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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2015 Jun 27

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5a39B_ replication Chain: B: dna repair protein rad14; structure of rad14 in complex with cisplatin containing dna
c4qnlA_ hydrolase Chain: A: tail fiber protein; crystal structure of tail fiber protein gp63.1 from e. coli phage g7c
c4qnnC_ hydrolase Chain: C: phospholipase a 1 from hornet(vespa basalis) venom; crystal structure of phospholipase a 1 from hornet(vespa basalis)2 venom
c4rlzA_ viral protein Chain: A: capsid protein; crystal structure of norovirus oif p domain
c4z3wB_ oxidoreductase Chain: B: benzoyl-coa reductase, putative; active site complex bambc of benzoyl coenzyme a reductase in complex2 with 1,5 dienoyl-coa
c4yskA_ hydrolase Chain: A: beta-lactamase domain protein; crystal structure of apo-form sdoa from pseudomonas putida
c4xypA_ viral protein Chain: A: fusion protein; crystal structure of a piscine viral fusion protein
c2mqjA_ ligase Chain: A: ubiquitin-like protein; solution structure of ubiquitin-like protein from caldiarchaeum2 subterraneum
c4xchB_ lyase Chain: B: s-ribosylhomocysteine lyase; s-ribosylhomocysteinase from streptococcus suis
c5byuD_ hydrolase Chain: D: thioesterase; crystal structure of unnamed thioesterase ipg2867 from legionella2 pneumophila
c4z3zE_ oxidoreductase Chain: E: iron-sulfur cluster-binding oxidoreductase, putative active site complex bambc of benzoyl coenzyme a reductase in complex2 with zinc
c5byuA_ hydrolase Chain: A: thioesterase; crystal structure of unnamed thioesterase ipg2867 from legionella2 pneumophila
c4rvsA_ electron transport Chain: A: probable quinone reductase qor (nadph:quinone reductase) the native structure of mycobacterial quinone oxidoreductase rv154c.
c2munA_ toxin Chain: A: mu-scoloptoxin-ssm6a; solution structure of mu-slptx3-ssm6a
c3wvjA_ hydrolase Chain: A: beta-glucanase; the crystal structure of native glycosidic hydrolase
c4xz7A_ transferase Chain: A: putative uncharacterized protein; crystal structure of a tgase
c4tt9A_ protein transport Chain: A: surface presentation of antigens protein spao; structure of the c-terminal spoa domain of shigella flexneri spa33
c4qo6A_ structural protein Chain: A: adenylate cyclase-like protein; structural studies of cdsd, a structural protein of the type iii2 secretion system (ttss) of chlamydia trachomatis
c4yd8A_ protein transport Chain: A: protein pthb1; bardet-biedl syndrome 9 protein (aa1-407), homo sapiens
c4xshB_ signaling protein/transferase Chain: B: adp-ribosyltransferase; the complex structure of c3cer exoenzyme and gtp bound rhoa (nadh-2 bound state)
c5aioA_ transcription Chain: A: transcription factor tau 131 kda subunit; crystal structure of t131 n-terminal tpr array
c4rxyA_ lyase Chain: A: carbonic anhydrase; crystal structure of the beta carbonic anhydrase psca3 isolated from2 pseudomonas aeruginosa
c4ng4B_ transferase Chain: B: phosphoglycerate kinase; structure of phosphoglycerate kinase (cbu_1782) from coxiella burnetii
c4xalA_ viral protein Chain: A: tegument protein vp22; crystal structure of the conserved core domain of vp22 from hsv-1
c4wyhA_ replication Chain: A: uncharacterized protein; crystal structure of prix from the hyperthermophilic archaeon2 sulfolobus solfataricus
c4pfeB_ fluorescent protein Chain: B: green fluorescent protein; crystal structure of vsfgfp-0
c5aimB_ transcription Chain: B: transcription factor tau 138 kda subunit; crystal structure of t138 central ewh domain
c4tvrA_ ligase Chain: A: e3 ubiquitin-protein ligase uhrf2; tandem tudor and phd domains of uhrf2
c2mutA_ hydrolase Chain: A: dna excision repair protein ercc-1; solution structure of the f231l mutant ercc1-xpf dimerization region
c4ysbB_ hydrolase Chain: B: metallo-beta-lactamase family protein; crystal structure of ethe1 from myxococcus xanthus
c4ymkA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: acyl-coa desaturase 1; crystal structure of stearoyl-coenzyme a desaturase 1

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