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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2016 Mar 19

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5f1cA_ 2.90 membrane protein Chain: A: putative uncharacterized protein;
c4yzkA_ 1.95 transferase Chain: A: tryptophan dimethylallyltransferase;
c2n5lA_ UNK hydrolase Chain: A: ribonuclease zc3h12a;
c4uc4A_ 2.56 replication Chain: A: lysine-specific demethylase 4b;
c5il7B_ 2.30 signaling protein Chain: B: rab family protein;
c4zn3A_ 2.30 transcription Chain: A: transcription elongation factor spt5;
c4y91L_ 2.66 rna binding protein/rna Chain: L: rna-binding protein hfq;
c5idxB_ 1.95 oxidoreductase Chain: B: short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase sdr;
c5e7sG_ 3.03 hydrolase Chain: G: lon protease;
c5f1sA_ 1.75 immune system Chain: A: polymeric immunoglobulin receptor;
c5ideA_ 8.25 signaling protein Chain: A: glutamate receptor 2;
c5dclB_ 1.41 signaling protein Chain: B: phob family transcriptional regulator;
c5cvcB_ 2.09 isomerase Chain: B: serine racemase;
c5ez1B_ 2.40 isomerase Chain: B: putative peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase hp_0175;
c5fclD_ 2.70 dna binding protein Chain: D: crispr-associated endonuclease cas1;
c5ifiA_ 1.95 ligase Chain: A: acetyl-coenzyme a synthetase;
c2nbhA_ UNK protein fibril Chain: A: fungal hydrophobin;
c2n5kA_ UNK hydrolase Chain: A: ribonuclease zc3h12a;
c2n5fA_ UNK oxidoreductase Chain: A: dehydroascorbate reductase family protein;
c5i62A_ 2.00 viral protein, replication Chain: A: potential rna-dependent rna polymerase;
c5houA_ UNK transcription Chain: A: cellular tumor antigen p53,creb-binding protein fusion
c2rvmA_ UNK transcription Chain: A: chromobox protein homolog 5;
c5dqpA_ 2.15 oxidoreductase Chain: A: edta monooxygenase;
c5i47A_ 2.35 biosynthetic protein Chain: A: rimk domain protein atp-grasp;
c4ypnA_ 2.07 hydrolase Chain: A: lon protease;
c4yplE_ 3.45 hydrolase Chain: E: lon protease;
c5ej0A_ 1.90 viral protein Chain: A: envelope protein h3;
c4yl7A_ 1.60 transferase Chain: A: aromatic prenyltransferase;
c5hpdA_ UNK transcription Chain: A: creb-binding protein,cellular tumor antigen p53 fusion
c5f3xB_ 2.65 structural protein/protein binding Chain: B: ankyrin repeat and sam domain-containing protein 4b;
c5f3yA_ 3.41 motor protein/protein binding Chain: A: unconventional myosin-viib;
c2n5jA_ UNK hydrolase Chain: A: ribonuclease zc3h12a;
c5fcuG_ 1.85 viral protein/immune system Chain: G: clade a/e 93th057 hiv-1 gp120 core;
c5ejoA_ 2.75 nuclear protein Chain: A: chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit p90;
c4yqfA_ 2.73 hydrolase Chain: A: septin-9;
c5idwA_ 2.00 oxidoreductase Chain: A: short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase sdr;
c5hp0A_ UNK transcription Chain: A: creb-binding protein,cellular tumor antigen p53 fusion
c4y25A_ 2.82 membrane protein Chain: A: poly-beta-1,6-n-acetyl-d-glucosamine export protein;

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