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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2016 Mar 05

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5afdA_ 1.65 lyase Chain: A: n-acetylneuraminate lyase;
c5frrB_ 5.70 cell cycle Chain: B: sister chromatid cohesion protein pds5;
c5hx2E_ 3.80 viral protein Chain: E: baseplate wedge protein gp6;
c4zwsB_ 2.60 viral protein Chain: B: recombination protein uvsy;
c5e9oC_ 2.10 hydrolase Chain: C: cellulase, glycosyl hydrolase family 5, tps linker, domain
c5brqA_ 2.00 hydrolase Chain: A: glycoside hydrolase family 13;
c5fmgA_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: A: proteasome subunit alpha, putative;
c4zhsC_ 2.60 oxidoreductase Chain: C: aspartate semialdehyde dehydrogenase;
c5i2hB_ 1.55 transferase Chain: B: o-methyltransferase family 2;
c4yfaC_ 2.20 hydrolase Chain: C: protein related to penicillin acylase;
c5a52A_ 1.65 lipid binding protein Chain: A: calcium-dependent lipid-binding domain-containing protein;
c5agrA_ 1.30 ligase Chain: A: leucine--trna ligase;
c5i1fA_ 2.15 transferase Chain: A: utp--glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase;
c5e9tA_ 2.92 transferase/chaperone Chain: A: glycosyltransferase gtf1;
c5i08A_ 4.04 viral protein Chain: A: spike glycoprotein, envelope glycoprotein chimera;
c5fmgS_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: S: proteasome subunit alpha type;
c5fmga_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: A: proteasome subunit alpha, putative;
c5e9uB_ 3.84 transferase/chaperone Chain: B: glycosyltransferase-stabilizing protein gtf2;
c5aciA_ 1.75 oxidoreductase Chain: A: lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase;
c5btaD_ 2.55 isomerase/dna Chain: D: dna gyrase subunit b;
c2n62L_ UNK translation Chain: L: gelation factor, secretion monitor chimera;
c5dirB_ 2.80 hydrolase Chain: B: lipoprotein signal peptidase;
c5fmgJ_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: J: beta3 proteasome subunit, putative;
c5fmgK_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: K: proteasome subunit beta type;
c5ht0B_ 2.75 transferase Chain: B: aminoglycoside acetyltransferase hmb0005;
c5fswC_ 3.19 transferase Chain: C: rna dependent rna polymerase qde-1;
c4yfbD_ 1.75 hydrolase Chain: D: protein related to penicillin acylase;
c5ehkA_ 2.71 hydrolase Chain: A: lantibiotic dehydratase;
c4z64A_ 2.66 hormone Chain: A: phytosulfokine receptor 1;
c5i4mB_ 1.80 hydrolase Chain: B: amidase, hydantoinase/carbamoylase family;
c5hwvA_ 1.65 transferase Chain: A: sensor histidine kinase tods;
c5dacA_ 2.50 hydrolase Chain: A: putative uncharacterized protein,putative uncharacterized
c5b2oA_ 1.70 hydrolase/rna/dna Chain: A: crispr-associated endonuclease cas9;
c5ahkB_ 1.55 transferase Chain: B: acetolactate synthase ii, large subunit;
c5hqjA_ 1.55 solute-binding protein Chain: A: periplasmic binding protein/laci transcriptional regulator;
c4yo0D_ 1.56 immune system Chain: D: light chain of antigen binding fragment, fab;
c2n9zA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: tau-theraphotoxin-hs1a;
c5cuvB_ 2.62 metal binding protein Chain: B: acidocalcisomal pyrophosphatase;
c5hc7A_ 2.05 transferase/transferase inhibitor Chain: A: prenyltransference for protein;
c2mzvA_ UNK hydrolase inhibitor Chain: A: cystatin;
c5e6rA_ 2.90 cell adhesion Chain: A: integrin alpha-l;
c4y8eA_ 1.61 metal binding protein Chain: A: pa3825 eal;
c5fmgb_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: B: proteasome subunit alpha type 2, putative;
c5dirD_ 2.80 hydrolase Chain: D: lipoprotein signal peptidase;
c5fmgQ_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: Q: proteasome subunit alpha type;
c5fmgT_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: T: proteosome subunit alpha type 1, putative;
c5fmgI_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: I: proteasome subunit beta type;
c5fmgD_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: D: proteasome subunit alpha type;
c3x3eA_ 2.39 hydrolase Chain: A: n-acetyl-lysine deacetylase;
c2najA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: tau-theraphotoxin-hs1a;
c5djwB_ 2.70 carbohydrate binding protein Chain: B: alpha-glucosidase ii;
c5fmgV_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: V: proteasome, putative;
c5ejcD_ 3.10 signaling protein Chain: D: hamartin;
c5aiqD_ 2.72 transcription Chain: D: transcriptional regulator, marr family;
c5idvA_ 1.45 transport protein Chain: A: lipid a export atp-binding/permease protein msba;
c5fmgU_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: U: proteasome component c8, putative;
c5i5iA_ 2.14 oxidoreductase Chain: A: nitrous-oxide reductase;
c5fmgB_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: B: proteasome subunit alpha type 2, putative;
c4z62A_ 2.90 hormone Chain: A: phytosulfokine receptor 1;
c5e6wA_ 2.20 cell adhesion Chain: A: integrin beta-2;
c5ejcC_ 3.10 signaling protein Chain: C: hamartin;
c5i7wA_ 1.95 transferase Chain: A: cysteine synthase a;
c5fmgL_ 3.60 hydrolase Chain: L: proteasome subunit beta type;
c5da9D_ 3.00 hydrolase Chain: D: putative double-strand break protein;
c2n6mA_ UNK antimicrobial protein Chain: A: esculentin-1a;
c4udeA_ 2.25 transcription Chain: A: ginlfy protein;
c5hx2A_ 3.80 viral protein Chain: A: baseplate wedge protein gp7;
c5fgmA_ 2.60 hydrolase Chain: A: ecf rna polymerase sigma factor sigr;
c4ybaA_ 1.70 gene regulation Chain: A: regulatory protein c;
c2n4iA_ UNK signaling protein Chain: A: selection and upkeep of intraepithelial t-cells protein 1;
c5hsgA_ 1.30 transport protein Chain: A: putative abc transporter, nucleotide binding/atpase
c5hkjA_ 1.35 signaling protein Chain: A: complement c1q subcomponent subunit a,complement c1q
c5hx2F_ 3.80 viral protein Chain: F: baseplate wedge protein gp53;
c2n12A_ UNK motor protein,protein transport Chain: A: unconventional myosin-vi;

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