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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2013 Nov 02

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c4n5fA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: putative acyl-coa dehydrogenase; crystal structure of a putative acyl-coa dehydrogenase with bound2 fadh2 from burkholderia cenocepacia j2315
c4jcbD_ photosynthesis Chain: D: light-harvesting protein b-875 alpha chain; rc-lh1-pufx dimer complex from rhodobacter sphaeroides
c3w8wA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: putative fad-dependent oxygenase encm; the crystal structure of encm
c4m57A_ rna binding protein Chain: A: chloroplast pentatricopeptide repeat protein 10; crystal structure of the pentatricopeptide repeat protein ppr10 from2 maize
c4llfE_ virus Chain: E: capsid protein; crystal structure of cucumber necrosis virus
c4bwiA_ transferase Chain: A: phytochrome-like protein cph2; structure of the phytochrome cph2 from synechocystis sp. pcc6803
c4lo8H_ protein transport Chain: H: ha-17; ha70(d3)-ha17
c3zpv0_ transcription Chain: 0: protein bcl9 homolog; PDB Fragment:phd domain, residues 747-804;
c4lo8E_ protein transport Chain: E: ha-70; ha70(d3)-ha17
c4llfP_ virus Chain: P: capsid protein; crystal structure of cucumber necrosis virus
c3zpnD_ photosynthesis Chain: D: photosystem ii reaction center psb28 protein; structure of psb28
c3zpvO_ transcription Chain: O: protein pygopus; crystal structure of drosophila pygo phd finger in complex2 with legless hd1 domain
c4hkgB_ phosphoantetheine binding protein Chain: B: phosphopantetheine attachment site family protein; crystal structure of free-standing peptidyl carrier protein from2 uncharacterized acinetobacter baumannii secondary metabolic pathway
c4hgyC_ transferase Chain: C: ccbj; structure of the ccbj methyltransferase from streptomyces caelestis
c4inkA_ hydrolase Chain: A: serine protease spld; crystal structure of spld protease from staphylococcus aureus at 1.562 a resolution
c4c0xA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: fmn-dependent nadh-azoreductase 1; the crystal strucuture of ppazor in complex with2 anthraquinone-2-sulfonate
c4c30I_ hydrolase/dna Chain: I: dna helicase ii; crystal structure of deinococcus radiodurans uvrd in2 complex with dna, form 2
c4blgB_ viral protein Chain: B: latency-associated nuclear antigen; crystal structure of mhv-68 latency-associated nuclear2 antigen (lana) c-terminal dna binding domain
c2yp6A_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: thioredoxin family protein; crystal structure of the pneumoccocal exposed lipoprotein2 thioredoxin sp_1000 (etrx2) from streptococcus pneumoniae3 strain tigr4 in complex with cyclofos 3 tm
c4hitD_ viral protein Chain: D: matrix protein; crystal structure of h112w mutant of borna disease virus matrix2 protein
c4n0bA_ transcription activator Chain: A: hth-type transcriptional regulatory protein gabr; crystal structure of bacillus subtilis gabr, an autorepressor and2 transcriptional activator of gabt
c4hw0B_ dna binding protein Chain: B: dna-binding protein sso10a-2; crystal structure of sso10a-2, a dna-binding protein from sulfolobus2 solfataricus
c3wc3A_ hydrolase Chain: A: endo-1, 4-beta-glucanase; crystal structure of endo-1,4-beta-glucanase from eisenia fetida
c4mkiB_ hydrolase Chain: B: energy-coupling factor transporter atp-binding protein cobalt transporter atp-binding subunit
c4lo6B_ protein transport Chain: B: ha-70; ha70-alpha2,6-sialc
c3zkkA_ transport protein Chain: A: xos binding protein; structure of the xylo-oligosaccharide specific solute2 binding protein from bifidobacterium animalis subsp.3 lactis bl-04 in complex with xylotetraose
c4n2sA_ splicing/rna Chain: A: tha8 rna binding protein; crystal structure of tha8 in complex with zm1a-6 rna
c4n8pA_ immune system Chain: A: uncharacterized protein; crystal structure of a strand swapped ctla-4 from duckbill platypus2 [psi-nysgrc-012711]
c4n6cB_ structural genomics, unknown function Chain: B: uncharacterized protein; crystal structure of the b1rzq2 protein from streptococcus pneumoniae.2 northeast structural genomics consortium (nesg) target spr36.
c4mguA_ virus/dna Chain: A: structural protein vp2; crystal structure of acheta domesticus densovirus
c4hziA_ transport protein Chain: A: abc transporter atp-binding protein; crystal structure of the leptospira interrogans atpase subunit of an2 orphan abc transporter
c4n5wB_ transport protein Chain: B: twin-arginine translocation pathway signal; crystal structure of a trap periplasmic solute binding protein from2 chromohalobacter salexigens dsm 3043 (csal_0678), target efi-501078,3 with bound 1,2-ethanediol
c4ccaA_ protein transport Chain: A: syntaxin-binding protein 2; structure of human munc18-2
c2m0jB_ metal binding protein/metal transport Chain: B: peptide from cyclic nucleotide-gated olfactory channel; 3d structure of calmodulin and calmodulin binding domain of olfactory2 cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel complex
c4hrzA_ hydrolase Chain: A: tail lysozyme; phage t4 sheath initiation protein gp25
c4m4dA_ lipid binding protein Chain: A: lipopolysaccharide-binding protein; crystal structure of lipopolysaccharide binding protein
c4hscX_ toxin Chain: X: streptolysin o; crystal structure of a cholesterol dependent cytolysin
c4n8gC_ transport protein Chain: C: trap dicarboxylate transporter, dctp subunit; crystal structure of a trap periplasmic solute binding protein from2 chromohalobacter salexigens dsm 3043 (csal_0660), target efi-501075,3 with bound d-alanine-d-alanine
c3wajA_ transferase Chain: A: transmembrane oligosaccharyl transferase; crystal structure of the archaeoglobus fulgidus2 oligosaccharyltransferase (o29867_arcfu) complex with zn and sulfate
c2mc7A_ membrane protein Chain: A: regulatory peptide; structure of salmonella mgtr
c3zgjA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid dioxygenase; s221m v223f y359a mutant of 4-hydroxymandelate synthase2 from streptomyces coelicolor
c4n6dA_ transport protein Chain: A: trap dicarboxylate transporter-dctp subunit; crystal structure of a trap periplasmic solute binding protein from2 desulfovibrio salexigens dsm2638 (desal_3247), target efi-510112,3 phased with i3c, open complex, c-terminus of symmetry mate bound in4 ligand binding site
c4h9kA_ hydrolase Chain: A: hog cholera virus; crystal structure of cleavage site mutant of npro of classical swine2 fever virus.
c3wc4A_ transferase Chain: A: udp-glucose:anthocyanidin 3-o-glucosyltransferase; crystal structure of udp-glucose: anthocyanidin 3-o-2 glucosyltransferase from clitoria ternatea
c2m0kB_ metal binding protein/metal transport Chain: B: peptide from cyclic nucleotide-gated olfactory channel; 3d structure of calmodulin and calmodulin binding domain of rat2 olfactory cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel
c4kysA_ transferase Chain: A: thiamine pyridinylase i; clostridium botulinum thiaminase i in complex with thiamin
c4n68A_ cell adhesion Chain: A: contactin-5; crystal structure of an internal fn3 domain from human contactin-52 [psi-nysgrc-005804]
c4mb7A_ hydrolase Chain: A: endonuclease 8-like l720; crystal structure of a viral dna glycosylase

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