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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2021 Aug 07

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c7dpaA_ 3.80 signaling protein Chain: A: dedicator of cytokinesis protein 5;
c7cnfA_ UNK peptide binding protein Chain: A: transcription elongation factor a protein 1;
c7nj1A_ 2.90 hydrolase Chain: A: separin;
c7dibB_ 2.20 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: d-threonine aldolase;
c7m5iB_ 1.71 hydrolase Chain: B: endolysin;
c7cokB_ 1.50 oxidoreductase Chain: B: 5-ketofructose reductase;
c6w8oA_ 3.40 membrane protein Chain: A: endosomal/lysosomal potassium channel tmem175;
c7ra8E_ 3.10 viral protein/immune system Chain: E: spike glycoprotein;
c6waoB_ 1.76 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: protein enhanced pseudomonas susceptibility 1;
c7kbkC_ 2.09 toxin Chain: C: vhh antibody v6e11;
c7esmA_ 1.40 lyase Chain: A: l-rhamnose-alpha-1,4-d-glucuronate lyase;
c7degE_ 3.40 oxidoreductase Chain: E: cytochrome oxidase subunit ii;
c6zusA_ 1.62 signaling protein Chain: A: extracellular protein 11-1;
c7lf7M_ 2.03 immune system Chain: M: apolipoprotein l1;
c7jlmA_ 2.30 transferase Chain: A: isoprenyl transferase;
c7dwfA_ 2.21 transferase Chain: A: glutathione s-transferase;
c7l4iB_ 2.58 hydrolase Chain: B: protein phosphatase 1h;
c7jlzA_ 1.64 rna binding protein Chain: A: 16s rrna methylase;
c7d6c4_ 2.89 structural protein Chain: 4: carboxysome assembly protein ccmn;
c7naaD_ 2.75 transferase Chain: D: non-specific serine/threonine protein kinase;
c7abkA_ 3.60 lipid binding protein Chain: A: chloroplast membrane-associated 30 kd protein;
c7l4nA_ 2.25 dna binding protein/dna Chain: A: dna (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase drm2;
c7n8nC_ 3.89 dna binding protein/dna Chain: C: histone h4-h3 doublet;
c7am0C_ 2.50 hydrolase Chain: C: prephenate dehydratase;
c6vpvz_ 2.70 photosynthesis Chain: Z:
c7altA_ 2.03 signaling protein Chain: A: protein serrate;
c7degD_ 3.40 oxidoreductase Chain: D: cytochrome c oxidase subunit i;
c7lc1B_ 2.35 oncoprotein, hydrolase Chain: B: target of rapamycin complex 2 subunit mapkap1;
c7bk4B_ 2.80 transcription Chain: B: nuclear receptor coactivator 2;
c7dtyR_ 2.98 structural protein Chain: R: human glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide
c7lfaC_ 1.86 immune system Chain: C: apolipoprotein l1;
c7d6c2_ 2.89 structural protein Chain: 2: carbon dioxide concentrating mechanism protein ccmm;
c7exdR_ 3.40 membrane protein Chain: R: soluble cytochrome b562,5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1f;
c7lysA_ 3.05 viral protein/rna/dna Chain: A: casphi-2;
c6vpvm_ 2.70 photosynthesis Chain: M: photosystem i reaction center subunit xii;
c6zvaA_ 2.68 structural protein Chain: A: myomesin-1;
c7jl6A_ 2.10 membrane protein Chain: A: sensor protein srrb;
c7ebgA_ 1.95 transferase Chain: A: [pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring)] kinase
c7l16A_ 3.15 transport protein Chain: A: melibiose carrier protein;
c7aljA_ 1.52 signaling protein Chain: A: neurogenic locus notch protein;
c7omfA_ 3.00 splicing Chain: A: splicing factor 3b subunit 3;
c7dh5R_ 3.16 membrane protein Chain: R: beta-3 adrenergic receptor;
c7apoD_ 2.40 dna binding protein Chain: D: nuclear receptor coactivator 2;
c6vpvL_ 2.70 photosynthesis Chain: L: photosystem i reaction center subunit xi;
c7degF_ 3.40 oxidoreductase Chain: F: cytochrome oxidase subunit iia;
c7degC_ 3.40 oxidoreductase Chain: C: cytochrome oxidase subunit iia;
c7lu4A_ 2.50 ligase Chain: A: multifunctional fusion protein;
c7nj1B_ 2.90 hydrolase Chain: B: securin;
c7rjuA_ 1.65 unknown function Chain: A: duf4175 domain-containing protein;
c6vpv7_ 2.70 photosynthesis Chain: 7: photosystem i reaction center subunit viii;
c7onbF_ 3.10 splicing Chain: F: unk;
c7k7xA_ UNK immunosuppressant Chain: A: cyclotide pase a;
c7jkaA_ 1.53 hydrolase Chain: A: m3dlh protein;
c6vpvk_ 2.70 photosynthesis Chain: K: photosystem i reaction center subunit psak;
c7n8nD_ 3.89 dna binding protein/dna Chain: D: histone h2b-h2a doublet;
c7apoC_ 2.40 dna binding protein Chain: C: nuclear receptor coactivator 2;
c6vpvM_ 2.70 photosynthesis Chain: M: photosystem i reaction center subunit xii;
c7alkA_ 3.00 signaling protein Chain: A: neurogenic locus protein delta;
c7ovcB_ UNK ligase Chain: B: ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme 5;
c7evwR_ 3.22 membrane protein Chain: R: frizzled-7;

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