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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2018 Apr 14

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5xomB_ 2.20 transferase Chain: B: glycosaminoglycan xylosylkinase;
c6et5j_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: J:
c5yh0G_ 3.45 transferase Chain: G: drfam20c1;
c5ouqE_ 5.11 lipid binding protein Chain: E: perforin-like protein 1;
c5xenB_ 1.94 transferase Chain: B: cysteine synthase;
c6et5R_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: R: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c6et5b_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: B:
c6c4rA_ 2.29 oxidoreductase Chain: A: staphylopine dehydrogenase;
c6fosO_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: O: psam;
c6cv6L_ 2.60 lyase Chain: L: 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase;
c6et5m_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: M: reaction center protein m chain;
c6cthA_ 1.70 transferase/transferase inhibitor Chain: A: concanavalin a-like lectin protein kinase family protein;
c6et5u_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: U: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c6fc6A_ 1.80 cell cycle Chain: A: nuclear fusion protein bik1;
c5vcmA_ 1.60 transferase Chain: A: alpha-1,6-mannosyl-glycoprotein 2-beta-n-
c6ekiA_ 2.56 lyase Chain: A: carbonic anhydrase;
c6c4nB_ 1.95 oxidoreductase Chain: B: pseudopaline dehydrogenase;
c6cuqB_ 2.45 cytokine Chain: B: macrophage migration inhibitory factor-like protein;
c5xb6D_ 2.00 hydrolase Chain: D: uncharacterized protein ycjy;
c6cs2A_ 4.40 viral protein Chain: A: spike glycoprotein,envelope glycoprotein;
c6bxnB_ 2.08 biosynthetic protein Chain: B: diphthamide biosynthesis enzyme dph2;
c6cn7E_ 2.45 ligase Chain: E: aerobactin synthase iucc;
c6fosM_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: M: photosystem i reaction center subunit xii;
c6fos3_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: 3: similar to chlorophyll a/b-binding protein, cp24;
c6et5y_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: Y: light-harvesting protein b-1015 alpha chain;
c5zhgA_ 1.80 viral protein Chain: A: outer capsid protein vp8*;
c6epzA_ 1.80 transport protein Chain: A: periplasmic alpha-galactoside-binding protein;
c6et5I_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: I: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c6fosF_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: F: photosystem i reaction center subunit ii;
c5ouoA_ 1.11 lipid binding protein Chain: A: perforin-like protein 1;
c5z9yB_ 1.48 transferase Chain: B: thiazole synthase;
c5z3gX_ 3.65 ribosome Chain: X: ribosomal rna-processing protein 1;
c6et5d_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: D:
c5ohdB_ UNK membrane protein Chain: B: growth hormone receptor;
c5zghI_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: I: psai;
c5ojyA_ 1.85 transcription Chain: A: tetr family transcription regulator;
c6fosI_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: I: photosystem i reaction center subunit viii;
c6et5g_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: G: light-harvesting protein b-1015 beta chain;
c5z4gA_ 1.50 unknown function Chain: A: sahs4;
c5xvsA_ 2.38 hydrolase Chain: A: gdp/udp-n,n'-diacetylbacillosamine 2-epimerase
c6ao3B_ 1.76 immune system Chain: B: gasdermin-d;
c6cp66_ 3.60 biosynthetic protein Chain: 6: atp synthase subunit h, mitochondrial;
c6et55_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: 5: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c5wlyA_ 2.00 hydrolase Chain: A: udp-2,3-diacylglucosamine hydrolase;
c5zgh2_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: 2: lhcr2;
c5v8cA_ 2.51 transcription Chain: A: transcriptional regulator;
c5vg2B_ 2.46 oxidoreductase Chain: B: intradiol ring-cleavage dioxygenase;
c6fosD_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: D: photosystem i p700 chlorophyll a apoprotein a2;
c5z11B_ 2.35 immune system Chain: B: cd8 alpha chain;
c6fosE_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: E: photosystem i iron-sulfur center subunit vii;
c6evgA_ 1.10 oxidoreductase Chain: A: multi-copper oxidase cueo;
c6c4lC_ 2.00 oxidoreductase Chain: C: uncharacterized protein;
c5ze3B_ 2.40 oxidoreductase Chain: B: lysyl oxidase homolog 2;
c6et5X_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: X: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c6fosK_ 4.00 photosynthesis Chain: K: photosystem i reaction center subunit x;
c6et52_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: 2: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c5zghJ_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: J: psaj;
c5zgh3_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: 3: lhcr3;
c6cxmA_ 2.65 oxidoreductase/inhibitor Chain: A: dihydrofolate reductase;
c5xjvA_ 1.69 hydrolase Chain: A: dual specificity protein phosphatase 13 isoform a;
c6et5a_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: A:
c6et5v_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: V: light-harvesting protein b-1015 alpha chain;
c6et5U_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: U: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c5zghK_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: K: psak;
c6et5s_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: S: light-harvesting protein b-1015 alpha chain;
c5zghL_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: L: psal;
c5zgh1_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: 1: lhcr1;
c6g4qB_ 2.59 ligase Chain: B: succinate--coa ligase [adp-forming] subunit beta,
c5vcsB_ 2.80 transferase Chain: B: alpha-1,6-mannosyl-glycoprotein 2-beta-n-
c6et5O_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: O: light-harvesting protein b-1015 gamma chain;
c6et5p_ 3.00 photosynthesis Chain: P: light-harvesting protein b-1015 alpha chain;
c5zghM_ 3.82 photosynthesis Chain: M: psam;
c6cumA_ 1.60 transferase Chain: A: lao/ao transport system atpase;

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