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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2019 Feb 09

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6ns0A_ 2.20 ligase Chain: A: lysine--trna ligase;
c6iwqE_ 2.95 transferase Chain: E: n-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 7;
c6fjoA_ 1.17 viral protein Chain: A: fiber;
c5z87B_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: B: emgh1;
c6a5hB_ 1.62 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: 101015d;
c6iu8C_ 2.70 metal transport Chain: C: vit1;
c6igaB_ 2.78 lyase Chain: B: argininosuccinate lyase;
c6j8lB_ 2.30 immune system Chain: B: avh240;
c6a09C_ 2.29 unknown function Chain: C: yfdx protein;
c6e1lA_ UNK cytokine Chain: A: granulin;
c6aaeA_ 1.64 hydrolase Chain: A: esterase;
c6iv7B_ 1.94 transferase Chain: B: methyltransferase lepi;
c6e7aY_ 4.20 dna binding protein/dna/rna Chain: Y: casx;
c6grqA_ 3.30 immune system Chain: A: paired immunoglobulin-like receptor b;
c6fjlD_ 1.70 metal binding protein Chain: D: abc-type fe3+ transport system, periplasmic component;
c6nstD_ 2.14 transferase Chain: D: branched-chain-amino-acid aminotransferase;
c6m9sC_ 2.08 oxidoreductase Chain: C: sznf;
c6dspB_ 1.37 signaling protein Chain: B: autoinducer 2-binding protein lsrb;
c6fh2A_ 2.70 signaling protein Chain: A: protein-arginine kinase;
c6nb3B_ 3.50 virus Chain: B: spike glycoprotein;
c6ea6D_ 1.70 hydrolase Chain: D: protein b2;
c6h7dA_ 2.40 membrane protein Chain: A: sugar transport protein 10;
c6culG_ 2.30 transferase Chain: G: pyoverdine synthetase f;
c6fknC_ 4.80 signaling protein Chain: C: plexin a, isoform a;
c6fkkA_ 2.78 signaling protein Chain: A: mip07328p;
c5z9jA_ 2.00 oxidoreductase Chain: A: putative p450-like enzyme;
c6matE_ 4.50 ribosomal protein Chain: E: rix7 mutant;
c6qb7A_ 2.23 signaling protein Chain: A: btb/poz domain-containing protein kctd16;
c6mdvA_ 2.50 hydrolase Chain: A: endo-beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase;
c6nrwA_ 2.40 cell adhesion Chain: A: dpr1;
c6drfA_ UNK signaling protein Chain: A: protein rd3;
c6i9eE_ 3.74 virus Chain: E: major head protein;
c6qfjA_ 2.13 transport protein Chain: A: magnetosome membrane protein mamb, putative co/zn/cd cation
c6fjqA_ 2.91 viral protein Chain: A: fiber;
c6nrrB_ 2.50 cell adhesion Chain: B: dpr-interacting protein gamma;
c6e1oA_ 3.59 lipid transport Chain: A: plasma membrane channel protein (aqy1), putative;
c6ijpA_ 1.85 hydrolase Chain: A: adenosine/amp deaminase family protein;
c6ihdA_ 2.30 oxidoreductase Chain: A: malate dehydrogenase;
c6iu3A_ 2.70 metal transport Chain: A: vit1;
c5ya6B_ 1.50 structural protein Chain: B: flagellin b1;
c6homD_ 2.10 gene regulation Chain: D: ccr4-not transcription complex subunit 4, isoform l;
c6homB_ 2.10 gene regulation Chain: B: ccr4-not transcription complex subunit 4, isoform l;
c6mg9A_ UNK structural protein Chain: A: obscurin;
c6fknD_ 4.80 signaling protein Chain: D: mip07328p;
c5zmpA_ 2.19 hydrolase Chain: A: lysine deacylase;
c6azdA_ 1.97 hydrolase Chain: A: ppkai2-like h;
c6g1lA_ 2.40 transcription Chain: A: microphthalmia-associated transcription factor;
c6mpzA_ 2.00 transport protein Chain: A: double glycine motif protease domain from ams/pcat
c6npoA_ 2.40 transport protein Chain: A: oligopeptide abc transporter, oligopeptide-binding protein;
c6i60B_ 2.74 hydrolase Chain: B: alpha-rhamnosidase;
c6honD_ 2.20 gene regulation Chain: D: ccr4-not transcription complex subunit 4, isoform l;
c6nrrA_ 2.50 cell adhesion Chain: A: defective proboscis extension response 11, isoform b;
c6ca8A_ 2.33 isomerase Chain: A: dna topoisomerase 2;
c6a2wA_ 1.80 photosynthesis Chain: A: protein fucoxanthin chlorophyl a/c protein;
c5z8bB_ 2.91 transferase Chain: B: kfia protein;
c6honB_ 2.20 gene regulation Chain: B: ccr4-not transcription complex subunit 4, isoform l;
c6fjwA_ 2.70 hydrolase Chain: A: cas6 protein;

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