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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2020 Nov 07

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6xryA_ UNK protein binding Chain: A: polar organizing protein z;
c6uupD_ 2.20 antitumor protein Chain: D: anti-cd33 conditional scfv;
c6l7mA_ 2.40 hydrolase Chain: A: ab hydrolase-1 domain-containing protein;
c7c1iD_ 1.58 transferase Chain: D: histidine kinase;
c7bwbA_ 1.80 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-fructofuranosidase;
c6x88A_ 3.20 hydrolase Chain: A: cone cgmp-specific 3',5'-cyclic phosphodiesterase subunit
c6l6mA_ 3.28 chaperone Chain: A: heat shock protein hsp20 family putative;
c6zxtB_ 1.40 isomerase Chain: B: ribose-5-phosphate isomerase;
c6yu9C_ 1.90 oxidoreductase Chain: C: carbon-monoxide dehydrogenase (acceptor),carbon-monoxide
c6wu9G_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: G: 50s ribosomal protein l6;
c7by6B_ 3.00 ligase Chain: B: phenylalanyl-trna synthetase beta chain, putative;
c6lbeB_ 2.60 immune system Chain: B: beta-2-microglobulin;
c6uvuB_ 2.10 transcription Chain: B: arsr family transcriptional regulator;
c7js3A_ 2.40 hydrolase Chain: A: fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase;
c6tqkA_ 3.35 structural protein Chain: A: uromodulin;
c6wu9U_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: U: 50s ribosomal protein l23;
c6z3yB_ 3.51 membrane protein Chain: B: sodium/hydrogen exchanger;
c6m0rM_ 2.70 transport protein Chain: M: v-type proton atpase subunit e;
c6yttD_ 3.01 oxidoreductase Chain: D: co dehydrogenase/acetyl-coa synthase complex, beta subunit;
c6tlzA_ 3.10 cell adhesion Chain: A: mgp-operon protein 3;
c6l7qA_ 1.16 unknown function Chain: A: hypothetical protein;
c6w3zD_ 2.30 transferase Chain: D: bma-dhps-1, isoform a;
c6tkgI_ 1.35 blood clotting Chain: I: tsetse thrombin inhibitor;
c6uukA_ 2.35 hydrolase Chain: A: muramoyltetrapeptide carboxypeptidase;
c6loeB_ 3.50 photosynthesis Chain: B: fe-s-cluster-containing hydrogenase components 1-like
c7ck6G_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: G: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom7 homolog;
c7kf3B_ 2.35 lyase Chain: B: gdp-mannose 4,6-dehydratase;
c6lxgB_ UNK transferase Chain: B: gtp pyrophosphokinase;
c6wubt_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: T:
c6lg3A_ 1.90 toxin Chain: A: phirv1 phage protein;
c6yhvA_ 1.89 toxin Chain: A: tse8;
c6zn8E_ 3.21 toxin Chain: E: endoribonuclease vapd;
c6zn8C_ 3.21 toxin Chain: C: vapx;
c7a4nA_ 2.75 viral protein Chain: A: spike glycoprotein,fibritin;
c7byxD_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: D: galactan 1,3-beta-galactosidase;
c6wu9S_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: S: 50s ribosomal protein l21;
c7ck6J_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: J: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom5 homolog;
c6yysH_ 3.08 transcription Chain: H: rna polymerase-associated transcription factor held;
c7ck6E_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: E: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom6 homolog;
c6wuai_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: I:
c6tklI_ 1.30 blood clotting Chain: I: tsetse thrombin inhibitor;
c7jwfD_ 2.19 hydrolase Chain: D: glycoside hydrolase family 110;
c7ck6A_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: A: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom40 homolog;
c6wubp_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: P:
c6loeC_ 3.50 photosynthesis Chain: C: polysulphide reductase nrfd;
c7anzB_ 3.60 cytosolic protein Chain: B: tubulin gamma chain;
c6l7dA_ 3.00 hydrolase Chain: A: enolase;
c6uv8A_ 2.70 signaling protein Chain: A: multi-sensor signal transduction histidine kinase;
c6ldkA_ 2.90 translation Chain: A: isoleucine--trna ligase;
c6wubr_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: R:
c7dbwB_ 2.50 oxidoreductase Chain: B: 4-hydroxyphenylacetate 3-hydroxylase;
c7chkB_ 2.87 structural protein Chain: B: vp24 protein;
c6lodA_ 3.20 photosynthesis Chain: A: multiheme_cytc domain-containing protein;
c6wuam_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: M:
c7ck6C_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: C: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom22 homolog;
c6loeE_ 3.50 photosynthesis Chain: E: cytochrome c domain-containing protein;
c7anzD_ 3.60 cytosolic protein Chain: D: spindle pole body component;
c7c1jA_ 1.35 transferase Chain: A: histidine kinase;
c6yp4A_ 1.95 hydrolase Chain: A: adenylate cyclase;
c6tpiB_ 2.10 protein binding Chain: B: cell division protein ftsx;
c6wu9E_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: E: 50s ribosomal protein l4;
c6wu92_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: 2: 50s ribosomal protein l32;
c7ck6D_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: D: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom22 homolog;
c6wuan_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: N:
c6wubf_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: F:
c6wu90_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: 0: 50s ribosomal protein l30;
c6jzbA_ 2.75 structural protein Chain: A: chaperone protein dnaj;
c7by6A_ 3.00 ligase Chain: A: phenylalanyl-trna synthetase beta chain, putative;
c7ck6F_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: F: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom6 homolog;
c6lodF_ 3.20 photosynthesis Chain: F: uncharacterized protein actf;
c6wubd_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: D:
c6wesA_ 1.36 toxin Chain: A: tox3;
c7anzC_ 3.60 cytosolic protein Chain: C: spindle pole body component;
c6wu9K_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: K: 50s ribosomal protein l13;
c7ck6I_ 3.40 structural protein Chain: I: mitochondrial import receptor subunit tom5 homolog;
c6x94A_ 1.45 ligase Chain: A: serine--trna ligase;
c7chkC_ 2.87 structural protein Chain: C: vp25 protein;
c6tkhI_ 1.90 blood clotting Chain: I: tsetse thrombin inhibitor;
c7d3sP_ 2.90 membrane protein Chain: P: secretin;
c6rc9A_ 1.94 cell adhesion Chain: A: adhesin p1;
c6wu95_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: 5: 50s ribosomal protein l35;
c6wimA_ 2.60 membrane protein Chain: A: outer membrane transporter cdib;
c6wubo_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: O:
c6z34A_ 2.27 membrane protein Chain: A: cymd;
c6loeD_ 3.50 photosynthesis Chain: D: uncharacterized protein actd;
c7chkA_ 2.87 structural protein Chain: A: vp20 protein;
c6wilA_ 2.40 membrane protein Chain: A: hemolysin activator protein cdib;
c6wuac_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: C:
c6wu9T_ 2.90 ribosome Chain: T: 50s ribosomal protein l22;
c6tpiA_ 2.10 protein binding Chain: A: murein hydrolase activator envc;

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