Related Sites

LiveBench LiveBench
The LiveBench project where sequences of newly solved PDB structures are automatically sent to a variety of prediction servers before the PDB structures are publicly released. This provides continuous assessment and will benefit from larger numbers and more reliable statistics than the two-yearly CASP experiments.

The Critical Assessment of Fully Automated Structure Prediction (CAFASP) web site. This is the automated side of the international CASP experiment, where blind predictions are made on newly structurally characterised proteins and provides a real-world benchmark of success.

Predict Protein Predict Protein
Burkhard Rost's extensive set of tools for protein structure analysis and prediction including a facility to submit a sequence to multiple servers.

Download the Threader 2 Package Threader 2
The pair potential based threading program from David Jones at the University of Warwick.

UCLA-DOE Fold Recognition Server UCLA-DOE Fold Recognition Server
Dani Fischer's fold recognition server at UCLA.

HMM's UCSC's Hidden Markov Model Fold Recognition Server
UCSC's SAM-T98 method for iterative SAM HMM construction and remote homology detection by Kevin Karplus, Christian Barrett and Richard Hughey.

HMM's Adam Godzik's BASIC algorithm
Currently under construction (28 July 99)