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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2023 Jan 14

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c8abeJ_ 2.30 membrane protein Chain: J: yali0c12210p;
c8f3dA_ 3.40 ligase Chain: A: 3-methylcrotonyl-coa carboxylase beta-subunit;
c8abaA_ 3.20 membrane protein Chain: A: yali0a14806p;
c8e73B_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8abfS_ 2.30 membrane protein Chain: S: cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 8;
c8ac5I_ 3.10 membrane protein Chain: I: complex iii subunit 9;
c8ab9F_ 3.30 membrane protein Chain: F: yali0f24673p;
c7zlgA_ 2.72 membrane protein Chain: A: c-mannosyltransferase dpy-19;
c8abmB_ 2.80 membrane protein Chain: B: cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 2, mitochondrial;
c8abkN_ 2.50 membrane protein Chain: N: cytochrome b;
c7qspB_ 1.36 sugar binding protein Chain: B: ribose abc transporter, periplasmic ribose-binding protein;
c8hghB_ 4.16 hydrolase Chain: B: maltose/maltodextrin-binding periplasmic protein,
c8czhB_ 1.30 apoptosis Chain: B: dm2 peptide;
c8abbR_ 3.20 membrane protein Chain: R: cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 7;
c8ab8P_ 2.60 membrane protein Chain: P: cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit rieske, mitochondrial;
c7t6aA_ 1.65 unknown function Chain: A: avr1 (six4), avirulence protein 1;
c8exrA_ 3.80 signaling protein Chain: A: beta-lactam sensor/signal transducer blar1;
c8gy7R_ 3.30 membrane protein Chain: R: soluble cytochrome b562,adrenocorticotropic hormone
c8bd7O_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: O: intraflagellar transport protein 56;
c8bd7X_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: X: ift54;
c8bd7V_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: V: intraflagellar transport protein 172;
c8endB_ 3.54 structural protein Chain: B: cys_knot domain-containing protein;
c8belJ_ 2.25 membrane protein Chain: J: cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 10, mitochondrial;
c8bd7F_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: F: intraflagellar transport protein 81;
c8f41L_ 3.90 ligase Chain: L: 3-methylcrotonyl-coa carboxylase, alpha-subunit;
c7zr1B_ 4.00 hydrolase Chain: B: double-strand break repair protein;
c8hmqC_ 2.50 transferase Chain: C: pyruvate kinase pkm;
c8dqqB_ 2.33 plant protein Chain: B: coumarin synthase;
c8expB_ 4.20 signaling protein Chain: B: beta-lactam sensor/signal transducer blar1;
c8bahC_ 4.13 hydrolase Chain: C: nibrin;
c8bdaI_ 20.70 protein transport Chain: I: intraflagellar transport protein 144;
c8bblH_ 2.71 hydrolase Chain: H: beta-n-acetylhexosaminidase;
c7wjqA_ 2.70 antiviral protein Chain: A: probable e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase ipah7.8;
c8befu_ 2.13 membrane protein Chain: U:
c8e73A_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8balC_ 2.27 hydrolase Chain: C: beta-n-acetylhexosaminidase;
c7tqdA_ 2.90 transferase Chain: A: cap2;
c7to3A_ 2.74 transferase Chain: A: cap2;
c8gqwD_ 2.48 immune system/epitope Chain: D: mhc class i antigen;
c8e73C_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7yeoA_ 1.70 hydrolase Chain: A: uncharacterized trans-sulfuration enzyme c23a1.14c;
c7xzjX_ 2.97 translocase Chain: X: unknown peptide;
c7wh9B_ 2.80 transferase Chain: B: o-methyltransferase geda;
c7wjgA_ 2.42 transcription Chain: A: putative transcriptional regulator (gntr family);
c8czgH_ 1.99 apoptosis Chain: H: df3 peptide;
c8czfB_ 1.30 apoptosis Chain: B: df2 peptide;
c7xziU_ 2.77 translocase Chain: U: simp2;
c7uv8U_ 2.70 transferase/ligase Chain: U: e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase bre1;
c8dc1A_ 1.62 hydrolase Chain: A: lsa45;
c8e73V_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8djfA_ 1.55 hydrolase Chain: A: gluconolactonase;
c7qsqB_ 1.79 sugar binding protein Chain: B: ribose abc transporter, periplasmic ribose-binding protein;
c8e73S_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8fd5A_ 4.57 viral protein Chain: A: nucleoprotein;
c8bd7U_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: U: intraflagellar transport protein 57;
c7xzjA_ 2.97 translocase Chain: A: tic214;
c8e73M_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8enfA_ 3.29 structural protein Chain: A: bursicon;
c8ab1D_ 2.77 structural protein Chain: D: type ii secretion system protein m;
c8dktB_ 2.38 cell cycle Chain: B: septin-2;
c8bd7I_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: I: intraflagellar transport protein 80;
c7z2rA_ 2.57 membrane protein Chain: A: glutamate receptor ionotropic, delta-1;
c8e73F_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7zr1D_ 4.00 hydrolase Chain: D: dh domain-containing protein;
c8befL_ 2.13 membrane protein Chain: L: nadh-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 5;
c8ediB_ 2.11 protein binding Chain: B: netrin receptor unc-5;
c8es5A_ 1.97 unknown function Chain: A: activator of hsp90 atpase;
c7t6aD_ 1.65 unknown function Chain: D: avr1 (folsix4), avirulence protein 1;
c7u1cA_ 2.09 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-lactamase domain-containing protein;
c8czgE_ 1.99 apoptosis Chain: E: df3 peptide;
c7t69A_ 1.68 unknown function Chain: A: avr3 (six1), secreted in xylem 1;
c8bd7N_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: N: intraflagellar transport protein 46;
c7xziX_ 2.77 translocase Chain: X: unknown peptide;
c7xzjE_ 2.97 translocase Chain: E: tic100;
c8bd7Y_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: Y: intraflagellar transport particle protein ift20;
c7ud6A_ 2.59 transferase Chain: A: tyrosine-protein kinase fyn,catechol o-methyltransferase;
c8e73P_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8bd7G_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: G: intraflagellar transport protein 74;
c7wjlA_ 2.40 hydrolase Chain: A: histone deacetylase hos3;
c8belT_ 2.25 membrane protein Chain: T: cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 10, mitochondrial;
c8edkA_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7xpjA_ 2.30 gene regulation Chain: A: bah domain-containing protein;
c8czgG_ 1.99 apoptosis Chain: G: df3 peptide;
c8e73Q_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8gy7P_ 3.30 membrane protein Chain: P: melanocortin-2 receptor accessory protein;
c8befv_ 2.13 membrane protein Chain: V:
c8bdaL_ 20.70 protein transport Chain: L: intraflagellar transport protein 122 homolog;
c8e73W_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7tuvA_ 2.23 hydrolase/rna Chain: A: ribonuclease rrp44;
c7zr1E_ 4.00 hydrolase Chain: E: fha domain-containing protein;
c8bdaC_ 20.70 protein transport Chain: C: intraflagellar transport protein 121;
c8bd7T_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: T: clusterin-associated protein 1;
c8bdaG_ 20.70 protein transport Chain: G: intraflagellar transport particle protein 140;
c8bd7J_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: J: osm-6-like protein;
c8bd7A_ 9.90 protein transport Chain: A: ift88;
c8e73D_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8belD_ 2.25 membrane protein Chain: D: cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit rieske-1, mitochondrial;
c8befY_ 2.13 membrane protein Chain: Y: outer envelope pore protein 16-3,
c7z3sA_ 1.99 lyase Chain: A: acetaldehyde dehydrogenase;
c8e73K_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c8eg0B_ 3.53 transferase/rna Chain: B: trna (guanine-n(7)-)-methyltransferase non-catalytic
c8ab1E_ 2.77 structural protein Chain: E: type ii secretion system protein l;
c8czgF_ 1.99 apoptosis Chain: F: df3 peptide;
c7t6aC_ 1.65 unknown function Chain: C: avr1 (folsix4), avirulence protein 1;
c8e73E_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:
c7wjqB_ 2.70 antiviral protein Chain: B: isoform 2 of gasdermin-b;
c8bdaE_ 20.70 protein transport Chain: E: intraflagellar transport protein 139;
c8e73N_ UNK Blank PDB header PDB COMPND:

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