D_ 4.40 motor protein Chain: D: meiotic spindle formation protein mei-1;
c5xtgB_ 2.32 oxidoreductase Chain: B: 2,3-dihydroxy-2,3-dihydrophenylpropionate dehydrogenase;
c5uxtA_ 2.20 de novo protein Chain: A: coiled-coil trimer with glu:trp:lys triad;
c5xgtA_ 1.82 dna binding protein Chain: A: single-stranded dna-binding protein;
c5x55A_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: A: probable uracil-dna glycosylase;
c5uxtB_ 2.20 de novo protein Chain: B: coiled-coil trimer with glu:trp:lys triad;
c5m45I_ 1.87 ligase Chain: I: acetone carboxylase gamma subunit;
c5j97B_ 2.55 rna binding protein Chain: B: caprin-2;
c5xkrA_ 1.38 hydrolase Chain: A: cmp/dcmp deaminase, zinc-binding protein;
c5xdcB_ 1.58 oxidoreductase Chain: B: thermophilic dibenzothiophene desulfurization enzyme c;
c5u0aH_ 3.30 immune system Chain: H: crispr-associated protein, cse4 family;
c5h6jA_ 1.90 transferase Chain: A: pierisin-1;
c5xsyA_ 4.00 membrane protein Chain: A: sodium channel protein;
c5mxhA_ 1.95 sugar binding protein Chain: A: photorhabdus asymbiotica lectin phl;
c5ojsT_ 3.70 transcription Chain: T: transcription-associated protein 1;
c5w40C_ 2.53 transcription Chain: C: popp2 protein;
c5uxtC_ 2.20 de novo protein Chain: C: coiled-coil trimer with glu:trp:lys triad;
c5u07N_ 3.80 immune system Chain: N: crispr-associated protein, cas5e family;
c5gpoB_ 1.70 transferase Chain: B: sensor protein czcs;
c5l2pD_ 2.56 hydrolase Chain: D: arylesterase;
c5nz7A_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: A: cellodextrin phosphorylase;
c5xw4A_ 1.85 cell cycle Chain: A: tyrosine-protein phosphatase cdc14;
c5my6B_ 2.25 transferase Chain: B: nanobody 2rs15d;
c5ibzD_ 1.61 lyase Chain: D: uncharacterized protein;
c5lq3F_ 3.55 transport protein Chain: F: cmeb;
c5m45K_ 1.87 ligase Chain: K: acetone carboxylase beta subunit;
c5nz8A_ 3.00 hydrolase Chain: A: cellodextrin phosphorylase;
c5l16A_ 1.88 transferase Chain: A: putative selenophosphate synthetase;
c5mm1A_ 2.60 membrane protein Chain: A: dolichol monophosphate mannose synthase;
c5ms9A_ UNK structural protein Chain: A: fibrillin-1;
c5ncrA_ 1.89 hydrolase Chain: A: tyrosine phosphatase;
c5jpxA_ UNK metal binding protein Chain: A: e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase trim21;
c5l2vA_ 1.10 chitin-binding protein Chain: A: chitin-binding protein;
c5vktB_ 1.83 oxidoreductase Chain: B: cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenases (sbcad4);
c5v13B_ 1.84 hormone-binding protein Chain: B: aael008620-pa odorant-binding protein;
c5nv6A_ 2.93 structural protein Chain: A: transforming growth factor-beta-induced protein ig-h3;
c5oa30_ 4.30 translation Chain: 0: eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2d;
c5kisB_ 2.40 toxin Chain: B: rhs2;
c5tgyA_ UNK unknown function Chain: A: ps1;
c5oa3h_ 4.30 translation Chain: H: 40s ribosomal protein s7;
c5w3xD_ 2.00 transcription Chain: D: disease resistance protein rrs1;
c5uivA_ 2.45 transferase Chain: A: bifunctional thymidylate/uridylate kinase;
c5jboA_ 1.97 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-glucosidase;
c5wlqA_ 3.10 motor protein Chain: A: capsid assembly scaffolding protein,myosin-7,microtubule-
c5u07C_ 3.80 immune system Chain: C: crispr-associated protein, cse1 family;
c5u0aA_ 3.30 immune system Chain: A: crispr-associated protein, cse3 family;
c5xsyB_ 4.00 membrane protein Chain: B: voltage-gated sodium channel beta subunit 1;
c5wufA_ 2.40 membrane protein Chain: A: putative membrane protein;
c5l21B_ 1.68 toxin Chain: B: vhh-c2;

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