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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2014 Apr 26

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c3wq4A_ hydrolase Chain: A: beta-primeverosidase; crystal structure of beta-primeverosidase
c4o1iA_ transcription regulator Chain: A: transcriptional regulatory protein; crystal structure of the regulatory domain of mtbglnr
c2mj2A_ viral protein Chain: A: agnoprotein; structure of the dimerization domain of the human polyoma, jc virus2 agnoprotein is an amphipathic alpha-helix.
c4pzjA_ transcription Chain: A: transcriptional regulator, lysr family; 1.60 angstrom resolution crystal structure of a transcriptional2 regulator of the lysr family from eggerthella lenta dsm 2243
c4pxuA_ cell cycle Chain: A: bipolar kinesin krp-130; structural basis for the assembly of the mitotic motor kinesin-5 into2 bipolar tetramers
c4joxA_ toxin Chain: A: 13.6 kda insecticidal crystal protein; crystal structure of cry34ab1 protein at 2.15 a resolution
c4q1tD_ transferase Chain: D: glutamate 5-kinase; crystal structure of a glutamate 5-kinase from burkholderia2 thailandensis
c3wssA_ transferase Chain: A: protein arginine n-methyltransferase 7; crystal structure of c.elegans prmt7 in complex with sah (p43212)
c4o1wD_ electron transport Chain: D: cytochrome c552; crystal structure of colwellia psychrerythraea cytochrome c
c4c4vA_ protein transport Chain: A: outer membrane protein assembly factor bama; structure of the outer membrane protein insertase bama with one2 potra domain.
c4nb5D_ dna binding protein Chain: D: dna binding protein; crystal structure of a transcriptional regulator
c4k9qB_ lyase Chain: B: benzoylformate decarboxylase; the crystal structure of benzoylformate decarboxylase from2 polynucleobacter necessarius
c4psiA_ protein binding Chain: A: pih1 domain-containing protein 1; pih1d1/phospho-tel2 complex
c4jmgA_ de novo protein Chain: A: clamp ptpn11_py580; crystal structure of the synthetic protein in complex with py peptide
c4pzuF_ transferase Chain: F: uncharacterized protein rv3404c/mt3512; crystal structure of a putative uncharacterize protein rv3404c and2 likely sugar n-formyltransferase from mycobacterium tuberculosis
c2m7eA_ calmodulin-binding protein Chain: A: calcium-transporting atpase 2, plasma membrane-type; solution structure of the calmodulin-binding domain of plant calcium-2 atpase aca2
c4n72B_ transferase Chain: B: pyruvate dehydrogenase (dihydrolipoyltransacetylase catalytic domain from dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase of pyruvate2 dehydrogenase from escherichia coli
c4m38A_ transferase/transferase substrate Chain: A: protein arginine n-methyltransferase 7; crystal structure of trypanosoma brucei protein arginine2 methyltransferase 7 complex with adohcy and histone h4 peptide
c4k1rA_ hydrolase Chain: A: amsh-like protease sst2; crystal structure of schizosaccharomyces pombe sst2 catalytic domain2 and ubiquitin
c4kr7A_ transferase/rna Chain: A: probable trna sulfurtransferase; crystal structure of a 4-thiouridine synthetase - rna complex with2 bound atp
c2memA_ transcription Chain: A: sex comb on midleg-like protein 2; solution nmr structure of sled domain of scml2
c2rtsA_ hydrolase Chain: A: chitinase; chitin binding domain1
c3wo6A_ membrane protein Chain: A: membrane protein insertase yidc 2; crystal structure of yidc from bacillus halodurans (form i)
c4o1hA_ transcription regulator Chain: A: transcription regulator glnr; crystal structure of the regulatory domain of ameglnr
c4jp0A_ toxin Chain: A: 43.8 kda insecticidal crystal protein; crystal structure of cry35ab1
c4oq1A_ cell adhesion Chain: A: cell wall surface anchor family protein; structure of the streptococcal ancillary pilin
c4pyrA_ transport protein Chain: A: putative branched-chain amino acid abc transporter; structure of a putative branched-chain amino acid abc transporter from2 chromobacterium violaceum atcc 12472
c4n7uA_ signaling protein Chain: A: butyrophilin subfamily 3 member a1; crystal structure of intracellular b30.2 domain of btn3a1 in complex2 with chdmapp
c4cdbA_ toxin Chain: A: listeriolysin o; crystal structure of listeriolysin o
c4hh7B_ dna binding protein Chain: B: am32; crystal structure of the dsdna binding, potential transfer protein2 tran from gram-positive conjugative plasmid pip501
c4bitA_ signaling protein Chain: A: cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor; solution structure of cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor2 (cdnf)
c4nesA_ isomerase Chain: A: udp-n-acetylglucosamine 2-epimerase; crystal structure of methanocaldococcus jannaschii udp-glcnac 2-2 epimerase in complex with udp-glcnac and udp
c4bz0A_ motor protein Chain: A: putative type iv pilus biosynthesis protein; structural characterization using sulfur-sad of the cytoplasmic2 domain of burkholderia pseudomallei pilo2bp, an actin-like3 protein component of a type ivb r64-derivative pilus machinery.
c4kp2A_ lyase Chain: A: homoaconitase large subunit; crystal structure of homoaconitase large subunit from methanococcus2 jannaschii (mj1003)
c2ru1A_ hormone Chain: A: uncharacterized protein; solution structure of esf3
c4kp1A_ isomerase Chain: A: isopropylmalate/citramalate isomerase large subunit; crystal structure of ipm isomerase large subunit from methanococcus2 jannaschii (mj0499)
c2mmbA_ structural genomics, unknown function Chain: A: uncharacterized protein; nmr structure of the protein yp_001712342.1 from acinetobacter2 baumannii
c2m0hA_ unknown function Chain: A: pulmonary surfactant-associated protein b; sp-b c-terminal (residues 59-80) peptide in methanol
c2mnsA_ membrane protein Chain: A: membrane fusion protein p15; solution nmr structure of the reovirus p15 fusion-associated small2 transmembrane (fast) protein fusion-inducing lipid packing sensor3 (flips) motif in dodecyl phosphocholine (dpc) micelles
c2rtyA_ toxin Chain: A: navitoxin; solution structure of navitoxin
c4p47A_ solute-binding protein Chain: A: trap dicarboxylate transporter, dctp subunit; crystal structure of a trap periplasmic solute binding protein from2 ochrobactrum anthropi (oant_4429), target efi-510151, c-termius bound3 in ligand binding pocket
c3wkyB_ oxidoreductase activator Chain: B: prophenoloxidase b; crystal structure of hemolymph type prophenoloxidase (propob) from2 crustacean
c4c26A_ toxin Chain: A: hica; solution nmr structure of the hica toxin from burkholderia2 pseudomallei

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