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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


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One-to-one threading

Submit both a sequence and a structure. Phyre will attempt to align the sequence and structure and construct a model of your sequence

Batch processing

Submit a file containing up to 100 sequences for automated modelling by Phyre (to increase limit contact Lawrence Kelley)


Use Phyre in reverse. Submit a PDB structure and search that structure against a wide range of genomes


Search your sequence against a wide range of genomes

3770073 submissions since Feb 14 2011

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All images and data generated by Phyre2 are free to use in any publication with acknowledgement

Please cite: The Phyre2 web portal for protein modeling, prediction and analysis
Kelley LA et al. Nature Protocols 10, 845-858 (2015) [paper] [Citation link]
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