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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Jun 16

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5vheA_ 3.79 hydrolase Chain: A: deah (asp-glu-ala-his) box polypeptide 36;
c6emvA_ 2.90 rna binding protein Chain: A: trna (guanine(9)-/adenine(9)-n1)-methyltransferase;
c5ym6B_ 1.80 rna binding protein Chain: B: nsp9;
c5w8mD_ 1.52 endocytosis Chain: D: vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 29;
c5o3zK_ 1.84 oxidoreductase Chain: K: sorbitol-6-phosphate dehydrogenase;
c6coyB_ 3.36 transport protein Chain: B: chloride channel protein 1;
c6cozB_ 3.36 transport protein Chain: B: chloride channel protein 1;
c5xrfA_ 2.20 hydrolase Chain: A: snake venom serine protease da-36;
c6ck2A_ 2.25 hormone Chain: A: insulin a chain;
c5w4dA_ 1.60 rna binding protein Chain: A: p-granule scaffold protein;
c6g2dB_ 5.40 ligase Chain: B: acetyl-coa carboxylase 1;
c6gctA_ 3.85 membrane protein Chain: A: neutral amino acid transporter b(0);
c6ba5C_ 1.62 immune system Chain: C: variable domain of light chain, antibody r11;
c5yr0B_ 1.90 endocytosis Chain: B: uv radiation resistance associated protein;
c6ggyA_ 1.95 hydrolase Chain: A: laminaribiose phosphorylase;
c5yanB_ 1.77 structural protein Chain: B: collagen;
c5o46A_ 1.76 hydrolase inhibitor Chain: A: iristatin;
c6banF_ 1.95 immune system Chain: F: variable domain r11 heavy chain;
c5yanE_ 1.77 structural protein Chain: E: collagen;
c5xrwD_ 2.50 motor protein Chain: D: fliy;
c5o34C_ 2.45 lyase Chain: C: enoyl-coa hydratase carb homologue;
c6dk4A_ 2.71 metal transport Chain: A: ferric uptake regulation protein;
c6cslA_ 1.92 metal binding protein Chain: A: histidine triad protein d;
c5u6fA_ 1.50 cell adhesion Chain: A: lpxtg-motif cell wall anchor domain protein;
c6bfiB_ 2.30 cell adhesion Chain: B: vin1;
c6fu9A_ 1.20 antifungal protein Chain: A: nbs-lrr class disease resistance protein;
c5yanD_ 1.77 structural protein Chain: D: collagen;
c6chjB_ 2.43 transferase Chain: B: diacylglycerol o-acyltransferase;
c6g2dC_ 5.40 ligase Chain: C: acetyl-coa carboxylase 1;
c5uy2A_ UNK cell invasion Chain: A: 20-mer peptide 38146;
c5xoiA_ 1.80 oxidoreductase Chain: A: oxidoreductase, 2og-fe oxygenase family protein, putative,
c5mnwA_ UNK lyase Chain: A: guanylate cyclase soluble subunit beta-1;
c5w4cA_ 2.26 oxidoreductase Chain: A: thioredoxin reductase;
c5o57A_ UNK signaling protein Chain: A: dickkopf-related protein 4;
c5w4zA_ 1.75 flavoprotein Chain: A: riboflavin lyase;
c5yanC_ 1.77 structural protein Chain: C: collagen;
c5xrwA_ 2.50 motor protein Chain: A: flin;
c6emsA_ 2.00 rna binding protein Chain: A: trna (guanine(9)-/adenine(9)-n1)-methyltransferase;
c6ck2C_ 2.25 hormone Chain: C: insulin a chain;
c5v30B_ 3.15 transcription Chain: B: transcriptional regulator;
c6d01I_ 3.20 immune system Chain: I: nanp5;
c5ux4B_ 2.81 hydrolase Chain: B: cathepsin d;
c5yr0A_ 1.90 endocytosis Chain: A: beclin-1;
c5zk4D_ 2.03 transferase Chain: D: disa protein;
c5n2pA_ 2.06 lyase Chain: A: tryptophan synthase alpha chain;
c6d34B_ 2.10 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: terc;
c5wvxA_ 3.00 hydrolase inhibitor Chain: A: trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor;
c5ywwA_ 2.33 hydrolase Chain: A: nucleotide binding protein pinc;
c6ddeE_ 3.50 membrane protein Chain: E: scfv16;
c5xnrA_ 2.30 lyase Chain: A: alyq;
c6ckuA_ UNK signaling protein Chain: A: granulin-aae;
c6d2vA_ 1.90 oxidoreductase Chain: A: terb oxidoreductase;
c6fv5B_ 2.18 transferase Chain: B: queuine trna-ribosyltransferase accessory subunit 2;
c5wb1A_ 3.51 membrane protein Chain: A: envelope protein us28, nanobody 7 fusion protein;
c6en3A_ 2.90 hydrolase Chain: A: endo-beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase f2,multifunctional-
c5w3gA_ UNK dna binding protein Chain: A: transcription factor pu.1;
c5yanA_ 1.77 structural protein Chain: A: collagen;
c6d01J_ 3.20 immune system Chain: J: nanp5;
c5yanF_ 1.77 structural protein Chain: F: collagen;
c5o51A_ 2.01 protein binding Chain: A: rho guanyl nucleotide exchange factor (rom2), putative;
c5xs1A_ UNK hormone Chain: A: hyperglycemic hormone-like peptide;
c6d11E_ 3.40 immune system Chain: E: nanp5;

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