Delays in Service/Incorrect Formatting      May 5, 1999

Apologies if you have experienced any slow service from the server. The following point should be noted:PLEASE DO NOT PASTE PDB COORDINATES INTO THE SEQUENCE BOX. It is people doing this that has repeatedly hung the server. Thank You.
Re-naming of the site     February 3, 1999

The site has had a slight facelift. It is now called the 3D-PSSM web server, to reflect the fact that the old Foldfit program has been surpassed in performance by our new algorithm. Details of the new method will appear in a paper shortly.

Please Note: Various parts of the site may still refer to Foldfit, e.g. the returned E-mails: this will be updated shortly.

Server Repair     December 29, 1998

Apologies to anyone using the server over the Christmas break. A hardware fault has now been repaired and the server should be stable. Please Mail me with any problems you encounter or suggestions for improvement

     December 10, 1998

New Algorithm
A New and Improved Fold Recognition Algorithm is now available - Just choose 'Recognise a Fold' from the menu on the left and choose 'New Algorithm' at the next screen, or go straight there. Details of the algorithm will be released shortly.

     October 10, 1998

Launch Date
Today the full web site is accessible by the general community. We look forward to hearing any comments, suggestions or problems you have regarding this service.