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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2021 Jul 24

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c7ck4B_ 7.00 chaperone Chain: B: heat shock protein;
c7dxmC_ 2.96 transferase Chain: C: protein dltd;
c7dmpa_ 3.20 structural protein Chain: A: radial spoke head 1 homolog;
c7dmpB_ 3.20 structural protein Chain: B: radial spoke head protein 4 homolog a;
c7obqu_ 3.90 rna binding protein Chain: U:
c6lk8J_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: J: outer nup133;
c7ockJ_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: J: sam hydrolase;
c6lk8a_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: A: mgc83295 protein;
c6lk8V_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: V: nup358 complex, clamps;
c7lt1A_ 2.40 immune system Chain: A: protein mb21d2;
c7nqaD_ 2.20 nuclear protein Chain: D: anti-nup98 nanobody ms98-6;
c7obqx_ 3.90 rna binding protein Chain: X:
c7mwzB_ 2.00 immune system Chain: B: sting;
c6lk8b_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: B: nuclear pore complex protein nup85;
c7lrnB_ 2.85 oxidoreductase Chain: B: nadph-dependent ferric siderophore reductase;
c7njcA_ 1.38 rna binding protein Chain: A: zinc finger (ccch type) motif-containing protein;
c6lk8i_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: I: nuclear pore complex protein;
c7f52B_ 2.56 viral protein Chain: B: non-structural protein 2;
c7lt2A_ 1.58 immune system Chain: A: mab-21 domain-containing protein;
c7obqz_ 3.90 rna binding protein Chain: Z:
c7f77C_ 3.09 oxidoreductase Chain: C: glutamate dehydrogenase;
c7odfA_ 2.70 rna binding protein Chain: A: cas_phi3;
c7ck5A_ UNK viral protein Chain: A: plamv replicase peptide from rna-dependent rna polymerase;
c7dtaA_ UNK dna binding protein Chain: A: slc2a4 regulator;
c6lk8G_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: G: nuclear pore complex protein nup96;
c6lk8C_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: C: mgc154553 protein;
c7bk8A_ 1.74 hydrolase Chain: A: magc;
c7p18B_ 1.84 oxidoreductase Chain: B: 3-oxosteroid 1-dehydrogenase;
c6zx9C_ 2.52 viral protein Chain: C: vpr protein fused to t4 lysozyme;
c7obqy_ 3.90 rna binding protein Chain: Y:
c7miaB_ 1.90 viral protein, hydrolase Chain: B: rna replication protein;
c7dmpc_ 3.20 structural protein Chain: C: radial spoke head protein 9 homolog;
c7jguA_ 1.20 structural protein Chain: A: fibronectin type-iii domain-containing protein;
c6lk8A_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: A: mgc83295 protein;
c7ns1A_ UNK toxin Chain: A: snterotoxin a;
c6lk8e_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: E: outer nup160;
c6lk8E_ 5.50 structural protein Chain: E: outer nup160;
c7rcaA_ 2.26 lyase Chain: A: chorismate synthase;

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