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 Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine V 2.0


New fold library entries added 2016 Jun 11

Fold library idPDB HeaderMoleculeTitle
c5dyqA_ 1.66 ligase Chain: A: yd repeat-containing protein;
c5ax7A_ 2.46 transferase Chain: A: pyruvyl transferase 1;
c5he8J_ 2.60 protein binding Chain: J: helicase loader;
c5ff9C_ 1.81 oxidoreductase Chain: C: noroxomaritidine/norcraugsodine reductase;
c5hyhA_ 2.03 metal binding protein Chain: A: uncharacterized protein;
c4xvwK_ 2.60 isomerase Chain: K: dsba-like protein;
c5jceA_ 2.51 sugar binding protein Chain: A: chitin elicitor-binding protein;
c5ilqA_ 2.50 transferase Chain: A: aspartate carbamoyltransferase;
c5azsC_ 3.10 membrane protein Chain: C: outer membrane protein oprj;
c5cssA_ 2.17 isomerase Chain: A: triosephosphate isomerase;
c5fsrB_ 2.40 hydrolase Chain: B: d-alanyl-d-alanine carboxypeptidase dacd;
c5j98A_ 2.60 virus Chain: A: vp1;
c5k12F_ 1.80 oxidoreductase Chain: F: glutamate dehydrogenase 1, mitochondrial;
c5azpA_ 1.69 membrane protein Chain: A: multidrug efflux outer membrane protein oprn;
c5jydA_ 1.65 oxidoreductase Chain: A: short chain dehydrogenase;
c5buyA_ 2.55 lyase Chain: A: 3-hydroxyacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] dehydratase fabz;
c5l3sF_ 1.90 protein transport Chain: F: signal recognition particle receptor ftsy;
c5izrC_ 3.25 hydrolase/hydrolase inhibitor Chain: C: cytosolic phospholipase a2 delta;
c5l3qB_ 3.20 protein transport Chain: B: signal recognition particle receptor subunit alpha;
c5hv7A_ 2.35 transferase Chain: A: probable sugar kinase;
c5cioA_ 2.50 metal binding protein Chain: A: pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis protein pqqf;
c5bw9G_ 7.00 hydrolase Chain: G: v-type proton atpase subunit d;
c2n3pA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: asteropsin_g;
c5buxB_ 1.90 lyase Chain: B: 3-hydroxyacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] dehydratase fabz;
c5jp2B_ 2.40 signaling protein Chain: B: f-bar domain only protein 1;
c5htxA_ 1.49 transferase Chain: A: putative xylulose kinase;
c5j98B_ 2.60 virus Chain: B: vp2;
c5j96C_ 3.41 virus Chain: C: genome polyprotein;
c4zsiA_ 1.65 transcription Chain: A: hth-type transcriptional repressor dasr;
c5l3rC_ 2.50 protein transport Chain: C: signal recognition particle 54 kda protein, chloroplastic;
c5iceA_ 1.60 transferase Chain: A: (s)-norcoclaurine 6-o-methyltransferase;
c5a8fC_ 10.60 viral protein Chain: C: human saffold virus-3 vp2;
c5fo5A_ 2.16 transcription Chain: A: hth-type transcriptional regulator metr;
c5he9E_ 1.90 protein binding Chain: E: phage inhibitor protein;
c5iz3B_ 1.30 hydrolase Chain: B: predicted protein;
c5fzvA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: u3-scytotoxin-sth1a;
c4zs8A_ 2.60 transcription Chain: A: hth-type transcriptional repressor dasr;
c5jp2A_ 2.40 signaling protein Chain: A: f-bar domain only protein 1;
c5fzxA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: u5-scytotoxin-sth1a;
c5fzwA_ UNK toxin Chain: A: u3-scytotoxin-sth1h;
c5bumA_ 2.50 sugar binding protein Chain: A: chitinase a;
c5a8fA_ 10.60 viral protein Chain: A: human saffold virus-3 vp1;
c5eowA_ 2.10 oxidoreductase Chain: A: 6-hydroxynicotinate 3-monooxygenase;

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