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3DLigandSite -Ligand binding site prediction Server

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What is 3DLigandSite?

3DLigandSite is a server that automates a successful manual method for the prediction of protein ligand binding residues in CASP8. The server is described in:
Wass MN, Kelley LA & Sternberg MJ (2010) 3DLigandSite: predicting ligand-binding sites using similar structures. NAR 38 Suppl:W469-73.

The manual method is described in the following paper Wass, M.N. and Sternberg, M.J. (2009) Prediction of ligand binding sites using homologous structures and conservation at CASP8 .Proteins, 77 Suppl 9:147-51. PubMed.

Details of how 3DLigandSite works can found on the help page and multiple examples of results areavailble on the examples page.


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