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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2014 Nov 15

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c4rc1B_ unknown function Chain: B: upf0264 protein mj1099; structure of the methanofuran/methanopterin biosynthetic enzyme mj10992 from methanocaldococcus jannaschii with prpp
c4tw1N_ toxin Chain: N: possible leukocidin subunit; crystal structure of the octameric pore complex of the staphylococcus2 aureus bi-component toxin lukgh
c4rpfA_ transferase Chain: A: homoserine kinase; crystal structure of homoserine kinase from yersinia pestis nepal516,2 nysgrc target 032715
c4cd9B_ cell adhesion Chain: B: surface protein g; structure of sasg a-domain (residues 163-419) from staphylococcus2 aureus
c4d05A_ ligase Chain: A: atp-dependent dna ligase; structure and activity of a minimal-type atp-dependent dna2 ligase from a psychrotolernt bacterium
c4pmhA_ hydrolase Chain: A: pectinesterase; the structure of rice weevil pectin methyl esterase
c3wyfB_ gtp-binding protein/gtp-binding protein Chain: B: ran-specific gtpase-activating protein 2; crystal structure of xpo1p-yrb2p-gsp1p-gtp complex
c3wygD_ gtp-binding protein/gtp-binding protein Chain: D: camp-dependent protein kinase inhibitor alpha; crystal structure of xpo1p-pki-gsp1p-gtp complex
c4tvfA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: oxyb; oxyb from actinoplanes teichomyceticus
c2mvwA_ metal binding protein Chain: A: protein pml; solution structure of the trim19 b-box1 (b1) of human promyelocytic2 leukemia (pml)
c4chgC_ toxin/antitoxin Chain: C: probable ribonuclease vapc15; crystal structure of vapbc15 complex from mycobacterium tuberculosis
c4rpcA_ hydrolase Chain: A: putative alpha/beta hydrolase; crystal structure of the putative alpha/beta hydrolase family protein2 from desulfitobacterium hafniense
c4tw1E_ toxin Chain: E: possible leukocidin subunit; crystal structure of the octameric pore complex of the staphylococcus2 aureus bi-component toxin lukgh
c4chgG_ toxin/antitoxin Chain: G: antitoxin vapb15; crystal structure of vapbc15 complex from mycobacterium tuberculosis
c2mu7A_ cell invasion Chain: A: 1513 msp-1 peptide; shortening and modifying the 1513 msp-1 peptide's alpha-helical region2 induces protection against malaria
c4ozkA_ toxin Chain: A: putative bacteriocin; crystal structure of laterosporulin, a broad spectrum leaderless2 bacteriocin produced by brevibacillus laterosporus strain gi-9
c4qycA_ cell adhesion Chain: A: carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1, crystal structure of the chimeric protein human ceacam1: human tim32 membrane distal amino terminal (n)-domain
c4pn1B_ hydrolase/transcription regulator Chain: B: mrna-capping enzyme subunit beta; structure of s. pombe pct1 rna triphosphatase in complex with the spt52 ctd
c4wsoA_ transferase Chain: A: probable nicotinate-nucleotide adenylyltransferase; x-ray crystal structure of a nicotinate nucleotide adenylyltransferase2 from burkholderia thailandensis bound to nad
c4wqkA_ transferase Chain: A: 2''-aminoglycoside nucleotidyltransferase; crystal structure of aminoglycoside nucleotidylyltransferase ant(2")-2 ia, apo form
c4rkqD_ transcription regulator Chain: D: transcriptional regulator, laci family; crystal structure of laci family transcriptional regulator from2 arthrobacter sp. fb24, target nysgxrc-11027r
c4q3iA_ transferase Chain: A: osserk2 d128n; structure of the osserk2 leucine rich repeat extracellular domain
c4wa8A_ hydrolase Chain: A: flap endonuclease 1; methanopyrus kandleri fen-1 nuclease
c4pbwB_ signaling protein Chain: B: nt-3 growth factor receptor; crystal structure of chicken receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase2 sigma in complex with trkc
c4um9D_ immune system Chain: D: integrin beta-6; crystal structure of alpha v beta 6 with peptide
c4pqqA_ protein binding Chain: A: muskelin; the crystal structure of discoidin domain from muskelin
c4u7pA_ transferase/transferase regulator Chain: A: dna (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 3a; crystal structure of dnmt3a-dnmt3l complex
c4chgJ_ toxin/antitoxin Chain: J: antitoxin vapb15; crystal structure of vapbc15 complex from mycobacterium tuberculosis
c4pd3B_ contractile protein Chain: B: myosin-10, alpha-actinin a chimera protein; crystal structure of rigor-like human nonmuscle myosin-2b
c4cimQ_ apoptosis Chain: Q: bcl-2-like protein 2; complex of a bcl-w bh3 mutant with a bh3 domain
c4qsgA_ structural protein Chain: A: gas vesicle protein; crystal structure of gas vesicle protein gvpf from microcystis2 aeruginosa
c4nexA_ transferase Chain: A: acetylglutamate kinase; structure of the n-acetyltransferase domain of x. fastidiosa nags/k
c3j8dD_ virus/immune system Chain: D: antibody e111 fab fragment; cryoelectron microscopy of dengue-fab e104 complex at ph 5.5
c4qdnA_ hydrolase Chain: A: flagellar protein flgj [peptidoglycan hydrolase]; crystal structure of the endo-beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase from2 thermotoga maritima
c4n1vA_ dna binding protein Chain: A: dna-binding protein hu-beta; structure of dna-binding protein hu from micoplasma spiroplasma2 melliferum
c4witB_ lipid transport Chain: B: predicted protein; tmem16 lipid scramblase in crystal form 2
c4wcjA_ hydrolase Chain: A: polysaccharide deacetylase; structure of icab from ammonifex degensii
c2mfsA_ antimicrobial protein Chain: A: ep-amp1; solution nmr structure of the cactus-derived antimicrobial peptide ep-2 amp1
c4wt7B_ transport protein Chain: B: abc transporter substrate binding protein (ribose); crystal structure of an abc transporter solute binding protein2 (ipr025997) from agrobacterium vitis (avi_5165, target efi-511223)3 with bound allitol
c2mpwA_ peptidoglycan binding protein Chain: A: intimin; solution structure of the lysm region of the e. coli intimin2 periplasmic domain
c4pbxA_ hydrolase Chain: A: receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase s; crystal structure of the six n-terminal domains of human receptor2 protein tyrosine phosphatase sigma
c4cimP_ apoptosis Chain: P: bcl-2-like protein 2; complex of a bcl-w bh3 mutant with a bh3 domain
c3wydA_ hydrolase Chain: A: lc-est1c; c-terminal esterase domain of lc-est1
c4wr2A_ hydrolase Chain: A: pyrimidine-specific ribonucleoside hydrolase riha; crystal structure of a putative pyrimidine-specific ribonucleoside2 hydrolase (riha) protein from shewanella loihica pv-4 (shew_0697,3 target psi-029635) with divalent cation and peg 400 bound at the4 active site
c4w8fA_ motor protein Chain: A: dynein heavy chain lysozyme chimera; crystal structure of the dynein motor domain in the amppnp-bound state
c2mw1A_ structural genomics, unknown function Chain: A: lipocalin-like protein; nmr structure of the protein np_809137.1 from bacteroides2 thetaiotaomicron
c2mu8A_ cell invasion Chain: A: msp-2 peptide; distorting malaria peptide backbone structure to enable fitting into2 mhc class ii molecules renders modified peptides immunogenic and3 protective.
c2mh0A_ transcription/transferase Chain: A: transcription factor e2-alpha; solution nmr structure of the p300 taz2:etad1 complex

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