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This is a preserved version of my Imperial College page which has not been updated since 11th February 2011.

Dr Benjamin Jefferys

Imperial College

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Research Associate in the Structural Bioinformatics Group at the Imperial College Centre for Bioinformatics. Developing Poing, a physical model for protein structure prediction, funded by the BBSRC (grant reference).

I have a peripheral but growing interest in biological and scientific visualisation. All graphics and videos shown below have been generated using software I have written (occasionally with a little finesse added courtesy of Adobe AfterEffects). If you think I can help with your visualisation problem, please get in touch! Contact details at the bottom of this page.





Benjamin R. Jefferys, Lawrence A. Kelley, Michael J.E. Sternberg Protein Folding Requires Crowd Control in a Simulated Cell Journal of Molecular Biology in press January 2010 (open access)

Benjamin R. Jefferys, Lawrence A. Kelley, Marek J. Sergot, John Fox, Michael J.E. Sternberg Capturing expert knowledge with argumentation: a case study in bioinformatics OUP Bioinformatics 22 (8) January 2006 (open access) Server

Using DNA to Generate 3D Organic Art Forms

Conference presentations

Conference presentations

Click on video to view in full HD on YouTube
ISMB 2010 Highlights Track - Protein Folding Requires Crowd Control in a Simulated Cell

CASP8 (2008) participation - From comparative modeling to de novo folding with Phyre, Poing and Phragment (page 111 of abstracts book)

3DSIG 2008 oral communication - Poing: a fast and simple model for protein structure prediction

ISMB 2008 Visual Reflections on Science exhibition - Deliberately obfuscated visualisation of forces hypothesized to be important for protein folding in a TIM barrel domain Video

SIGGRAPH 2007 Sketch - From DNA to 3D Organic Art Forms Film on YouTube

Show at NIMR - FoldGrow Film on YouTube


Dr Lawrence Kelley | Daniel Chubb | Prof. William Latham | Prof. Frederic Fol Leymarie


Telephone +44 (0)20 7594 5776
Email benjamin.jefferys at imperial - ac - uk