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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Mar 17

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6b85J_ 3.89 membrane protein Chain: J: tmhc4_r;
c5ur0B_ 1.94 oxidoreductase Chain: B: glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase;
c5waiC_ 2.90 transcription Chain: C: zinc finger protein aebp2;
c6b87C_ 2.95 membrane protein Chain: C: tmhc2_e;
c6ar9A_ 2.28 transferase Chain: A: hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase, putative;
c5n8zA_ 3.48 hydrolase Chain: A: cg9323, isoform a;
c6c0fw_ 3.70 ribosome Chain: W: nucleolar gtp-binding protein 1;
c5nbhB_ 1.70 viral protein Chain: B: fiber;
c6b8qG_ 2.60 metal transport Chain: G: potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily kqt member 5;
c6b1vB_ 2.84 hydrolase Chain: B: iota-carrageenan sulfatase;
c6et9D_ 2.75 transferase Chain: D: acetyl-coa acetyltransferase thiolase;
c5m89B_ 1.61 splicing Chain: B: spliceosome wd40 sc;
c6c0fv_ 3.70 ribosome Chain: V: 60s ribosomal protein l23-a;
c6enaA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: nemertide alpha-1;
c6cebN_ 4.70 signaling protein Chain: N: insulin a chain;
c6b8pG_ 2.20 metal transport Chain: G: potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily kqt member 4;
c6ce9N_ 4.30 signaling protein Chain: N: insulin a chain;
c5ygfA_ 1.70 protein binding Chain: A: gh18329p;
c6et9H_ 2.75 transferase Chain: H: pfam duf35;
c5theA_ 2.10 rna binding protein/rna Chain: A: uncharacterized protein;
c6c0fb_ 3.70 ribosome Chain: B: 60s ribosomal protein l3;
c5wmmB_ 2.90 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: mbth homologue;
c6esqI_ 2.95 transferase Chain: I: hydroxymethylglutaryl-coa synthase;
c5x9xB_ UNK signaling protein Chain: B: metabotropic gaba-b receptor subtype 2;
c6f4eA_ 2.40 toxin Chain: A: catalytic domain of botulinum neurotoxin x;
c5wakB_ 3.20 transcription Chain: B: polycomb protein suz12;
c6cb1s_ 4.60 ribosome Chain: S: 60s ribosomal protein l20-a;
c6c0fp_ 3.70 ribosome Chain: P: 60s ribosomal protein l17-a;
c5n80A_ 1.92 transferase Chain: A: lipopolysaccharide 1,6-galactosyltransferase;
c5odtB_ 2.02 transferase Chain: B: transforming acidic coiled-coil-containing protein 3;
c6eu9C_ 2.69 transcription Chain: C: retinoic acid receptor;
c5xa6A_ UNK toxin Chain: A: bmkdfsin3;
c6ce7N_ 7.40 signaling protein Chain: N: insulin a chain;
c5wmmA_ 2.90 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: nrps;
c5nmwA_ 1.89 oxidoreductase Chain: A: flavin-containing monooxygenase;
c5n9mA_ 1.85 transferase Chain: A: cobyric acid synthase;
c6ayyB_ 2.60 hydrolase Chain: B: fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase class 2;
c6cebP_ 4.70 signaling protein Chain: P: insulin receptor;
c5yy8A_ 1.98 protein binding Chain: A: influenza virus ns1a-binding protein;
c5xnzA_ 2.30 lyase Chain: A: cred;
c6enoA_ 1.64 oxidoreductase Chain: A: dehydratase family protein;
c5n9qA_ UNK transferase Chain: A: inactive poly [adp-ribose] polymerase rcd1;
c5n23B_ 2.09 transferase Chain: B: camp-dependent protein kinase inhibitor alpha;
c5waiF_ 2.90 transcription Chain: F: polycomb protein suz12;
c5z9sB_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: B: beta-glucosidase;
c6bn1B_ 2.60 signaling protein Chain: B: scaffold protein salvador;
c5oyjC_ 2.38 signaling protein Chain: C: vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2;
c5ykhA_ 2.46 rna binding protein Chain: A: pumilio homolog 1;
c5z0yA_ 2.50 transferase Chain: A: serine hydroxymethyltransferase;
c6bn1A_ 2.60 signaling protein Chain: A: serine/threonine-protein kinase hippo;
c5x9aB_ 1.85 metal binding protein Chain: B: calaxin;
c5n7sA_ 2.00 transport protein Chain: A: type ii secretion system protein l;
c6cebK_ 4.70 signaling protein Chain: K: insulin a chain;
c6c0fs_ 3.70 ribosome Chain: S: 60s ribosomal protein l20-a;
c6c0f8_ 3.70 ribosome Chain: 8: ribosomal rna-processing protein 14;
c6ce9K_ 4.30 signaling protein Chain: K: insulin a chain;
c6bk5A_ 2.40 signaling protein Chain: A: ubiquitin ligase cbl;
c5wb5A_ 2.70 translation Chain: A: putative eukaryotic translation initiation factor eif-4e;
c6apsA_ 1.76 transferase Chain: A: hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase;
c5wn9H_ 1.55 viral protein/immune system Chain: H: scfv 2d10;
c5wb5B_ 2.70 translation Chain: B: uncharacterized protein;

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