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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2021 May 29

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6le7A_ 1.86 hydrolase Chain: A: probable endochitinase;
c6zy7A_ 4.64 isomerase Chain: A: dna topoisomerase 2-alpha;
c7kz6B_ 1.65 biosynthetic protein, transferase Chain: B: aminotransferase class i/ii-fold pyridoxal phosphate-
c7bjsA_ 2.28 transport protein Chain: A: kinesin heavy chain;
c7b0pA_ 1.94 membrane protein Chain: A: hypothetical membrane spanning protein;
c7k14C_ 2.75 flavoprotein, oxidoreductase Chain: C: alkanesulfonate monooxygenase;
c7c4rA_ 2.44 dna binding protein Chain: A: terfa protein;
c7egkE_ 2.70 transport protein Chain: E: sodium-dependent bicarbonate transporter sbta;
c6x3bB_ 1.91 oxidoreductase Chain: B: gdp-6-deoxy-d-mannose reductase;
c6ze4A_ 1.60 oxidoreductase Chain: A: fad-dependent oxidoreductase;
c7kncA_ 1.87 hydrolase Chain: A: alpha-xylosidase;
c7jziB_ 2.71 immune system Chain: B: rifin;
c7aejC_ 3.80 viral protein Chain: C: envelope glycoprotein gp160,envelope glycoprotein gp160;
c7kh0R_ 2.80 signaling protein Chain: R: vasopressin v2 receptor;
c7l6gD_ 2.04 metal binding protein Chain: D: metallo-mystery pair system four-cys motif protein;
c7eehA_ 2.00 oxidoreductase Chain: A: tqal;
c7jv3D_ 2.80 flavoprotein, oxidoreductase Chain: D: alkanesulfonate monooxygenase;
c6x3aA_ 1.77 cell adhesion Chain: A: receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase delta;
c7mwaA_ 2.60 lyase Chain: A: 2-polyprenyl-6-methoxyphenol 4-hydroxylase;
c7dwbE_ 3.15 membrane protein Chain: E: pannexin-1;
c7ckdA_ UNK plant protein Chain: A: nodule cysteine-rich (ncr) secreted peptide;
c7a0mD_ 2.32 signaling protein Chain: D: tsc1 n-terminal domain;
c7cr9B_ 2.10 hydrolase Chain: B: lon protease;
c6z26B_ 2.32 structural protein Chain: B: spindle assembly abnormal protein 6 homolog;
c7essA_ 1.93 dna binding protein Chain: A: putative pre-16s rrna nuclease;
c7mbxR_ 1.95 membrane protein/signaling protein Chain: R: cholecystokinin receptor type a;
c7dieC_ 1.90 metal binding protein Chain: C: ferritin;
c7kmmB_ 1.90 hydrolase Chain: B: sialic acid-specific 9-o-acetylesterase;
c7kmoA_ 1.75 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-galactosidase, gh35;
c7bjsC_ 2.28 transport protein Chain: C: sd21996p;
c7jzkB_ 2.46 immune system Chain: B: rifin;
c7jz1H_ 3.37 immune system Chain: H: mgc34 heavy chain;
c7ncvA_ 1.50 oxidoreductase Chain: A: glutaredoxin, cpyc type;
c7c3aB_ 2.60 oxidoreductase Chain: B: ferredoxin reductase component of carbazole;
c7dg2C_ 1.70 dna binding protein Chain: C: mage domain-containing protein;
c7my4B_ 1.72 protein binding Chain: B: sperm autoantigenic protein 17;
c7mu2A_ 1.85 lipid binding protein Chain: A: wd repeat domain phosphoinositide-interacting protein 2;
c6x38A_ 1.30 cell adhesion Chain: A: tyrosine-protein phosphatase lar;
c7a0nB_ 4.30 signaling protein Chain: B: uncharacterized protein,uncharacterized protein;
c6w6jD_ 3.20 chaperone Chain: D: chaperone protein clpb;
c7mswA_ 3.76 viral protein Chain: A: non-structural protein 2;
c7dg2D_ 1.70 dna binding protein Chain: D: non-structural maintenance of chromosomes element 4;
c7mx5B_ 2.42 transport protein Chain: B: tol-pal system protein tolb;
c6yzgA_ 1.40 cell adhesion Chain: A: surface-associated protein cshb;
c7egkB_ 2.70 transport protein Chain: B: membrane-associated protein sbtb;
c7dg2A_ 1.70 dna binding protein Chain: A: non-structural maintenance of chromosomes element 1
c7nurA_ 3.13 transferase Chain: A: protein kinase domain-containing protein;
c7oecA_ 1.48 splicing Chain: A: dna polymerase ii large subunit;
c7c4dA_ 2.03 hydrolase Chain: A: putative esterase;
c6x1jA_ 1.95 hydrolase Chain: A: probable intron-encoded endonuclease 1;
c7cwqB_ 1.65 hydrolase Chain: B: dlh domain-containing protein;
c7bjgA_ 2.45 transport protein Chain: A: sd21996p;
c7m8iA_ 2.94 oxidoreductase Chain: A: adrenodoxin, cytochrome p450 11b2, mitochondrial fusion
c7ji4A_ 2.30 signaling protein Chain: A: kdpd;
c7kmqB_ 2.05 hydrolase Chain: B: glyco_hyd_65n_2 domain-containing protein;
c7kn8B_ 1.95 hydrolase Chain: B: cellulase;
c7d8dA_ 1.05 transferase Chain: A: alpha n-terminal protein methyltransferase 1;
c7mu2B_ 1.85 lipid binding protein Chain: B: autophagy-related protein 16-1;
c7mhvA_ 1.75 transferase Chain: A: cysteine desulfurase;
c7mmzA_ 2.40 ligase Chain: A: acetyl-coenzyme a synthetase;

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