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3DLigandSite -Ligand binding site prediction Server

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3DLigandSite Submission


3DLigandStie is an automated method for the prediction of ligand binding sites. Users can either submit a sequence or a protein structure. If a sequence is submitted then Phyre is run to predict the structure. The structure is then ussed to search a structural library to identify homologous structures with bound ligands. These ligands are superimposed onto the protein structure to predict a ligand binding site.
See About for full details on how the method works.
Please use the form below to obtain function predictions for a sequence. See Help for details on the different options available.

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View and Run examples on the examples page

If you use this server please cite:
Wass MN, Kelley LA & Sternberg MJ (2010) 3DLigandSite: predicting ligand-binding sites using similar structures. NAR 38 Suppl:W469-73.

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