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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2020 Jun 06

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6ymdB_ 1.25 transferase Chain: B: serine hydroxymethyltransferase;
c6lveD_ 3.10 hydrolase Chain: D: n,n-dimethylformamidase small subunit;
c6p4eB_ 1.35 hydrolase/hydrolase inhibitor Chain: B: cysteine proteinase b;
c6k5mA_ 1.79 transferase Chain: A: serotonin n-acetyltransferase 1, chloroplastic;
c6v1xB_ 3.50 transport protein Chain: B: potassium channel kat1;
c6lvbC_ 2.80 hydrolase Chain: C: n,n-dimethylformamidase large subunit;
c6wb95_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 5: er membrane protein complex subunit 5;
c6pqva_ 3.30 membrane protein Chain: A: atp synthase subunit alpha;
c6l7wA_ 2.60 hydrolase Chain: A: mrna_tripase domain-containing protein;
c7c3mA_ 3.60 signaling protein Chain: A: fermitin family homolog 3,fermitin family homolog 3,
c6x60A_ 2.81 hydrolase Chain: A: atp-dependent clp protease proteolytic subunit 2;
c6k34A_ 2.50 hydrolase Chain: A: lipase;
c6vepS_ 2.90 hormone receptor/hormone/immune system Chain: S: insulin chain a;
c6vepA_ 2.90 hormone receptor/hormone/immune system Chain: A: insulin chain a;
c6v4sE_ 3.55 transport protein Chain: E: neur_chan_lbd domain-containing protein;
c6wb93_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 3: er membrane protein complex subunit 3;
c6k54A_ 1.91 hydrolase Chain: A: gh6 cellobiohydrolase, hmcel6a;
c6tqpB_ 1.85 apoptosis Chain: B: bcl-2-binding component 3, isoforms 1/2;
c6p4wB_ 2.96 hydrolase/dna binding protein Chain: B: endonuclease bax1;
c6lqfA_ 1.50 gene regulation Chain: A: at-rich interactive domain-containing protein 4;
c6k5sC_ 1.90 dna binding protein Chain: C: telomeric dna-binding factor trf1;
c6ypeB_ 1.45 cell adhesion Chain: B: neuronal pentraxin-1;
c6trrA_ 2.12 apoptosis Chain: A: 16l protein;
c7bp3A_ 3.80 transport protein Chain: A: monocarboxylate transporter 2;
c5bkaC_ 2.11 oxidoreductase Chain: C: hydroxylacyl-coa dehydrogenase;
c6vetC_ 1.46 hormone Chain: C: insulin a chain;
c6wb91_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 1: er membrane protein complex subunit 1;
c6w6wC_ 3.00 structural protein/dna Chain: C: cst complex subunit stn1;
c6m3wA_ 3.90 viral protein Chain: A: spike glycoprotein;
c6w6wB_ 3.00 structural protein/dna Chain: B: cst complex subunit ctc1;
c6vetE_ 1.46 hormone Chain: E: insulin a chain;
c6k2fA_ 1.55 structural protein Chain: A: actin binding protein family protein;
c6wb96_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 6: er membrane protein complex subunit 6;
c6k5uA_ 2.08 dna binding protein Chain: A: telomeric dna-binding factor trf1;
c7byyC_ 2.80 transferase Chain: C: acetyltransferase;
c6p4oD_ 3.15 hydrolase/dna binding protein Chain: D: endonuclease bax1;
c6wb94_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 4: er membrane protein complex subunit 4;
c7bwkJ_ 2.80 protein transport Chain: J: pnpla domain-containing protein;
c6l77A_ 1.90 unknown function Chain: A: ms5a;
c6vetF_ 1.46 hormone Chain: F: insulin b chain;
c6vetA_ 1.46 hormone Chain: A: insulin a chain;
c6unvA_ 3.00 hydrolase Chain: A: lipase;
c6x1lA_ 2.00 unknown function Chain: A: wbbz protein;
c6wb90_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 0: endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein complex subunit 10;
c6vetB_ 1.46 hormone Chain: B: insulin b chain;
c6wb92_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 2: er membrane protein complex subunit 2;
c6m5aA_ 1.85 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-l-arabinobiosidase;
c6tbuA_ 3.16 membrane protein Chain: A: protein dispatched;
c6vepM_ 2.90 hormone receptor/hormone/immune system Chain: M: insulin chain a;
c6vepG_ 2.90 hormone receptor/hormone/immune system Chain: G: insulin chain a;
c6tqqB_ 3.00 apoptosis Chain: B: bcl-2-like protein 11;
c6w6wA_ 3.00 structural protein/dna Chain: A: cst complex subunit ctc1;
c6wb97_ 3.00 membrane protein Chain: 7: protein sop4;
c6vetD_ 1.46 hormone Chain: D: insulin b chain;

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