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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Mar 31

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6ezoJ_ 4.10 membrane protein Chain: J: human eukaryotic initiation factor eif2b epsilon subunits;
c5xc2D_ 2.70 hydrolase Chain: D: endo-beta-1,3-glucanase;
c5z1wB_ 3.38 membrane protein Chain: B: polycystic kidney disease 2-like 1 protein;
c5x2bK_ 2.08 transferase Chain: K: sulfotransferase;
c5y9sD_ 2.20 transcription Chain: D: vv2_1132;
c6co6B_ 1.70 hydrolase Chain: B: probable coa-transferase beta subunit;
c6fiaB_ 2.65 rna binding protein Chain: B: line-1 retrotransposable element orf1 protein;
c6cipD_ 3.19 oxidoreductase Chain: D: pyruvate-ferredoxin oxidoreductase;
c6c05F_ 5.15 transcription Chain: F: rna polymerase sigma factor siga;
c5weeD_ 1.99 lipid binding protein Chain: D: venom allergen like protein 4;
c6co9A_ 1.60 hydrolase Chain: A: probable coa-transferase alpha subunit;
c5txtA_ 2.70 transferase Chain: A: 5-aminolevulinate synthase, mitochondrial;
c6amaO_ 3.09 dna binding protein/dna Chain: O: putative dna-binding protein;
c5ovyA_ 1.90 dna binding protein Chain: A: putative transcriptional regulator, tetr family;
c6ezoD_ 4.10 membrane protein Chain: D: translation initiation factor eif-2b subunit beta;
c6al5A_ 3.00 immune system Chain: A: b-lymphocyte antigen cd19;
c5ov3B_ 2.45 structural protein Chain: B: retinoblastoma-binding protein 5;
c6c04J_ 3.27 transcription/dna Chain: J: rna polymerase-binding protein rbpa;
c5xbuA_ 1.00 hydrolase Chain: A: endo-beta-1,4-glucanase;
c5w34A_ 2.95 transferase Chain: A: dna primase;
c6cetD_ 4.40 signaling protein Chain: D: gator complex protein depdc5;
c5yepA_ 3.00 antitoxin/toxin Chain: A: toxin-antitoxin system antidote mnt family;
c5yheA_ 2.47 metal binding protein Chain: A: nickel abc transporter substrate-binding protein;
c6conF_ 2.10 hydrolase Chain: F: coa-transferase subunit beta;
c5ounA_ UNK hydrolase Chain: A: ruvb-like protein 2;
c6f9gE_ 2.39 signaling protein Chain: E: methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein mcpu;
c6eioA_ 0.84 antifreeze protein Chain: A: antifreeze protein;
c5wjdA_ 2.00 transferase Chain: A: cg8481, isoform b;
c6c34A_ 2.20 dna binding protein Chain: A: 5'-3' exonuclease;
c6fayA_ 3.80 cell adhesion Chain: A: odz3 protein;
c5y4bA_ UNK electron transport Chain: A: bola-like protein 2;
c6asxK_ 3.80 transcription/dna/rna Chain: K: dna-directed rna polymerase subunit omega;
c6ezoF_ 4.10 membrane protein Chain: F: translation initiation factor eif-2b subunit gamma;
c5u7zA_ 2.50 hydrolase Chain: A: acid ceramidase;
c5xdhD_ 1.32 electron transport Chain: D: putative cytochrome c;
c5yz9A_ UNK rna binding protein Chain: A: n6-adenosine-methyltransferase catalytic subunit;
c6cesN_ 4.00 signaling protein Chain: N: gator complex protein nprl2;
c6cetM_ 4.40 signaling protein Chain: M: gator complex protein nprl3;
c5u7zB_ 2.50 hydrolase Chain: B: acid ceramidase;
c6fb3A_ 2.38 cell adhesion Chain: A: teneurin-2;
c5mm8A_ 1.75 hydrolase Chain: A: serine protease sple;
c6cr0A_ 1.55 oxidoreductase Chain: A: (s)-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase;
c5u84A_ 2.34 hydrolase Chain: A: acid ceramidase;
c5zbyA_ 1.59 hydrolase Chain: A: hydrogenase maturation protease hyci;
c5xodB_ 1.85 transcription Chain: B: ski oncogene;
c6basA_ 3.19 transferase Chain: A: peptidoglycan glycosyltransferase roda;
c6ezoH_ 4.10 membrane protein Chain: H: translation initiation factor eif-2b subunit delta;
c5yepC_ 3.00 antitoxin/toxin Chain: C: toxin-antitoxin system toxin hepn family;
c5yd0A_ 3.18 hydrolase Chain: A: schlafen 8;
c6cesC_ 4.00 signaling protein Chain: C: ras-related gtp-binding protein c;
c6cesA_ 4.00 signaling protein Chain: A: ras-related gtp-binding protein a;
c5xbvA_ 1.80 hydrolase Chain: A: wss1p;
c6anyA_ 2.25 lipid transport Chain: A: bm4233, isoform b;

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