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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2019 Jun 01

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6hg6A_ 1.75 oxidoreductase Chain: A: l-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate reductase;
c6jwkB_ 1.86 isomerase Chain: B: probable glutathione s-transferase;
c6qviB_ 2.72 dna binding protein Chain: B: comz;
c6ajrA_ 1.34 dna binding protein Chain: A: uracil dna glycosylase superfamily protein;
c5zyoD_ 1.75 transferase Chain: D: ribosomal rna large subunit methyltransferase h;
c6hc2L_ 4.31 cell cycle Chain: L: nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1;
c6rimB_ 1.60 toxin Chain: B: putative botulinum-like toxin wo;
c6r6bE_ 3.50 protein transport Chain: E: surface presentation of antigens protein spap;
c6r5kO_ 4.80 rna binding protein Chain: O: pan2-pan3 deadenylation complex subunit pan3;
c6ohiA_ 2.27 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: debrominase bmp8;
c6o2uB_ 1.80 signaling protein Chain: B: store-operated calcium entry-associated regulatory factor;
c6jvwA_ 2.25 hydrolase Chain: A: maleylpyruvate hydrolase;
c6gutB_ 1.63 cell adhesion Chain: B: 23s rrna pseudouridine synthase d,pila;
c6j9cA_ 3.10 transcription/dna Chain: A: b3 domain-containing transcription factor lec2;
c6p0qA_ 1.72 rna binding protein Chain: A: ribosome biogenesis protein wdr12;
c6iaiC_ 2.54 protein binding Chain: C: protein of uncharacterized function (duf1076);
c6qn9L_ 1.89 immune system Chain: L: light chain;
c6nypH_ 2.70 immune system/viral protein Chain: H: ul144;
c5zwbB_ 2.20 transferase Chain: B: pyridoxine/pyridoxal/pyridoxamine kinase;
c6dj6B_ 1.90 transferase Chain: B: fatty acid kinase (fak) b2 protein (spr1019);
c6r6bF_ 3.50 protein transport Chain: F: surface presentation of antigens protein spar;
c6o9l1_ 7.20 transcription/dna Chain: 1: general transcription factor iih subunit 1;
c6oswB_ UNK cell cycle Chain: B: forkhead box m1;
c5zx9A_ 1.55 protein binding Chain: A: alanine and proline-rich secreted protein apa;
c6qvfC_ 1.44 dna binding protein Chain: C: prepilin-like protein;
c6dj8B_ 2.05 dna binding protein Chain: B: beta sliding clamp;
c6r6bI_ 3.50 protein transport Chain: I: surface presentation of antigens protein spaq;
c6j9bA_ 1.90 transcription/dna Chain: A: b3 domain-containing transcription factor fus3;
c6r5kA_ 4.80 rna binding protein Chain: A: pan2-pan3 deadenylation complex catalytic subunit pan2;
c6egcA_ 1.74 de novo protein Chain: A: sc_2l4hc2_23;
c6nx4A_ UNK translation Chain: A: eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase;
c6orbA_ 7.70 motor protein Chain: A: midasin;
c6o3pA_ 1.60 hydrolase Chain: A: peroxisomal nadh pyrophosphatase nudt12;
c6nusA_ 3.50 viral protein Chain: A: nsp12;
c6i20A_ 1.37 transcription Chain: A: aureochrome1-like protein;
c6r5kH_ 4.80 rna binding protein Chain: H: polyadenylate-binding protein, cytoplasmic and nuclear;
c6qv5A_ 2.30 nuclear protein Chain: A: chad domain;
c6ozvA_ 2.18 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: txo1;
c6p1jA_ 2.95 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: txo2;
c6oz7A_ 1.36 oxidoreductase Chain: A: uncharacterized oxidoreductase yohf;
c6oswA_ UNK cell cycle Chain: A: forkhead box m1;
c6r62A_ 1.55 lyase Chain: A: hpch/hpai aldolase;
c6o9lQ_ 7.20 transcription/dna Chain: Q: general transcription factor iie subunit 1;
c6o9l6_ 7.20 transcription/dna Chain: 6: general transcription factor iih subunit 2;
c6qn9H_ 1.89 immune system Chain: H: heavy chain;
c6dkeA_ 1.76 transferase Chain: A: fatty acid kinase (fak) b1 protein;
c5znjA_ 1.84 ligase Chain: A: proline--trna ligase;
c6or6A_ 5.30 motor protein Chain: A: midasin;
c6or5A_ 4.00 motor protein Chain: A: midasin;
c6o9l3_ 7.20 transcription/dna Chain: 3: cdk-activating kinase assembly factor mat1;

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