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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Dec 08

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6hwwA_ 6.60 viral protein Chain: A: putative gag polyprotein;
c6mu1C_ 4.10 membrane protein Chain: C: inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor type 1;
c5ynpA_ 2.27 transferase Chain: A: nsp16 protein;
c5yo9A_ 2.00 transferase Chain: A: 3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-(acp)] synthase iii c terminal
c5yniB_ 2.07 transferase Chain: B: nsp10 protein;
c6i1cB_ 2.01 electron transport Chain: B: thioredoxin f2;
c6m9tA_ 2.50 membrane protein Chain: A: prostaglandin e2 receptor ep3 subtype, endolysin chimera;
c6ahrD_ 3.92 hydrolase/rna Chain: D: ribonuclease p protein subunit p29;
c6ahuJ_ 3.66 hydrolase/rna Chain: J: ribonuclease p protein subunit p30;
c6f3tD_ 2.50 transcription Chain: D: transcription initiation factor tfiid subunit 5;
c6ahuK_ 3.66 hydrolase/rna Chain: K: ribonuclease p protein subunit p21;
c6f03A_ 2.20 immune system Chain: A: bpsl2520;
c6bo5D_ 3.60 membrane protein Chain: D: transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily v
c6hraD_ 3.70 membrane protein Chain: D: potassium-transporting atpase kdpf subunit;
c6g4rE_ 2.62 transcription Chain: E: hydrogen peroxide-inducible genes activator;
c6gym1_ 6.70 transcription Chain: 1: general transcription and dna repair factor iih subunit
c6hwiA_ 7.20 viral protein Chain: A: gag-pro-pol polyprotein;
c6hkeB_ 2.11 transport protein Chain: B: possible tctc subunit of the tripartite tricarboxylate
c6f3tK_ 2.50 transcription Chain: K: transcription initiation factor tfiid subunit 6;
c6hg7C_ 1.00 structural protein Chain: C: collagen-like peptide;
c6ahrB_ 3.92 hydrolase/rna Chain: B: ribonucleases p/mrp protein subunit pop1;
c6gu1B_ 1.70 unknown function Chain: B: secreted rxlr effector peptide protein, putative;
c6ahuH_ 3.66 hydrolase/rna Chain: H: ribonuclease p protein subunit p14;
c6irwA_ 2.90 transferase Chain: A: phosphorylated ctd-interacting factor 1;
c6hwyB_ 8.60 viral protein Chain: B: putative gag polyprotein;
c6f2pA_ 2.60 lyase Chain: A: paenibacillus xanthan lyase;
c6ahrL_ 3.92 hydrolase/rna Chain: L: ribonuclease p protein subunit p40;
c6gbeA_ UNK protein binding Chain: A: tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 13;
c5yhlA_ 4.20 signaling protein/immune system Chain: A: prostaglandin e2 receptor ep4 subtype;
c5zdoA_ 2.80 ligase Chain: A: glutamine-trna ligase;
c6ak3A_ 2.90 membrane protein Chain: A: prostaglandin e2 receptor ep3 subtype,soluble cytochrome
c6hrbD_ 4.00 membrane protein Chain: D: potassium-transporting atpase kdpf subunit;
c6ccaA_ 1.75 transferase Chain: A: disa protein;
c6ahuC_ 3.66 hydrolase/rna Chain: C: ribonuclease p protein subunit p38;
c6csxA_ 3.00 transport protein Chain: A: multidrug efflux pump subunit acrb;
c6hg7B_ 1.00 structural protein Chain: B: collagen-like peptide;
c6bscB_ 1.30 structural protein Chain: B: mucin-1;
c6a97A_ 2.15 immune system Chain: A: mhc i-like leukocyte 2 long form;
c5yx5B_ 2.70 replication Chain: B: 49 protein;
c6i0y2_ 3.20 ribosome Chain: 2: 50s ribosomal protein l34;
c6n2lA_ 1.85 dna binding protein Chain: A: histone family protein dna-binding protein;
c5yxiA_ UNK de novo protein Chain: A: drafx6;
c6ahuE_ 3.66 hydrolase/rna Chain: E: ribonuclease p/mrp protein subunit pop5;
c6n0wA_ 2.70 ligase Chain: A: tyrosine--trna ligase;
c6hv6A_ 2.00 toxin Chain: A: toxin pau_02230;
c6hg7A_ 1.00 structural protein Chain: A: collagen-like peptide;
c6gymW_ 6.70 transcription Chain: W: transcription initiation factor iie subunit alpha,
c6ak0A_ UNK unknown function Chain: A: cys-leu-gly-val-gly-ser-cys-val-asp-phe-ala-gly-cys-gly-

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