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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2020 Aug 29

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6sifG_ 1.69 structural protein Chain: G: epidermicin locus structural protein;
c7bquB_ 1.90 metal binding protein Chain: B: sal-like protein 4;
c6l4bA_ 2.20 signaling protein Chain: A: protein ndrg3;
c6updA_ 2.05 hydrolase Chain: A: trehalose-phosphate phosphatase;
c6vt2E_ 1.52 cell adhesion Chain: E: adhesin;
c6s8wA_ 2.40 transferase Chain: A: aromatic aminotransferase aro8, putative;
c6m4cA_ 2.65 cytosolic protein Chain: A: c. albicans actin interacting protein aip5;
c6w1cE_ 5.30 virus/immune system Chain: E: e2 glycoprotein;
c6kstA_ 1.25 hydrolase Chain: A: family 18 chitinase;
c6kswC_ 3.60 transport protein Chain: C: solute carrier family 28 member 3;
c6w70C_ 1.30 de novo protein Chain: C: de novo designed able;
c6sl2A_ 3.10 structural protein Chain: A: calponin homology domain protein putative;
c6shdC_ 2.00 hydrolase Chain: C: alpha-1,6-mannanase;
c6krwA_ 1.40 hydrolase Chain: A: protein-tyrosine-phosphatase ptp1;
c6qpoC_ 2.45 viral protein Chain: C: fiber;
c6wi4A_ 1.57 cell cycle Chain: A: caspase-3;
c6wqkB_ 3.10 protein fibril Chain: B: mcherry fluorescent protein,heterogeneous nuclear
c6m3nA_ UNK viral protein Chain: A: anti-cripsr acrif7;
c6vaxB_ 2.59 oxidoreductase Chain: B: succinate dehydrogenase assembly factor 2, mitochondrial;
c6se1A_ 1.08 transferase Chain: A: putative lipopolysaccharide modification acyltransferase;
c6sffA_ 2.40 cytokine Chain: A: interleukin-12 subunit beta;
c6wj6T_ 2.58 photosynthesis Chain: T: photosystem ii reaction center protein t;
c6wqkD_ 3.10 protein fibril Chain: D: mcherry fluorescent protein,heterogeneous nuclear
c6vyvG_ 6.33 viral protein/immune system Chain: G: e2 glycoprotein;
c6wj6E_ 2.58 photosynthesis Chain: E: cytochrome b559 subunit alpha;
c6wkjA_ 2.30 metal binding protein, lyase/inhibitor Chain: A: pentalenene synthase;
c7jidA_ 1.45 oxidoreductase Chain: A: udp-l-rhamnose synthase;
c6serA_ 2.30 lipid transport Chain: A: start domain-containing protein 10;
c6whbA_ 1.90 signaling protein Chain: A: mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase 1;
c6zh3A_ 3.20 lipid binding protein Chain: A: vacuolar protein-sorting-associated protein 24;
c6vp6A_ 3.47 signaling protein Chain: A: leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2;
c6wj6M_ 2.58 photosynthesis Chain: M: photosystem ii reaction center protein m;
c7jtlB_ 2.04 viral protein Chain: B: nonstructural protein ns8;
c6wqkA_ 3.10 protein fibril Chain: A: mcherry fluorescent protein,heterogeneous nuclear
c6lleA_ 2.90 metal transport Chain: A: sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase 2;
c6wj6X_ 2.58 photosynthesis Chain: X: photosystem ii reaction center x protein;
c7bqvB_ 1.80 metal binding protein Chain: B: sal-like protein 4;
c7by1B_ 1.80 unknown function Chain: B: histone acetyltransferase kat2a;
c6i1mA_ 1.60 hydrolase inhibitor Chain: A: cystatin;
c6wslD_ 3.10 protein binding Chain: D: small vasohibin-binding protein;
c7jiyA_ UNK unknown function Chain: A: granulin 1;
c6wqkC_ 3.10 protein fibril Chain: C: mcherry fluorescent protein,heterogeneous nuclear
c6riwA_ 1.85 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: orf10;
c6scyA_ 2.81 rna binding protein Chain: A: [4fe-4s]-dependent u34-arnt thiolase;
c6wqkE_ 3.10 protein fibril Chain: E: mcherry fluorescent protein,heterogeneous nuclear
c7jiaA_ UNK signaling protein Chain: A: granulin-a;
c6wslH_ 3.10 protein binding Chain: H: small vasohibin-binding protein;
c7cbdA_ 1.30 hydrolase Chain: A: exoglucanase a;
c6kraA_ UNK antimicrobial protein Chain: A: neutrophil defensin 4;

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