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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2020 Jan 04

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c6j2lB_ 2.17 hydrolase Chain: B: histidine biosynthesis bifunctional protein hisie;
c6sskG_ 3.18 viral protein Chain: G: endogenous retrovirus group k member 24 gag polyprotein;
c6tasH_ 2.75 virus like particle Chain: H: activity-regulated cytoskeleton associated protein 1;
c6tpnA_ 2.61 membrane protein Chain: A: orexin receptor type 2,glga glycogen synthase,orexin
c6kliA_ 1.80 oxidoreductase Chain: A: laccase;
c6tarD_ 2.80 virus like particle Chain: D: activity-regulated cytoskeleton associated protein 1;
c6jixD_ 2.65 transferase Chain: D: taurine:2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase;
c6kwzA_ 1.55 cytosolic protein Chain: A: actin-binding protein fragmin p;
c6ljcC_ 1.85 cytosolic protein Chain: C: actin-binding protein fragmin p;
c6taqA_ 3.90 virus like particle Chain: A: activity-regulated cytoskeleton associated protein 2;
c6r89B_ 2.50 membrane protein Chain: B: glutamate receptor 3.3,glutamate receptor 3.3;
c6tq7A_ 2.66 membrane protein Chain: A: orexin receptor type 1;
c6sp2E_ 3.33 membrane protein Chain: E: membrane protein tms1d;
c6sp2F_ 3.33 membrane protein Chain: F: membrane protein tms1d;
c6jjtA_ 1.33 transferase Chain: A: phnh;
c6uv3A_ 1.60 rna binding protein/rna Chain: A: probable atp-dependent rna helicase ddx17;
c6v6bB_ 3.80 structural protein Chain: B: gamma-tubulin complex component 3;
c6v69J_ 4.20 structural protein Chain: J: gamma-tubulin complex component 5;
c6l30A_ 2.80 cell cycle Chain: A: protein ect2;
c6tydV_ 2.80 transcription Chain: V: lim domain-binding protein 1;
c6tydA_ 2.80 transcription Chain: A: single-stranded dna-binding protein 2;
c6tapE_ 3.50 virus like particle Chain: E: activity-regulated cytoskeleton associated protein 1;
c6v6bC_ 3.80 structural protein Chain: C: gamma-tubulin complex component 2;
c6tasG_ 2.75 virus like particle Chain: G: activity-regulated cytoskeleton associated protein 1;
c6j0tA_ 2.80 hydrolase Chain: A: inulinase;
c6kj6D_ 3.80 transcription Chain: D: dna-directed rna polymerase subunit beta';
c6v6cL_ 4.50 structural protein Chain: L: gamma-tubulin complex component 6;

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