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ConFunc - Conserved residue Function Prediction Server

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ConFunc Example Submission

Confunc Submission

In this example:

  • a Swiss-Prot accession has been entered rather than pasting a sequence.
  • Confidence is set to 1 - so only GO terms with greatest confidence will be predicted
  • PSI-BLAST e-value - default has been used. Enter a different value to modify this setting.
    • increasing this value may result in identifying more annotated homologues for the query sequence.
    • reducing the value will reduce the number of sequences identified
  • PSI-BLAST number of homologues - set the maximum number of homologues that PSI-BLAST will return.
  • email address -an email address is essential so that ConFunc can inform you of progress with your job
    • each job is run on a computing farm system. If there are many jobs runnning then there may
      be a delay in the job running.
  • A description is optional - so you can identify the job.

Now view a breakdown of the results for this run 



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