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ConFunc - Conserved residue Function Prediction Server

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Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information about conFunc submission options and restuls can be found on the Help page

You can also view a worked through example on the Example page


Q: I do not receive submission or results emails?
A: Some users experience this problem due to spam filters - please check your spam email. Emails are sent by the address XX so ensure that email from this address is accepted.
Q:Why do some GO terms have exactly the same e-values and numbers of subalignments?

A: Some GO terms contain exactly the same sequences in their subalignments. They therefore contain the same conserved residues for which an e-value is only calculated once and then shown for all GO terms that share the same sequences. This is often the case for related GO terms.

Q:Can I submit a multiple sequence alignment?
A: Not currently. We are implementing this option but it is not straightforward because conFunc uses Swiss-Prot GO annotations, so only sequences that have valid Swiss-Prot accessions are used in the analysis.

Q:How can I cite ConFunc?
A: If you have used ConFunc and would like to cite it please use the following publication: Wass, M.N. and Sternberg, M.J. (2008) ConFunc--functional annotation in the twilight zone, Bioinformatics, 24, 798-806. PubMed

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