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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2015 May 30

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c4uxjB_ transferase Chain: B: thymidine kinase; leishmania major thymidine kinase in complex with dttp
c4yjzL_ viral protein/immune system Chain: L: scfv h2526; human antibody h2526 in complex with influenza hemagglutinin h12 solomon islands/03/2006
c4udgB_ transferase Chain: B: uhgb_mp; crystal structure of b-1,4-mannopyranosyl-chitobiose2 phosphorylase at 1.60 angstrom in complex with n-3 acetylglucosamine and inorganic phosphate
c4qg5D_ isomerase Chain: D: putative phosphoglucomutase; crystal structure of phosphoglucomutase from leishmania major at 3.52 angstrom resolution
c4plpB_ transferase Chain: B: homospermidine synthase; crystal structure of the homospermidine synthase (hss) from2 blastochloris viridis in complex with nad
c4cukA_ oxidoreductase Chain: A: d-lactate dehydrogenase; structure of salmonella d-lactate dehydrogenase in complex2 with nadh
c4ymhB_ transferase Chain: B: putative sam-dependent o-methyltranferase; crystal structure of sah-bound podospora anserina methyltransferase2 pamth1
c2n1dA_ protein binding Chain: A: mrg/morf4l-binding protein; solution structure of the mrg15-mrgbp complex
c4znmB_ ligase Chain: B: c-domain type ii peptide synthetase; crystal structure of sgcc5 protein from streptomyces globisporus (apo2 form)
c4pnfC_ transferase Chain: C: re21095p; glutathione s-transferase from drosophila melanogaster - isozyme e6
c4r99B_ hydrolase Chain: B: uricase; crystal structure of a uricase from bacillus fastidious
c4r27B_ hydrolase Chain: B: glycoside hydrolase; crystal structure of beta-glycosidase bgl167
c4zrxA_ hydrolase Chain: A: f5/8 type c domain protein; crystal structure of a putative alpha-l-fucosidase (bacova_04357) from2 bacteroides ovatus atcc 8483 at 1.59 a resolution
c2n00A_ dna binding protein Chain: A: interferon-inducible protein aim2; nmr solution structure of aim2 pyd from mus musculus
c4yxrI_ transferase Chain: I: camp-dependent protein kinase inhibitor alpha; crystal structure of pka in complex with inhibitor.
c4zr7C_ transferase Chain: C: sensor histidine kinase rese; the structure of a domain of a functionally unknown protein from2 bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168
c4qvgC_ transferase Chain: C: sibl; crystal structure of s-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase2 sibl in its apo form
c3wozA_ structural protein Chain: A: clip-associating protein 2; crystal structure of clasp2 tog domain (tog3)
c4yj0C_ transcription Chain: C: doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor 1; crystal structure of the dm domain of human dmrt1 bound to 25mer2 target dna
c4wriA_ toxin/toxin inhibitor Chain: A: okadaic acid binding protein 2-alpha; crystal structure of okadaic acid binding protein 2.1
c4d2kB_ apoptosis Chain: B: drep2; crystal structure of drep2 cide domain
c4zjfA_ viral protein Chain: A: glycoprotein; crystal structure of gp1 - the receptor binding domain of lassa virus
c4yepA_ sugar binding protein Chain: A: laminin subunit alpha-2; l4b domain of human laminin alpha-2
c4ztkA_ transferase, cell cycle Chain: A: cell division protein ftsi/penicillin binding protein 2; transpeptidase domain of ftsi4 d,d-transpeptidase from legionella2 pneumophila.
c4x36A_ hydrolase Chain: A: autolysin; crystal structure of the autolysin lyta from streptococcus pneumoniae2 tigr4
c4zjnA_ transport protein Chain: A: portal protein; crystal structure of the bacteriophage g20c portal protein
c2mpkA_ transferase Chain: A: chitin synthase 1; characterization and structure of the mit1 domain of a chitin synthase2 from the oomycete saprolegnia monoica
c2mn1A_ unknown function Chain: A: kalata b1[w23ww]; solution structure of kalata b1[w23ww]
c2n1cA_ antimicrobial peptide Chain: A: hemocyanin subunit l2; structure of pvhct, an antimicrobial peptide from shrimp litopenaeus2 vannamei

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