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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2016 Aug 13

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5cxmC_ 1.70 metal binding protein Chain: C: cytochrome b6/f complex iron-sulfur subunit;
c5k5sA_ 2.60 signaling protein Chain: A: extracellular calcium-sensing receptor;
c5jtiA_ 2.90 signaling protein Chain: A: tankyrase-1;
c5lj3P_ 3.80 splicing Chain: P: cwc15;
c5g3sB_ 2.08 oxidoreductase Chain: B: l-tryptophan oxidase vioa;
c5lj3M_ 3.80 splicing Chain: M: cwc2;
c5axlB_ 3.00 transferase Chain: B: trna(his)-5'-guanylyltransferase (thg1) like protein;
c5hywA_ 3.01 signaling protein/protein binding Chain: A: f-box/lrr-repeat max2 homolog;
c4y7sC_ 2.00 heme binding protein Chain: C: surface antigen protein 2;
c5ctdA_ 1.60 structural protein Chain: A: collagen alpha-1(i) chain,collagen alpha-1(ix) chain;
c5frhA_ UNK transcription Chain: A: anti-sigma factor rsra;
c5lj3N_ 3.80 splicing Chain: N: pre-mrna-splicing factor slt11;
c5ft1K_ 2.75 hydrolase/inhibitor Chain: K: gp37;
c5a8wI_ 1.80 transferase Chain: I: methyl-coenzyme m reductase ii;
c5hxwF_ 2.63 oxidoreductase Chain: F: l-amino acid deaminase;
c5lj3H_ 3.80 splicing Chain: H: cwc22;
c5cxsA_ 1.75 transferase Chain: A: purine nucleoside phosphorylase;
c5c6hF_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: F: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5cx3G_ 2.30 protein binding Chain: G: fyve and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 1;
c5a7dL_ 3.40 cell cycle Chain: L: inscuteable;
c5lj3F_ 3.80 splicing Chain: F: pre-mrna-splicing factor cwc25;
c5jvpC_ 2.10 motor protein Chain: C: chimera protein of centromere-associated protein e and
c5lj3C_ 3.80 splicing Chain: C: pre-mrna-splicing factor snu114;
c5k0wA_ 2.61 hydrolase Chain: A: class b carbapenemase gob-18;
c5c6hP_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: P: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5fogA_ 2.30 lyase Chain: A: leucyl-trna synthetase;
c5lj3G_ 3.80 splicing Chain: G: isy1;
c5ctdB_ 1.60 structural protein Chain: B: collagen alpha-2(i) chain,collagen alpha-2(ix) chain;
c5c6hN_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: N: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5c6hD_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: D: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5a8wH_ 1.80 transferase Chain: H: methyl-coenzyme m reductase ii;
c5aa6F_ 2.26 oxidoreductase Chain: F: vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidase 2;
c5lj3D_ 3.80 splicing Chain: D: protein cwc16;
c5czoC_ 2.89 transferase Chain: C: monopolin complex subunit mam1;
c5lj3R_ 3.80 splicing Chain: R: pre-mrna-splicing factor cwc21;
c5fd3A_ 2.42 transcription/dna Chain: A: protein lin-54 homolog;
c5kvkA_ 1.66 unknown function Chain: A: protein kp700603;
c5lj3O_ 3.80 splicing Chain: O: cef1;
c5l7jA_ 2.15 translation Chain: A: elp3 family;
c5jvsA_ 2.25 motor protein Chain: A: chimera protein of kinesin heavy chain and microtubule-
c5lisA_ 2.29 hydrolase Chain: A: insulin;
c5lj3W_ 3.80 splicing Chain: W: u2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein a';
c5cx3F_ 2.30 protein binding Chain: F: fyve and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 1;
c5hiwA_ 1.85 oxidoreductase Chain: A: cytochrome p450 cyp260b1;
c5jhfA_ 3.21 protein transport Chain: A: klth0d11660p;
c5c6hL_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: L: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5b7cA_ 2.35 structural protein Chain: A: s-crystallin octvus4;
c5c6hX_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: X: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5lj3J_ 3.80 splicing Chain: J: prp46;
c5c6hJ_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: J: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5ctiC_ 1.90 structural protein Chain: C: collagen alpha-1(i) chain,collagen alpha-3(ix) chain;
c5c6hV_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: V: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5jvmA_ 1.57 motor protein Chain: A: chimera protein of kinesin-like protein kif3c and
c5lj3Y_ 3.80 splicing Chain: Y: u2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein b'';
c5lj3T_ 3.80 splicing Chain: T: syf1;
c5czwA_ 1.60 hydrolase Chain: A: myroilysin;
c5czlA_ 2.39 hydrolase Chain: A: glucanase;
c5ibwC_ 1.90 motor protein Chain: C: myosin ic heavy chain;
c5a7dB_ 3.40 cell cycle Chain: B: pins;
c5c6hH_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: H: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5c6hT_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: T: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5cx3E_ 2.30 protein binding Chain: E: fyve and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 1;
c5l7sA_ 2.90 signaling protein Chain: A: secreted rxlr effector peptide protein;
c5b68A_ 1.70 transferase Chain: A: 4-alpha-glucanotransferase;
c5lj3S_ 3.80 splicing Chain: S: clf1;
c5lj3K_ 3.80 splicing Chain: K: pre-mrna-processing protein 45;
c5c6hB_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: B: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5c6hR_ 2.05 apoptosis/apoptosis regulator Chain: R: mule bh3 peptide from e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase huwe1;
c5k83C_ 2.39 hydrolase Chain: C: apolipoprotein b mrna editing enzyme, catalytic peptide-
c5ddwD_ 2.30 transferase Chain: D: crmg;
c5ggoB_ 1.50 sugar binding protein Chain: B: protein o-linked-mannose beta-1,2-n-
c5fzpB_ 1.70 signaling protein Chain: B: dispase autolysis-inducing protein;
c5dplB_ 3.20 transferase Chain: B: protein lysine methyltransferase 2;
c5exkG_ 1.86 transferase Chain: G: lipoyl synthase;
c5do0A_ 2.60 transferase Chain: A: protein lysine methyltransferase 1;
c5lcyD_ 2.19 transcription Chain: D: frmr;
c5da5R_ 2.06 oxidoreductase Chain: R: rru_a0973;
c5dkuB_ 2.90 transferase Chain: B: prex dna polymerase;
c5joxA_ 1.80 hydrolase Chain: A: non-reducing end alpha-l-arabinofuranosidase bogh43a;
c5lcwN_ 4.00 cell cycle Chain: N: anaphase-promoting complex subunit 2;
c5d55A_ 2.00 cell adhesion Chain: A: hdab,hdaa (adhesin), hus-associated diffuse adherence;
c5jipB_ 1.80 hydrolase Chain: B: cortical-lytic enzyme;
c5d1xC_ 3.21 immune system Chain: C: p5 heavy chain;
c5jp0A_ 2.30 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-glucosidase bogh3b;
c5b6aA_ 2.00 transferase Chain: A: pyridoxal kinase pdxy;
c5cdlA_ 1.80 hydrolase Chain: A: proline dipeptidase;
c5hiuA_ 2.50 signaling protein Chain: A: gtpase activator-like protein;
c5lcwW_ 4.00 cell cycle Chain: W: anaphase-promoting complex subunit cdc26;
c5jouA_ 1.50 hydrolase Chain: A: alpha-xylosidase bogh31a;
c5jneA_ 2.85 ligase/signaling protein Chain: A: e3 sumo-protein ligase siz1,ubiquitin-like protein smt3;
c5k1sD_ 2.55 oxidoreductase Chain: D: oxidoreductase, zinc-binding dehydrogenase family;
c5ggfC_ 2.49 transferase, sugar binding protein Chain: C: protein o-linked-mannose beta-1,2-n-
c5i2cA_ 1.80 signaling protein Chain: A: gats-like protein 3;
c5fjvD_ 3.20 acetylcholine-binding protein Chain: D: neuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-2;
c5e1rC_ 2.65 allergen Chain: C: 7s vicilin;
c5kztB_ 1.85 peptide binding protein Chain: B: peptide/nickel transport system substrate-binding protein;
c5iazA_ UNK hydrolase Chain: A: beta-galactosidase 1;
c5d9gB_ 2.15 protein binding Chain: B: tip41-like protein;
c5dowH_ 1.70 calcium binding protein Chain: H: chloride anion exchanger;
c5l0lB_ 1.80 unknown function Chain: B: uncharacterized protein;
c5jozB_ 2.28 hydrolase Chain: B: non-reducing end alpha-l-arabinofuranosidase bogh43b;
c5a7mA_ 1.80 hydrolase Chain: A: beta-xylosidase;
c4zngA_ 2.25 hydrolase Chain: A: prolidase;
c5dilA_ 2.01 rna-binding protein, viral protein Chain: A: non-structural protein 1;
c5dowB_ 1.70 calcium binding protein Chain: B: chloride anion exchanger;
c5k57A_ UNK hydrolase Chain: A: protein ddi1 homolog 2;
c5k8kA_ 2.55 hydrolase Chain: A: udp-2,3-diacylglucosamine hydrolase;
c5g3aA_ 1.22 photosynthesis Chain: A: photosystem ii manganese-stabilizing polypeptide;
c5l1aA_ 2.40 unknown function Chain: A: uncharacterized protein;
c5d1vB_ 1.74 oxygen transport Chain: B: globin;
c5is5A_ 2.85 transferase Chain: A: phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase catalytic
c5klpC_ 2.00 transferase Chain: C: orf34;
c5ereA_ 2.00 signaling protein Chain: A: extracellular ligand-binding receptor;
c5dowD_ 1.70 calcium binding protein Chain: D: chloride anion exchanger;
c5cxpA_ 1.77 hydrolase Chain: A: possible xylan degradation enzyme (glycosyl hydrolase
c5dowF_ 1.70 calcium binding protein Chain: F: chloride anion exchanger;
c5jzrA_ UNK viral protein Chain: A: coat protein;
c2n3oA_ UNK rna binding protein/rna Chain: A: polypyrimidine tract-binding protein 1;
c5j7xA_ 1.90 oxidoreductase Chain: A: dimethylaniline monooxygenase, putative;
c5lcwS_ 4.00 cell cycle Chain: S: mitotic checkpoint serine/threonine-protein kinase bub1
c5kzmA_ 2.80 lyase Chain: A: tryptophan synthase alpha chain;
c5lcwG_ 4.00 cell cycle Chain: G: anaphase-promoting complex subunit cdc26;

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