Version Beta 1.6

A wizard for protein display and image production


You can browse for a PDB file
Or open an EZM file you previously saved in EzMol
Or enter a 4-letter PDB ID code

This is a beta version of EzMol.

If you experience problems, or have suggestions, please give feedback at

Size of molecule is limited to 5MB

PDB files can be found at the RCSB Protein Data Bank and the PDBe.

EzMol interface © Imperial College London 2017.
Please cite: “EzMol: A wizard for the automated visualisation, colouring and selection of molecular chains.”
Chris Reynolds, Suhail Islam and Mike Sternberg. Work in progress
EzMol is a software wizard on top of 3Dmol.js and UCSF Chimera, incorporating jQuery UI and Spectrum‑Master.