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IMPORTANT: Please note that these programs are no longer supported and no development has taken place for over 10-years. The development team are no longer with us. Therefore the email addresses will not work. You may still download various program components but we can offer no support. These pages are only here for historical reasons.

Download 3D-Dock


Due to the fact that FTDock uses the FFTW libraries, it is being distributed under the same GNU license as FFTW. It is therefore free to both academic and commercial users. Please read the license and note that it retains ICRF's intellectual property rights to the software. It is provided as C source code.

Download FTDock version 2.0 (license is also included in bundle).

You will also need

  • Manual 1 (200 kByte) covering FTDock, RPScore and all other ancillary programs and their installation
  • Manual 2 (28 kByte) covering MultiDock (with a supplement)
  • fftw-2.1.3.tar.gz FFTW fourier transform library (1.1MByte). This is a BMM local copy (main site here)

RPScore and MultiDock

These components of 3D-Dock are being distributed under non-GNU licenses. We emphasise again that the use of these parts of 3D-Dock, in addition to FTDock, is essential if good docking is to be achieved.
All programs will be sent as emails (gzipped tar files), so ensure you provide the correct address.
RPScore is provided as C source code (total size 12kByte), and Multidock as executables (size about 200kByte).

Academic/Non-commerical users
The programs are freely available.
However you must register and agree to an Academic License Agreement. After you have done this, the programs will automatically be emailed to you.


Maintainance Notes

  • 20/03/01 Release of v 2.0 of 3D-Dock suite.
  • 19/04/01 If you have already downloaded all the existing components, you may also obtain our current development version of 3D-Dock by contacting the authors. It provides a few extra features: in particular it can run in parallel under MPI. It is provided as a service to users; documentation and testing is not as full as for the release version.
  • 01/05/01 Matrix of statistical residue potentials used by RPScore updated to include new information from SCOP-1.53 and to reflect minor changes in definition of interfaces.