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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Sep 01

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5ypeD_ 2.85 signaling protein Chain: D: 78 kda glucose-regulated protein,sequestosome-1;
c5yriA_ 1.65 sugar binding protein Chain: A: ppl3-a;
c6gcbB_ 1.80 transferase Chain: B: glutathione transferase xi 3 from trametes versicolor;
c6d5ft_ 3.70 virus Chain: T: fimbrial protein;
c6ff4C_ 16.00 splicing Chain: C: snw domain-containing protein 1;
c5znmB_ 1.85 antibiotic Chain: B: colicin-d;
c6d5fF_ 3.70 virus Chain: F: fimbrial protein;
c6dbbA_ 2.10 oxidoreductase Chain: A: putative aldehyde dehydrogenase family protein;
c6ff4t_ 16.00 splicing Chain: T:
c5yeiF_ 2.30 transferase Chain: F: aspartokinase;
c6bxiB_ 2.20 transferase Chain: B: serine/threonine-protein kinase 38;
c5yeiG_ 2.30 transferase Chain: G: aspartokinase;
c5yhsB_ 2.50 hydrolase Chain: B: pyruvylated beta-d-galactosidase;
c5yu7A_ 3.30 rna binding protein Chain: A: exportin-5;
c5zlpH_ 2.93 ligase Chain: H: glutamine synthetase;
c6cqsA_ 1.70 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-lactamase;
c6hceA_ 2.50 flavoprotein Chain: A: riboflavin-binding protein;
c6cwdA_ 3.33 viral protein/immune system Chain: A: single chain variable fragment (scfv) e13;
c6h02A_ 2.80 transcription Chain: A: mediator of rna polymerase ii transcription subunit 23;
c5uweN_ 3.19 Chain: N: m48u1 cd4 mimetic peptide;
c6h8qA_ 3.63 cell cycle Chain: A: cohesin subunit scc3;
c6djsA_ 5.80 transport protein Chain: A: short transient receptor potential channel 3;
c5zw5A_ 2.40 transcription regulator Chain: A: aimr transcriptional regulator;
c6a5mA_ 2.30 gene regulation Chain: A: histone-lysine n-methyltransferase, h3 lysine-9 specific
c5xqzD_ 2.10 signaling protein/transferase Chain: D: serine/threonine-protein kinase 38-like;
c5z79F_ 2.90 transferase Chain: F: hydroxymethyldihydropterin pyrophosphokinase-
c5zwoZ_ 3.90 splicing Chain: Z: pre-mrna leakage protein 1;
c5zwnY_ 3.30 splicing Chain: Y: protein luc7;
c5zwoY_ 3.90 splicing Chain: Y: pre-mrna-splicing factor cwc26;
c6fipA_ UNK transport protein Chain: A: protein tonb;
c6ff4E_ 16.00 splicing Chain: E: pre-mrna-processing factor 17;
c6a4zA_ 1.70 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: chap protein;
c6ff47_ 16.00 splicing Chain: 7: splicing factor 3a subunit 2;
c6eepA_ 1.85 isomerase Chain: A: ribose-5-phosphate isomerase a;
c6ff4u_ 16.00 splicing Chain: U:
c5zwnx_ 3.30 splicing Chain: X: u1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein component snu71;
c5zwoX_ 3.90 splicing Chain: X: u2 snrnp component ist3;
c6a52A_ 2.00 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: dioxidase chap-h1;
c6h8qH_ 3.63 cell cycle Chain: H: sister chromatid cohesion protein 1;
c5zwo9_ 3.90 splicing Chain: 9: pre-mrna-splicing factor spp381;
c6djsC_ 5.80 transport protein Chain: C: short transient receptor potential channel 3;
c5onkA_ 1.03 hydrolase Chain: A: yndl;
c6ff43_ 16.00 splicing Chain: 3: bud13 homolog;
c6fhjA_ 2.04 hydrolase Chain: A: protein,protein;
c6djsB_ 5.80 transport protein Chain: B: short transient receptor potential channel 3;
c5zwoO_ 3.90 splicing Chain: O: 66 kda u4/u6.u5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein component;
c6ediA_ 1.85 transferase Chain: A: glucokinase;
c6ff48_ 16.00 splicing Chain: 8: splicing factor 3b subunit 2;
c6edfA_ 1.40 transferase Chain: A: fyn;
c5zwoW_ 3.90 splicing Chain: W: 23 kda u4/u6.u5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein component;
c6a4xA_ 1.63 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: bleomycin resistance protein;
c6djsD_ 5.80 transport protein Chain: D: short transient receptor potential channel 3;
c5z7bB_ 2.10 transcription Chain: B: padr family transcriptional regulator;
c6ff41_ 16.00 splicing Chain: 1: rna-binding motif protein, x-linked 2;
c6h8qG_ 3.63 cell cycle Chain: G: sister chromatid cohesion protein 1;
c6ggrB_ 2.10 metal binding protein Chain: B: bacteriophage virulence determinant;
c5zwo0_ 3.90 splicing Chain: 0: pre-mrna-splicing factor 38;
c6fhnA_ 2.00 hydrolase Chain: A: protein;
c6ghsA_ 2.92 hydrolase Chain: A: tagi restriction endonuclease;

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