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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Aug 11

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5yylA_ 2.65 signaling protein Chain: A: major royal jelly protein 1;
c5y0eB_ 2.50 structural protein Chain: B: tssk;
c6fl0G_ 2.90 immune system Chain: G: membrane attack complex assembly inhibitor bga71;
c5yvfD_ 2.80 plant protein Chain: D: bfa1;
c6czkA_ 2.00 hydrolase Chain: A: pro-cathepsin h;
c5z2mB_ 2.14 endocytosis Chain: B: oxysterol-binding protein-related protein 1;
c5v2bA_ UNK cell invasion Chain: A: thrombospondin-related sporozoite protein;
c6fddC_ 1.75 structural protein Chain: C: whirlin;
c5y51F_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: F: pyrethroid hydrolase;
c6ehtD_ 3.20 dna binding protein Chain: D: pcna-associated factor;
c5widB_ 1.68 flavoprotein Chain: B: flavodoxin;
c6f3oC_ 1.75 hydrolase Chain: C: adenosylhomocysteinase;
c5zmyF_ 1.87 hydrolase Chain: F: cis-epoxysuccinate hydrolase;
c6gxzD_ 2.97 chaperone Chain: D: pih1 domain-containing protein 1;
c5zc2B_ 2.90 flavoprotein Chain: B: p-hydroxyphenylacetate 3-hydroxylase, reductase component;
c6fwyC_ 2.14 unknown function Chain: C: b-type cna protein;
c5ohsH_ 1.97 hydrolase Chain: H: alpha-glucosidase yihq;
c5ns6C_ 1.50 hydrolase Chain: C: beta-glucosidase;
c5wmiA_ 2.00 transferase Chain: A: bifunctional aspartate aminotransferase and
c6dftE_ 3.50 transferase Chain: E: deoxyhypusine synthase;
c6ghcA_ 2.85 hydrolase Chain: A: 5-methylcytosine-specific restriction enzyme a;
c5xyrA_ 2.80 lyase Chain: A: chemokine protease c;
c6a2fB_ 2.50 isomerase Chain: B: alanine racemase, biosynthetic;
c6dlnB_ UNK membrane protein Chain: B: transmembrane protein gp41;
c5v0yA_ UNK antimicrobial protein Chain: A: arenicin-3;
c5zb3B_ 3.51 transcription Chain: B: orf57;
c6gk5A_ 1.60 oxidoreductase Chain: A: cytochrome p450 cyp267b1 protein;
c5oj3A_ 2.98 photosynthesis Chain: A: photosystem ii stability/assembly factor hcf136;
c6e2qP_ 2.65 signaling protein Chain: P: erythropoietin receptor;
c5oltA_ 1.45 transferase Chain: A: cellulose biosynthesis protein bcsg;
c6dftJ_ 3.50 transferase Chain: J: deoxyhypusine synthase regulatory subunit;
c5v11A_ UNK antimicrobial protein Chain: A: aa139;
c6ffvA_ 2.01 transport protein Chain: A: btum;
c5vtlA_ 1.82 unknown function Chain: A: tb427.07.360- putative uncharacterized metacyclic invariant
c6fwvB_ 2.58 unknown function Chain: B: collagen adhesion protein;
c5yylD_ 2.65 signaling protein Chain: D: apisimin;
c6gxzA_ 2.97 chaperone Chain: A: rna polymerase ii-associated protein 3;
c6cbcB_ 3.00 lipid binding protein Chain: B: vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein;
c5xxzB_ 3.09 lyase Chain: B: chemokine protease c;
c5wowA_ UNK de novo protein Chain: A: two inhibitor peptide topologies 2;
c6e2hD_ 2.24 protein binding Chain: D: set1/ash2 histone methyltransferase complex subunit ash2;
c5y4mA_ 1.31 cell adhesion Chain: A: human caspr2 disc domain;
c6ek9A_ 1.50 metal binding protein Chain: A: cytosolic copper storage protein;
c5yhnA_ UNK hydrolase inhibitor Chain: A: cdna flj60407, highly similar to serine protease inhibitor
c6fsqA_ 2.79 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: alpharep a3_bgfpd;
c6e2pC_ 2.83 signaling protein Chain: C: leptin receptor;
c6h2jB_ 2.60 hydrolase Chain: B: type i restriction enzyme r protein;
c6gy5A_ 1.09 ligase Chain: A: kelch-like protein 20;
c6e2qO_ 2.65 signaling protein Chain: O: erythropoietin receptor;
c6gf2A_ UNK immune system Chain: A: ubiquitin d;
c6fx6A_ 2.25 unknown function Chain: A: satie-ted;
c6ehtE_ 3.20 dna binding protein Chain: E: pcna-associated factor;
c6g5sA_ UNK cell cycle Chain: A: cell division coordinator cpob;
c5yylC_ 2.65 signaling protein Chain: C: apisimin;

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