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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2019 Mar 23

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6aikB_ 1.83 ligase Chain: B: phosphopantothenate--cysteine ligase cab2;
c5y4oA_ 3.80 membrane protein Chain: A: low conductance mechanosensitive channel ynai;
c6bznA_ 1.80 flavoprotein Chain: A: halogenase pltm;
c6dk8B_ 3.80 signaling protein Chain: B: rets (regulator of exopolysaccharide and type iii
c5zxlD_ 2.79 oxidoreductase Chain: D: glycerol dehydrogenase;
c6n2nA_ 1.94 oxidoreductase Chain: A: pyruvate flavodoxin/ferredoxin oxidoreductase domain
c6j5tC_ 3.40 plant protein Chain: C: disease resistance rpp13-like protein 4;
c6ijoI_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: I: psai;
c6ijjF_ 2.89 membrane protein Chain: F: psaf;
c6ab6A_ 3.50 virus like particle Chain: A: capsid protein;
c6e20B_ 2.00 sugar binding protein Chain: B: galectin;
c6n2oB_ 2.82 oxidoreductase Chain: B: pyruvate ferredoxin/flavodoxin oxidoreductase, beta
c6ijj8_ 2.89 membrane protein Chain: 8: lhca8;
c6j5tJ_ 3.40 plant protein Chain: J: probable serine/threonine-protein kinase pbl2;
c6fxeA_ 2.40 protein binding Chain: A: putative surface protein;
c6ijo4_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: 4: lhca4;
c6ihbR_ 2.84 virus Chain: R: dyslexia-associated protein kiaa0319-like protein;
c6a9eA_ 3.21 lipid transport Chain: A: endolysin,autophagy-related protein 2;
c5ymrB_ 2.40 lyase Chain: B: formate acetyltransferase;
c6j5tE_ 3.40 plant protein Chain: E: protein kinase superfamily protein;
c6fv6A_ 3.80 membrane protein Chain: A: aq128;
c6gvlB_ 2.05 structural protein Chain: B: dystonin;
c6jfwA_ 2.00 membrane protein Chain: A: pa0833-pd protein;
c6fucA_ 1.17 transferase Chain: A: aminoglycoside phosphotransferase;
c6hzeA_ 2.70 hydrolase Chain: A: bpa0997;
c6itwA_ 2.40 antitoxin Chain: A: type vi immunity protein atu4351;
c6ijo9_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: 9: lhca9;
c6edeA_ 1.55 transferase Chain: A: probable rna 2'-phosphotransferase;
c6ijoG_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: G: psag;
c6i3yF_ 2.98 lipid transport Chain: F: preli domain-containing protein 1, mitochondrial;
c6fxpA_ 2.03 hydrolase Chain: A: uncharacterized protein;
c6hiuA_ 1.36 oxidoreductase Chain: A: cytochrome p460;
c6i3vC_ 1.98 lipid binding protein Chain: C: tp53-regulated inhibitor of apoptosis 1;
c6ijoH_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: H: psah;
c6i4yB_ 2.91 lipid transport Chain: B: preli domain containing protein 3b;
c6jdpA_ 1.60 antitoxin Chain: A: imm52 family protein;
c5zmfA_ 3.56 hydrolase/transport protein Chain: A: atpase arsa1;
c6b40N_ 4.30 recombination Chain: N: rag2l;
c5zikC_ 2.45 oxidoreductase Chain: C: probable 2-dehydropantoate 2-reductase;
c6n1zA_ 2.70 transport protein Chain: A: importin-9;
c6ddgJ_ 3.10 ribosome/antibiotic Chain: J: 50s ribosomal protein l28;
c6gvkA_ 1.55 structural protein Chain: A: integrin beta-4;
c6hihB_ 1.60 oxidoreductase Chain: B: cytochrome c;
c6j69A_ 2.75 cell cycle Chain: A: protein kibra;
c6fviA_ 1.00 cell cycle Chain: A: centrosomal protein of 192 kda;
c6ijjK_ 2.89 membrane protein Chain: K: psak;
c6b40E_ 4.30 recombination Chain: E: rag1l,rag1l;
c6ijo1_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: 1: lhca1;
c6hswC_ 2.15 hydrolase Chain: C: carbohydrate esterase family 15 domain protein;
c5z33A_ 1.99 transferase Chain: A: mitogen-activated protein kinase;
c6neyA_ 1.68 transcription Chain: A: uncharacterized protein;
c6hqiA_ 1.85 oxidoreductase Chain: A: polyphenol oxidase a, chloroplastic;
c6dcdA_ 1.55 oxidoreductase Chain: A: cytochrome p450 150a6 cyp150a6;
c5yrqE_ 2.00 dna binding protein Chain: E: dna repair protein rad5,dna repair protein rev1;
c6ijo6_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: 6: lhca6;
c6mj1A_ 2.60 dna binding protein Chain: A: probable hth-type transcriptional regulator yttp;
c6elsA_ 1.35 oxidoreductase Chain: A: polyphenol oxidase, chloroplastic;
c6ijj7_ 2.89 membrane protein Chain: 7: lhca7;
c6ijoX_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: X: chainx;
c6nx0A_ 1.54 oxidoreductase Chain: A: di-haem cytochrome c peroxidase family protein;
c5zx3F_ 2.75 transcription Chain: F: ecf rna polymerase sigma factor sigh;
c6a7sB_ 2.00 sugar binding protein Chain: B: n-acetylglucosamine-specific lectin;
c6ab6C_ 3.50 virus like particle Chain: C: capsid protein;
c6ijo2_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: 2: lhca2;
c6detA_ 1.75 transport protein Chain: A: tv2483;
c6ntwA_ 2.76 transferase/transferase inhibitor Chain: A: probable l,d-transpeptidase ycbb;
c6a7tA_ 1.60 sugar binding protein Chain: A: n-acetylglucosamine-specific lectin;
c6ijoL_ 3.30 photosynthesis Chain: L: psal;
c6fxoA_ 2.28 hydrolase Chain: A: bifunctional autolysin;
c6gvkB_ 1.55 structural protein Chain: B: dystonin;
c6fuvA_ 2.00 transport protein Chain: A: solute binding protein, blmnbp1 in complex with
c6iz9B_ 2.20 transferase Chain: B: beta-transaminase;
c6ftkA_ UNK viral protein Chain: A: envelope protein;

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