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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0

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We are replacing the current Phyre2 server over the next few days. While jobs that are submitted might run, we cannot guarantee this and any results could be lost.

Unfortunately, while we test the new server, submissions to Phyre2 and access to results will occasionally be unreliable until after Easter. Please be patient - our old server has provided over 6 years of uninterrupted access.

We recommend not submitting any jobs that you are not prepared to run again later.

  • Large "batch" jobs (> 100 jobs) are those that are most likely to be affected.
  • If you get the web-page that shows that your normal, intensive or one-to-one threading mode job has started, it will probably run successfully

When the server is down, there will be no access to any results

One-to-One ThreadingInfo icon (which models your sequence against a user-supplied model) can now use models directly from the AlphaFold Protein Structure DatabaseInfo icon.

Please do not use "intensive mode" unless your search using "normal mode" indicates that a single model does not cover most of your sequence. Info icon

Current Phyre2 server load = 0% (normal running) Info icon

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Other Resources

Missense3D Portal: a suite of resources for the analysis of amino acid substitutions in proteins

GWYRE: contains modeled and experimentally determined structures of human proteins and protein complexes, annotated by phenotypic effects of genetic mutations.

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