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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2019 Jul 13

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6q45C_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: C: atp synthase subunit alpha;
c6e0uB_ 2.75 hydrolase, toxin Chain: B: serine protease;
c6q45G_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: G: atp synthase gamma chain;
c6p61D_ 1.95 transferase Chain: D: glycosyltransferase;
c6rftB_ 2.30 antibiotic Chain: B: uncharacterized n-acetyltransferase d2e36_21790;
c6o0fB_ 2.12 antitoxin Chain: B: saxiphilin;
c6a8dA_ 2.34 protein transport Chain: A: arf/sar superfamily small monomeric gtp binding protein;
c6orfA_ 1.70 hydrolase Chain: A: spgh29;
c6gyeB_ 2.30 transport protein Chain: B: nicotinamide-nucleotide adenylyltransferase nadr family /
c6rasI_ 2.75 dna binding protein Chain: I: atp-dependent dna ligase;
c6p25A_ 3.20 transferase Chain: A: dolichyl-phosphate-mannose--protein mannosyltransferase 1;
c6njyB_ 1.76 rna binding protein Chain: B: type iv crispr associated cas6 rna endonuclease;
c6k1hE_ 3.52 protein transport Chain: E: pts mannose/fructose/sorbose transporter subunit iic;
c6mcwA_ 2.40 oxidoreductase Chain: A: cytochrome p450 51;
c6ig4B_ 2.26 transferase Chain: B: phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase, mitochondrial;
c6iyoA_ 2.20 transferase Chain: A: type i modular polyketide synthase;
c6pi9A_ 1.85 transferase Chain: A: 16s rrna (guanine(1405)-n(7))-methyltransferase;
c6h2eP_ 2.35 toxin Chain: P: ahlc;
c6e6aB_ 1.95 protein binding Chain: B: inclusion membrane protein a;
c6jl9A_ 2.00 unknown function Chain: A: ependymin-related 1;
c6opcZ_ 3.70 motor protein Chain: Z: ubx domain-containing protein 1;
c6ds1C_ 2.12 oxidoreductase Chain: C: putative oxidoreductase;
c6k1hF_ 3.52 protein transport Chain: F: pts system mannose-specific eiid component;
c6gvwF_ 3.75 signaling protein Chain: F: brca1-a complex subunit abraxas 1;
c6q45P_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: P: atp synthase epsilon chain;
c6k2kA_ UNK structural protein Chain: A: mitochondrial ubiquitin ligase activator of nfkb 1;
c6oq8D_ 2.20 toxin Chain: D: 7f;
c6jf1A_ 1.95 transport protein Chain: A: lipoprotein;
c6gvwD_ 3.75 signaling protein Chain: D: brisc and brca1-a complex member 1;
c6o43A_ 2.08 antimicrobial protein Chain: A: orf11;
c6j66B_ 1.95 hydrolase Chain: B: chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate 4-o-endosulfatase
c6oq5E_ 3.87 toxin Chain: E: e3;
c6h3cC_ 3.90 signaling protein Chain: C: brisc and brca1-a complex member 2;
c6rzaX_ 5.40 motor protein Chain: X: cytoplasmic dynein 1 heavy chain 1,dynein heavy chain 7,
c6gvwJ_ 3.75 signaling protein Chain: J: brca1-a complex subunit rap80;
c6gwxA_ UNK structural protein Chain: A: optimised ppa-tyr;
c6p81A_ 1.75 transferase/antibiotic Chain: A: ubiquitin-like protein smt3,beta sliding clamp;
c6p28A_ 1.35 transferase Chain: A: dolichyl-phosphate-mannose--protein mannosyltransferase 2;
c6oq5A_ 3.87 toxin Chain: A: toxin b;
c6p2rB_ 3.20 transferase Chain: B: dolichyl-phosphate-mannose--protein mannosyltransferase 2;
c6a8wA_ 1.84 protein binding Chain: A: vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 64;
c6opcF_ 3.70 motor protein Chain: F: cell division control protein 48;
c6hoxA_ 1.95 toxin Chain: A: binding domain (hc) of paraclostridial mosquitocidal

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