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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2023 Jan 07

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c7xm1T_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7utdF_ 2.19 oxidoreductase Chain: F: hydrogenase-2, small subunit;
c7uusM_ 8.00 oxidoreductase Chain: M: hydrogenase-2, large subunit;
c7utdT_ 2.19 oxidoreductase Chain: T: type 2 [nife]-hydrogenase huc membrane adapter subunit;
c7uusQ_ 8.00 oxidoreductase Chain: Q: [nife]-hydrogenase huc membrane associated subunit;
c7ym0B_ 2.91 hydrolase Chain: B: lysoplasmalogenase;
c8ew5A_ 6.00 structural protein Chain: A: flightin;
c8dmfA_ 4.00 translation Chain: A: tetracycline resistance protein tetq;

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