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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2020 Apr 11

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6jqkC_ 1.50 viral protein Chain: C: c34m;
c6ksmB_ 2.23 hydrolase Chain: B: lipase 2;
c6kvoB_ 2.50 plant protein/dna Chain: B: ntmoc1;
c6p5uB_ 2.10 lyase Chain: B: enoyl-coa hydratase;
c6we5B_ 2.25 hydrolase Chain: B: inorganic pyrophosphatase;
c6vxcG_ 2.05 lyase Chain: G: trans-4-hydroxy-l-proline dehydratase;
c6vx5D_ 3.03 membrane protein Chain: D: bestrophin;
c6vx6B_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: B: bestrophin;
c6vkzA_ 2.10 transferase Chain: A: daba;
c6k9cA_ 2.41 transferase Chain: A: primase;
c6tq8A_ 2.50 oxidoreductase Chain: A: enzyme subunit;
c6vvdB_ 2.65 transferase Chain: B: dot/icm t4ss effector;
c6vw8D_ 2.30 oxidoreductase Chain: D: nad-dependent formate dehydrogenase beta subunit;
c6y48D_ 2.09 flavoprotein Chain: D: baeyer-villiger monooxygenase;
c6lnmF_ 2.40 transferase Chain: F: amyloid-beta a4 precursor protein-binding family a member
c6viiA_ 2.00 immune system Chain: A: rab-like protein 3;
c6vpqC_ 1.74 translation Chain: C: density-regulated protein;
c6v5cB_ 4.40 rna binding protein/rna Chain: B: microprocessor complex subunit dgcr8;
c6y3yB_ 3.39 viral protein Chain: B: hemagglutinin-esterase;
c6l5tA_ 1.72 hydrolase Chain: A: peptidase c16;
c6sf2C_ 3.30 cytokine Chain: C: growth/differentiation factor 2;
c6s5uA_ 2.03 lyase Chain: A: strictosidine synthase;
c6sdgA_ 2.96 transcription Chain: A: auxin response factor;
c6jqyA_ 1.64 dna binding protein Chain: A: antitoxin vapb46;
c6w3wA_ 1.55 de novo protein Chain: A: denovo ntf2;
c6jrqC_ 2.10 ligase Chain: C: adenylosuccinate synthetase;
c6xyaB_ 1.35 viral protein Chain: B: rna-dependent rna polymerase;
c6o6eB_ 2.14 ligase, transport protein Chain: B: l-prolyl-amp ligase pltf;
c6w4uB_ 1.70 isomerase Chain: B: triosephosphate isomerase;
c6r45B_ 1.78 transferase Chain: B: o-glcnacase;
c6wbdA_ 2.05 ligase Chain: A: lysine--trna ligase;
c6wctA_ 2.10 transferase Chain: A: guanylate kinase;
c6sf1B_ 2.80 cytokine Chain: B: bone morphogenetic protein 10;
c6yanl_ 3.48 translation Chain: L: ribosomal protein s9 (predicted);
c6jsxA_ 2.70 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: flagellar biosynthesis protein flag;
c6wciA_ 2.05 transferase Chain: A: cysteine desulfurase;
c6vw8A_ 2.30 oxidoreductase Chain: A: nad-dependent formate dehydrogenase gamma subunit;
c6m40A_ 2.89 viral protein Chain: A: ns3-like protein;
c6jqhB_ 2.30 plant protein Chain: B: mada;
c6hr1A_ 1.90 fusion protein Chain: A: myosin light chain kinase 2, skeletal/cardiac muscle,
c6w40B_ 2.49 de novo protein Chain: B: denovo ntf2;
c6sj69_ 3.23 ribosome Chain: 9: ribosomal silencing factor rsfs;
c6y6kA_ 3.78 viral protein Chain: A: rna-dependent rna polymerase;
c6jhuA_ 1.97 ligase Chain: A: biotin/lipoate protein ligase-like protein;
c6v5bA_ 3.70 rna binding protein/rna Chain: A: ribonuclease 3;
c6yalk_ 3.00 translation Chain: K: 40s ribosomal protein es8;
c6w4xC_ 3.60 oxidoreductase Chain: C: ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 1 subunit beta;
c6szcA_ UNK cell adhesion Chain: A: surface-associated protein csha;
c6yall_ 3.00 translation Chain: L: 40s ribosomal protein us4;
c7btfA_ 2.95 viral protein Chain: A: sars-cov-2 nsp12;
c6kfqA_ 1.84 transport protein Chain: A: rhodopsin;
c6sj6Y_ 3.23 ribosome Chain: Y: 50s ribosomal protein l25;
c6w80A_ 1.40 isomerase Chain: A: glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase;

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