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ConFunc News

October 2010 - Server updated. Now using the latest GOA and UniProt databases. In addition the PSI-BLAST search has been modified to improve homologue detection. Recent research from our group has shown that improved results from PSI-BLAST are obtained by initially generating a PSI-BLAST profile against a representative database (such as UniRef50 - which is 50% non-redundant) and using the profile is to start a single iteraction BLAST search against the full uniprot datase. Details of this research can be found in Chubb et al., 2010 Bioinformatics, 26,2664-71. Abstract.

2/05/2008 - Server updated. Now using latest GOA and Swiss-Prot.

March 2008 - ConFunc published: Wass, M.N. and Sternberg, M.J. (2008) ConFunc--functional annotation in the twilight zone, Bioinformatics, 24, 798-806. PubMed.

25/06/2007 - Databases updated to GOA v47 and Swiss-Prot v53.5

11/04/2007 - Server goes live



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